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King Minkyiswasawke of Ava

BORN : 1331
DIED : JAN 1401

FATHER : Prince (name unknown) of Pagan

PARTNER 1 : Lady Saw Teza of Ava

  1. King Tarabye of Ava [1368/1369 - AUG 1401]
  2. King Minkhaung I of Ava [1373 - FEB 1422]
  3. Crown Prince Theiddat of Ava [1374 - 1409]
  4. Princess (name unknown) of Ava

PARTNER 2 : Princess (name unknown) of Tagaung

PARTNER 3 : Queen Saw Omma of Pinya [ - Aft 1368]
Union: aft FEB-1368

2nd King of Ava 1368/1401
His exact affiliation is uncertain, being described only as a nephew of Prince Uzana II and a grand nephew of Prince Sawhnit. He was either a son or grandson of Min Shin Saw. He was appointed Governor of Amyin district, which included Yamethinb y after the fall of Pinya and Sagaing; the end of his 33-year reign, he had successfully cemented Ava's rule in Upper Burma; he brought the Shan raiders under some control in the north, in the east, he maintained peaceful relations with the La n Na Kingdom and with the Launggyet Kingdom of Arakan in the west; in the south Prome and Tungoo were kept in check, though attempts at subjugation of Kingdoms further south were unsuccessful; his predominantly peaceful reign brought much neede d stability to Upper Burma; he redeveloped the economy of the kingdom by repairing the irrigation system, and reclaiming much of the arable land which had lapsed into wilderness as the result of the Mongol invasions nearly a century earlier.


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