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King Thadominbya of Ava

BORN : 27 AUG 1343
DIED : FEB 1368

FATHER : Prince Thado Hsinhtin of Tagaung
MOTHER : Princess Saw Pale (Queen Soe Min Kodawgyi) of Sagaing [1322/1323 - ]

PARTNER : Queen Saw Omma of Pinya [ - Aft 1368]
Union: ca JUL-1364

1st King of Ava [xx.5.1364] - [xx.2.1368], appointed Governor of Tagaung in the early 1360's, he reunified central Burma in 1364 under a single kingdom and founded the Kingdom of Ava; he founded the city of Ava on 26th January 1365 and made it hi s capital; he also reintroduced law and order, and tried to stamp out the corrupt Buddhist clergy; he had married Queen Saw Omma (former wife of King Narathu of Pinya and King Uzana II of Pinya), after the death of her husband, she tried to seiz e the throne with help of Nga Nu, a court official, but the new King drove them out of Sagaing, Nga Nu fled and Saw Omma became the property of the officer who captured her.


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