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Inkosi Kaiser Daliwonga Matanzima

BORN : 15 JUN 1915, Qamata,St Mark's District,South Africa
Source : Heads of States and Governments Heads of States and Governments ; Harris M. Lentz III ; McFarland & Co,Inc. 1994
DIED : 15 JUN 2003, Frontier Hosp.,Queenstown,Eastern Cape
BURIED : 22 JUN 2003, Qamata,St Mark's District,South Africa

FATHER : Chief Mhlobo Mvuzo Matanzima [ - 1932]
MOTHER : Inkosazana Mogedi

PARTNER 1 : Inkosazana Dade Sangoni [1923 - ]
Union: 1940

  1. Inkosi Mtetho Matanzima [ - SEP 1972]
  2. Camagwini Matanzima

PARTNER 2 : Inkosazana Nozuko Jayinja
Union: 1954

  1. Inkosi Pinky Matanzima
  2. Bukelwa Nolizwe Matanzima
  3. Malibongwe Matanzima
  4. Inkosi Bukosi Matanzima [AUG 1973 - ]
  5. Nobuntu Matanzima

PARTNER 3 : Inkosazana Irene Nolusapho Moyakhe [24 SEP 1930 - ]

  1. Inkosi Qabukile Solami Matanzima [ca 1967 - 12 MAY 2001]
  2. Nkosi Luvuyo Matanzima
  3. Princess Nondwe Masechaba Matanzima

Nkosi of the abaThembu baseRhoda
He entered school at the age of seven and in 1930 was sent to school at Lovedale. He moved on to Fort Hare University College, where he passed the matriculation examination in 1936, and in 1939 graduated wit h a B.A. in Roman Law and Political Science from the University of South Africa, the first South African chief to be awarded a university degree, commenced work with a firm of attorneys in Umtata in 1940, appointed Chief of the amaHala clan of The mbu in St Mark's district in June 1940, appointed by the South African government to the United Transkeian Territories General Council (the Bunga) in 1942, but regarding it as "obsolete" he resigned in 1944, later he was made "permanent Regiona l Chief of the Emigrant Thembu districts of St Marks and Xalanga" (not just, as formerly, chief of the amaHala in Emigrant Thembuland). His status was further enhanced to Paramount Chief under the Promotion of Bantu Self-Government Act of 1959; Ch airman of the Transkeian Territorial Authority in 1961, Chief Minister of Transkei 1963/1976, Prime Minister of Transkei 1976/1979 and President of Transkei 1979/1986.


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