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WILLIAM PEVEREL, a natural son of William the Conqueror, received extensive grants of Land from his father the Conqueror. WILLIAM PEVEREL is attributed to the building of the Peak and Bolsover Castles.

PEVERIL CASTLE OF THE PEAK was erected here on the summit of the rock shortly after the Conquest. This castle was made so strong by nature and art, that it was esteemed impregnable. There was a forest of about fifty acres with another 10 acres enclosed for an orchard. The castle is located in Caselton, Derbyshire, England.

A splendid Grand Tournament was held here in the time of the FIRST of the PEVERELS. William Peverel's daughter Mellette had for dowry Whittington Castle in Salop. The winner Guarinedo Meez won the hand of Mellette and the Castle.

Peveril Castle

Inside the Castle

View from the Castle

View from the Castle from another direction

The photographs are given with permission of Harold Olejarz: