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HRH Prince Senzangakhona James Mahlangu

BORN : 3 FEB 1953, Weltevrede,Groblersdal,SA
DIED : AUG 2005, Pretoria

FATHER : HM Ingwenyama David Mabusa Mabhoko Mahlangu [ - 6 JUL 1992]
MOTHER : HM Queen Johanna Selepi

Chief Minister, KwaNdebele Founder Member, Intando Yesizwe Party, educated at Mapoch Primary School, Weltevrede, in 1960; then at Ndebele Primary School at Waterval where he completed Standard 6 in 1970 before going on to Mayisha High in the sam e area. Here he completed his JC in 1972 and matriculated at Bhekuzulu High School in 1974. In 1975 he went to study Administration at the University of Zululand. In 1976, because of the national uprisings following the Soweto shootings, his studi es were disrupted. He resumed his classes in 1978 at the University of the North, where he completed a BA Administration. He was a founder member of Contralesa in 1986, formed the Intando Yesizwe Party, originally founded as a semi-clandestine org anisation in 1984, but was officially launched in 1990, a member of the Victory Fellowship World Outreach Centre, he enjoys football, "excessively", and choral music, married Georgina Busi and has issue, 2 children.


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