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The Langrells lack documentation about their coming to America and lack information about the earliest Langrells of America, so this site is dedicated to discovering their history and family tree.

Langrell Immigrants to America

The Langrell immigration to America is something we are currently researching without finding a name on a passenger list to Massachussetts where Joseph Langrell was residing in the 1720s. It looks like England is the most likely country of origin for Langrells of America as that is the one place the last name appears in Europe records in the 1600s, accounting for many variations of the spelling. Here are Langrells found in England parish records of Northumberland, of the time period to be ancestors of the pilgrim Langrells in Plymouth and Maryland, America:

  • Henerye Langergr, 1604 married at Durham County. Merrington
  • James Langdall, 1641 married at North Riding of Yorkshire County, South Kilvington
  • Thomas Langrell, 1645 Jan 13 born at All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
  • Elizabeth Langdal, 1646 married at North Riding of Yorkshire County, South Kilvington
  • Thomas Langdaile, 1667 married at North Riding of Yorkshire County, South Kilvington
  • John Langrell, 1661 married at Durham County, Brancepeth
  • Guy Langevell, 1690 married at Durham County, Staindrop
  • "Mr. Langdal Sunderland, 1698 formerly of Coley-Hall dyed at Ackton near Ponfret 1698, aged 74"
  • Ann Langrell, 1700 married at Durham County, Auckland, St. Helen
  • George Langdaile, 1700 married at "North Riding of Yorkshire" County, South Kilvington
  • Hannah Langerall, 1701 married Durham County, Wolsingham

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Langrells in Plymouth Colonies and Goshen CT

Joseph Langrell is an early Plymouth man with unknown parents and origins. Joseph and Mary (Thomas) Langrell were the parents of Bethiah (Langrell) Rowley. Joseph Langrell was born in about the year 1693. He was listed as a weaver in Duxburough (aka Duxbury) in Plymouth County, Massachusetts in 1729. He seems to be the only Langrell of the county so perhaps arrived there to practice his trade. I am looking for a possible birthplace and connections with the Langrells in the colonies of Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia, or a ship that transported his parents or himself into Plymouth by the 1720s. His wife, Mary (Thomas) Langrell was born 1693 in Duxburough, a daughter of James and Mary (Tilden) Thomas. Mary Thomas was a descendent of Richard Warren of the Mayflower (Mary4 Tilden, Hannah3 Little, Ann 2 Warren, Richard1 Warren). The Thomas family was quite numerous in Duxburough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Their marriage and children are recorded in the records of Goshen Village, New London County, CT in this way:

  • "Joseph Langrell & Mary Thomas were marreid 172-- together
  • Mary Langrell their daughter was born July 26th 1723
  • Bethiah Langrell their daughter was born October the 7th 1725
  • Thomas Langrell their son was born March the 7th 1727/8
  • Abigail Langrell their daughter was born June the 27th 1730
  • Hannah Langrell their daughter was born January the 29th 1732 "

Joseph Langrell first owned land in Plymouth (township), 1722-1723, but sold it and moved to Duxbury, from 1723-1731 where the Thomas family resided. Through his wife, Joseph also owned some land in Marshfield of the same county. About 1731-2, the Langrells became pioneers in Goshen, a village in Lebanon Township (of Windham and New London Counties, CT), joining the Goshen Congregational Church.

An excellent biography on Joseph Langrell was printed by George Leland Law, so here is a quote: " The name LANGRELL is found in early New England history with varied forms of spelling, as Langwill, Langerle, Landrell, Langnell, Langarele, Landrel and Sangerele, all applying to one immigrant ancestor, JOSEPH LANGRELL of Plymouth and Duxbury, Mass., and Lebanon, Conn. It is infrequently noted in the early records, and so far as is known JOSEPH LANGRELL is the ancestor of all who bear the name; but his parentage, and the date and place of his birth and the place from whence he came to New England have not been found. JOSEPH LANGRELL, weaver, was a resident of Plymouth, Mass., as early as 1721, where on the 17th day of February of that year he was published to MARY THOMAS of Duxbury, Mass(1), and they were married by Rev. Thomas Little six weeks later, April 5, 1722 (Old Style reckoning). His wife was a daughter of James and Mary (Tilden) Thomas of Duxbury, Mass., born there 17 Sept., 1693 (3). He married (2) after March 7, 1765, Dorothy (Otis), born April 16, 1721, died October 20, 1794, double widow of Asahel Bigelow and Isaac Day, both of Colchester.(8)"

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Langrells in Colonial Maryland

There are early Langells in Maryland in the 1690s from which it is possible the Plymouth and Connecticut Langrells came. The earliest Langrell ancestor is listed in Dorchester County, MD records:
  • "Langrall, James to Alice (widow of Richard Primme) 1 Dec 1684 Somerset"
Please see this excellent site: Langrell Family of Dorchester County, Maryland.