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Crown Prince Theiddat of Ava

BORN : 1374
DIED : 1409, Pegu,Burma

FATHER : King Minkyiswasawke of Ava [1331 - JAN 1401]
MOTHER : Lady Saw Teza of Ava

PARTNER : Princess (name unknown) of Hanthawaddy
Union: 1408

Heir Presumptive of Ava [xx.9.1401] - [xx.2.1407] and Lord of Sagaing, he personally led an army to put down a major rebellion early in his brothers reign by Maha Pyaut the Lord of Yamethin; he was rewarded with the fief of Sagaing but after bein g overlooked as Heir Apparent he transferred his allegiance to the King of Hanthawaddy Pegu, who were involved in a long war with Ava.


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