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King Minbyauk Thihapate of Sagaing

BORN : ca MAR-1310
DIED : MAY 1364

PARTNER : Princess Saw Pale (Queen Soe Min Kodawgyi) of Sagaing [1322/1323 - ]

7th and last King of Sagaing [xx.2.1353] - [xx.5.1364], although he was a Shan chief himself, the last five years of his reign 1359/1364 were beset by repeated Shan raids from the north, principally from the Shan princely state of Mogaung; in th e early 1360s, he appointed his stepson Thadominbya (Sawyun's grandson) as Governor of Tagaung at the border of the Shan realm in order to stop the Shan raids, in 1364, Mogaung in alliance with Sagaing's cross-river rival Pinya Kingdom attacked Sa gaing's territories and overran Tagaung, Thadominbya escaped with great difficulty, but was to prison for his failure to defend Tagaung; Mogaung forces overran Sagaing later that year, causing the King to flee, when order was restored, the peopl e of Sagaing rallied around Thadominbya, who put Minbyauk to death; married Queen Soe Min Kodawgyi, daughter of King Sawyun of Sagaing (see above). He was killed in May 1364.


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