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The 12 sons of Jacob - Israel all pitched tents under their own standards as they left Egyptian captivity with Moses. The tribe of Judah had a Red Rampant Lion on a gold banner. Judah had twin sons by Tamar the Canaanite, his former daughter in law. Twin Zarah was the ancestor of all the two tribes still in the Holy land Kings. Twin brother Pharez ancestor of all the European Kings where the 10 tribes had spread out after escaping from Assyrian captivity.

This "Kingship line" was conveyed to Judah at the blessing from his father, Israel. "Judah thou art the lions whelp the scepter shall not depart from you until Shiloh comes"

These are arms from cousin bloods belonging to William the Conqueror in France. They are from the San Peur Lines, from the Fearless Kings from whom Guillame Duke of Normandy received the surname Peur-el that evolved into Peverel by being latinized in England. These arms from Judah are found in all the Kingship lines in one form or the other. Judah's rampant lion is found on the shield of William Peverel and also represented in the Peverel presences in Scotland and Wales, plus other unidentified shields of Peverel in Burk's General Armory.

Sir John Peverel-Peverly's crest is this rampant red lion of Judah.