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King Uzana II of Pinya

BORN : 1325
DIED : JUL 1364

FATHER : King Kyawswa I of Pinya [1300 - 1350]

PARTNER : Queen Saw Omma of Pinya [ - Aft 1368]
Union: ca MAY-1364

6th King of Pinya [xx.5.1364] - [xx.7.1364], born 1325, General Thadominbya overthrew his step-father, the King of Sagaing and proceeded to sack Pinya and there killed King Uzana; Thadominbya then founded the city of Ava, and with it, the Ava King dom (see below); married Queen Saw Omma (former wife of his brother). He died July 1364.


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