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BIRTH: 28 May 0137 in Montgomeryshire, Powys, Wales
DEATH: 3 Dec 0201 - Gloucester, Britain
FATHER: Lucius ap CROILUS COEL - BIRTH: Abt 100 in Montgomeryshire,
Powys, Wales

MARRIAGE: Abt. 0168 - Gwladys verch EURGEN - BIRTH: Abt 140 in Montgomeryshire,
Powys, Wales


1. Cadwalladr ap LLEIFFER-LLEUVER-MAWR - Abt 170 in
Montgomeryshire, Powys, Wales

2. Eurgen verch LLEIFFER-LLEUVER-MAWR - Abt 175 in
Montgomeryshire, Powys, Wales

3. Gwladys verch LLEIFFER-LLEUVER-MAWR - Abt 180 in
Montgomeryshire, Powys, Wales

He was the son of Lucius who was the first christian in Britain.
Lleiffer Mawr ruled after his father's death and was much like his father.
He married Gwladys verch Eurgen and they had three children.

"Some sources say that Lucius and Lleiffer are the same person and son of Crolius Coel.
However, in my thinking the dates do not fit for that to be the case.
Other sources say that Lucius was the son of Crolius Coel and the father of Lleiffer.
This is what I have put here as the dates make much more sense."
(Site owner - Marj Gisi)


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(submitted by Ron Custer)

Title: Ancestry of Richard Plantagenet & Cecily de Neville
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