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King Tarabye of Ava

BORN : 1368/1369
DIED : AUG 1401

FATHER : King Minkyiswasawke of Ava [1331 - JAN 1401]
MOTHER : Lady Saw Teza of Ava

PARTNER 1 : Untraced

  1. Prince Kale Kyetaungnyo of Ava

PARTNER 2 : Queen Shin Bo Me of Ava [1386 - JUN 1427]
Union: ca 1400

3rd King of Ava [xx.1.1401] - [xx.8.1401], born 1368/1369, appointed Crown Prince during his father's reign; he was assassinated by his one-time tutor, Nga Nauk Hsan, the governor of Tagaung; married (amongst others), Queen Shin Bo Me (she marrie d four more times), and had issue. He was assasinated in August 1401.


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