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King Minkhaung I of Ava

BORN : 1373
DIED : FEB 1422

FATHER : King Minkyiswasawke of Ava [1331 - JAN 1401]
MOTHER : Lady Saw Teza of Ava

PARTNER 1 : Queen Shin Mi Nauk of Ava [ca 1374 - ]
Union: 1389

  1. Crown Prince Minyekyawswa of Ava [ca SEP-1391 - 13 MAR 1417]
  2. Princess Saw Pye Chantha of Ava [1393/1394 - ]
  3. King Thihathu of Ava [1395/1396 - AUG 1426]

PARTNER 2 : Queen Shin Bo Me of Ava [1386 - JUN 1427]
Union: AUG 1401

PARTNER 3 : Princess (name unknown) of Hanthawaddy

4th King of Ava [xx.8.1401] - [xx.2.1422], born 1373, Prince of Pyinsi; in the early years of his reign 14011406, he faced not only a serious internal rebellion but also external raids from Shan States in the north and from Arakan in the west , and a full scale invasion by King Razadarit of Hanthawaddy from the south; by 1406, he had gained control of the situation, and was able to counter attack, he defeated the Shan State of Mohnyin in 1406, and fought with Hanthawaddy between 140 4 and 1418, his son decisively defeated Hsenwi in 1413, the most powerful of the Shan states, and which had Chinese backing; in 1404, he captured the daughter of King Razadarit and became his wife or concubine.


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