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King Minkyi Swasawke of Ava

BORN : 16 JUL 1330
DIED : ca APR-1400

FATHER : Prince (name unknown) of Pagan

PARTNER 1 : Lady Saw Teza of Ava

  1. King Tarabye of Ava [1368/1369 - AUG 1401]
  2. King Minkhaung I of Ava [1373 - FEB 1422]
  3. Crown Prince Theiddat of Ava [1374 - 1409]
  4. Princess (name unknown) of Ava

PARTNER 2 : Princess (name unknown) of Tagaung

PARTNER 3 : Queen Kha Mei Mee of Yamethin

2nd King of Ava 1368/1401
Governor of Ah-Myint till 1368
His exact affiliation is uncertain, being described only as a nephew of Prince Uzana II and a grand nephew of Prince Sawhnit. He was either a son or grandson of Min Shin Saw. He originally served at Sagaing as Sin-phyu-shin, but was appointed Gove rnor of Amyin district, which included Taloke and Yamethinby after the fall of Pinya and Sagaing; the end of his 33-year reign, he had successfully cemented Ava's rule in Upper Burma; he brought the Shan raiders under some control in the north , in the east, he maintained peaceful relations with the Lan Na Kingdom and with the Launggyet Kingdom of Arakan in the west; in the south Prome and Tungoo were kept in check, though attempts at subjugation of Kingdoms further south were unsuccess ful; his predominantly peaceful reign brought much needed stability to Upper Burma; he redeveloped the economy of the kingdom by repairing the irrigation system, and reclaiming much of the arable land which had lapsed into wilderness as the resul t of the Mongol invasions nearly a century earlier.


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