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  Kinship:Bentick,John&Tuckness Sancho
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Among the multitude of public prints, it is hard to say which lyes the most. --Ignatius Sancho; (1729 - 1780), January 5, 1780.

Sancho Family History - Notable Members of the Extended Family of Sancho kinship..

ABRAMS, RANDOLPH AARAN (1895-1985)-Singer, Soldier, Gutter smith and Plumber
BORN: September 23, 1895 at Friendship, East Coast, Demerara. to Rogers Abrams, Boilermaker, and his wife, Rachael, nee Langevine. EDUCATED: Friendship Wesleyan School. QUALIFICATIONS: Licensed Sanitary Constructor. CAREER: worked at Mackenzie, La Bonne Intention, and at Lusignan. MILITARY: Served in 8th. Battalion, British West Indies Regiment, Disabled at Cypress and repatriated October, 1918. MARRIED: January 27, 1927 , Eileen Esme Sancho. CHILDREN: one son and seven daughters. ( Source: Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48).

ARCHER, THOMAS ARTHUR (1862-1943) Farmer, Justice of the Peace, Educator, Musician, Schoolmaster, and Community Leader. BORN: April 1, 1862, at New Amsterdam, British Guiana, to Valentine Denis Archer and his wife, Desdemona nee Russell,   DIED: Sunday, October 10, 1943, at his daughter's residence (Mrs. Ivy Nelbertha Loncke) at 51 Robb and Albert Streets, Bourda, Georgetown , British Guiana. EDUCATED: Catherineville Wesleyan and Manchester Scots Schools. QUALIFICATIONS: Holds Second–Class Local Teachers's Certificate. CAREER: First Assistant Teacher, St. Alban's Anglican School, Headmaster (Acting),  Catherineville Wesleyan School,  Head Teacher, Golden Grove Wesleyan, St. Mary's Scots, Mahaica and Philadelphia Scots Schools, 1920-7 – Agricultural Inspector, Department of Agriculture, Amateur Engineer, Cooper and Sugar Curer.  MARRIED: August 9, 1888 Catherine Elizabeth Virginia Sancho. CHILDREN: Mrs. Catherine Cole; School Teacher, Miss Boadicea Adina Archer; Registered Nurse and Midwife, Miss Caroline Euphemia Archer; Registered Nurse and Midwife, Mrs. Dorothy Watson, Mrs. Gladys C. Wiltshire, Thomas Eldad Archer; Chemist and Druggist, Mrs. Ivy Nelbertha Loncke; Music Teacher, and  Mrs. Phyllis Kendall.  
SOCIAL CAREER: Justice of  the Peace, Deacon, Lay Catechist and Organist of the St. Mary's Parish Church, Mahaica district on the East Coast, of Demerara. POLITICAL CAREER: Chairman, Vergenoegen District Council.  PRIMARY RESIDENCE:Philadelphia, West Coast, Demerara.
The Sons-in-law of Mr. Thomas Arthur and Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth Archer are the following; Messrs: - Tennant Walter Kendall, Francis Percival Loncke, T. W. Watson, Sgt. O. D. H. Cole, and Reuben Thomas Wiltshire. Recreation – Cards and Cricket. Hobby – Tobacco Culture.  Source: Who's Who in British Guiana: page 15

BORN: 21 July 1904 at Victoria, East Coast, Demerara. to Robert E. Benn, Farmer, and his wife, Julia Esther, nee Adams. EDUCATED: Victoria Wesleyan School. QUALIFICATIONS: Diploma in Sugar Technology from City and Guilds, London. CAREER: Sugar Curer in Guadeloupe, French West Indies, Nickerie, Dutch Guiana, and in Barbados. MARRIED: 1927, Isabelle M. Scotland CHILDREN: two sons -Bonny Benn and Willey Stewart. (Source: Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48. [page 43])


BORN: April 29, 1880 in New Amsterdam, Berbice, to George Bradshaw, Carpenter , and his wife, Maria , nee Hercules. EDUCATED: New Amsterdam Congregational School. MARRIED: August 12, 1914, Alice Matilda Elliott. CHILDREN: two sons and two daughters. CAREER: 1894 - First appointment to Post Office Department. 1912 - Post Master, was Post Master of New Amsterdam for one and half years. (Source: Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48[page 61].)

BRATHWAITE, PERCY ARINDALE - Compositor, "Daily Chronicle" Ltd.
BORN: October 12, 1903 in Georgetown, to Samuel A. Brathwaite, Clerk and Agent, and his wife, Albertina L., nee Thomas. EDUCATED: St. Barnabas Anglican School, and Eton Grammar School Georgetown. QUALIFICATIONS: Captain's Certificate (Nav-Ord,), Demerara River. CAREER: Manager, Grant Hururu, Demerara River, and Towing Master, Demerara River. MARRIED: April 18, 1938 Maude Letitia Roberts. CHILD: Serena Brathwaite. Established first Wolf Cub Pack in Georgetown at St. Barnabas Anglican School in May, 1926 of which he is now Honorary Cub Master. Is Vestryman and Lay Reader, St. Barnabas Church. Secretary, St. Barnabas Football Club Folk Songs of Guyana --Queh-Queh, Chanties & Ragtime edited by Percy A. Brathwaite & his daughter Serena U. Brathwaite - 1964 - some 24 such melodies. (Source: Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48 .Page 63 & 64.)

ELLIOTT, TAPPIN JOHNSON (1856-1937) Educator, Schoolmaster, Catechist,  Registrars of Births and Deaths, and  Community Leader  in Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District.
BORN:  March 9, 1856 at Sandvoort, Canje, Berbice, son of  Thomas Forde Elliott, tailor, and his wife, Clarissa nee Johnson. EDUCATED: Bishop's College, Government Training School for Teachers, Charlestown, Georgetown, British Guiana, 1872 – 1875.  QUALIFICATIONS: Holds 1st-Class local Teacher's Certificate. CAREER: Bishop's College for the Training of Teachers,1872-1875. Head Teacher of Zorg, Essequibo,  1883, Philadelphia Scots  and Bachelor’s Adventure Roman Catholic  Schools. Registrar of Births and Deaths, Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District. Member of the Golden Grove and Nabaclis Co-operative Credit Bank, February 17, 1935. Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District. MARRIED: April 17, 1884 Annie Sophia Sandy . CHILDREN: Henry J. Elliott, Wilfred R. Elliott, Mildred Angela Elliott, Alice Matilda Elliott, Edward S. Elliott, Sophia Annie Mizpah Elliott, Sidney B. Elliott, Annie Kathleen Elliott, and Victoria Lavina Elliott.

KENDALL, WALTER TENNANT -Sick Nurse & Dispenser, Chemist & Druggist
BORN: Nabaclis, East Coast, Demerar  EDUCATED: QUALIFICATIONS:  AWARDS:CAREER:  Kendall's Drugs Store, Nabaclis, East Coast, Demerara. MARRIED: Phillis Archer. CHILDREN: Walter Kendall

LONCKE, FRANCIS PERCIVAL (1900-1966)- also known as “Teacher Lonckie.” Head Master,  Musician
BORN: 1900 at, to John Loncke, Musician and teacher, and his wife, Mary, nee London. EDUCATED: QUALIFICATIONS: L.R.S.M in violin, Holds General Course in Music (Teachers) at Trinity College of Music London. AWARDS: British Council Scholarship, 1948. CAREER: Choirmaster and Assistant Organist at the Roman Catholic Cathedral. Headmaster,  Queenstown Roman Catholic School, Georgetown, British Guiana.  1940s  Conductor,  Princesville Orchestra. MARRIED:  1930, Ivy Nelbertha Archer. CHILDREN: Francis Percival Loncke, Ivy Agatha Loncke, Joycelynne E. Loncke, Patricia Adora Theresa Loncke, John Victor Loncke and   Yvonne Cecily Loncke

MOORE, VINCENT EMANUEL -Sick Nurse & Dispenser, Chemist & Druggist 
BORN: June 24, 1889 at Malgre Tout, West Bank Demerara, to James Moore, Distiller, and his wife, Diana , nee Paradise. EDUCATED: Malgre Tout, Roman Catholic School, St. Swithin's Anglican School and the Middle School, Georgetown. CAREER: Dispenser in Charge Mara Hospital, Berbice. 1920-23 Dispenser in Charge Houston Hospital, East Bank Demerara. SOCIAL CAREER: Secretary, Ann's Grove-Clonbrook Co-operative Credit Bank Chairman, Local Authority of Ann's Grove and Two Friends Village Districy . MARRIED: September 7, 1918, Winifred Dorothy Sancho. CHILDREN: Olga Moore, and Dorothy Elaine Moore. . (Source: Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48. [page 322] )

PATTERSON, CECIL ORPHEUS PHILBERTUS - Head Teacher, New Market Anglican School, Corentyne Coast, Berbice.
BORN: February 25, 1901 at Goed Land, Canje, Berbice, to James Patterson, Master Carpenter, and his wife, Nellie Christina, nee Fox. EDUCATED: New Forrest Anglican, Edinburgh Scots, Bohemia Canadian Missionary, and Sheet Anchor Anglican Schools, Berbice. QUALIFICATIONS: Holds 1st-Class local Teacher's Certificate. CAREER: Was 1st Assistant Teacher of St. Patrick's Anglican School and Head Teacher of Goldstone Hall Anglican and St. Nicholas (Bath) Anglican Schools. 1940 - Present Appointment. Was President of the New Amsterdam Branch of the British Guiana Teachers Association. MARRIED: August 10, 1932 Annie Kathleen Elliott . CHILD:  James Patterson. ( Source: Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48.Page )

PATTERSON, PRINCE JOSEPHUS  (1880-1940)- Head Master, Sheet Anchor Anglican School, Canje, East Berbice, British Guiana.
BORN:  1880 at Goed Land, Canje, Berbice, to James Patterson, Master Carpenter, and his wife, Nellie Christina, nee Fox. DIED: 20 August 1940. EDUCATED: New Forrest Anglican, Berbice. QUALIFICATIONS: Holds 1st-Class local Teacher's Certificate. CAREER: MARRIED:  Mildred Angelia  Elliott . CHILDREN: Leoline Patterson, Michael Patterson, John Patterson, George Patterson, Kathleen Patterson, Compton Patterson, Josephine Patterson,  and Joseph Patterson.

ROSS, GEORGE ELEAZER   -  Musician, School teacher, Soldier, Legal Office Administrator-
BORN: December 29, 1908 at Hopetown, West Coast, Berbice, to Jacob Stanley Martin, and Blanche Ross (1893-1983). EDUCATED: Hopetown Anglican, West Coast, and Berbice. QUALIFICATIONS: CAREER: Pupil Teacher, St. Michael's Hopetown, West Coast, Berbice. Corporal, South Caribbean Forces. MARRIED: January 29, 1943 Muriel Eleese Birchillenne Sancho (1914-1990). CHILDREN: George,  Hamilton, Mariette, Compton, Cheryl, Colin Patrick (1954-1981), and Selwyn.

SANCHO, LORNA (Educator)-BORN: EDUCATED: MARRIED: Cyril Sancho. CHILDREN: CAREER: Principal of New Amsterdam Technical Institute.

WILLIS, JOSEPH SLYVESTER - Station Master, . BORN: EDUCATED: QUALIFICATIONS: CAREER: MARRIED: 03 May 1919 Sophia Annie Mizpah Elliott. CHILDREN:  Joseph Sylvester Willis, Agnes Willis, Stella Willis, Fred Willis, Andrew Willis,  and  Stanislaus Willis
Members of the Younge Family.

BRATHWAITE, MAUDE LETITIA ROBERTS  (1906 -2005)- Music Teacher- BORN: October 2, 1906 in Georgetown, to Walter T. Roberts, Quarry Engineer, and his wife, Rachael A., nee Arthur. EDUCATED: St. Barnabas Anglican, Bedford Methodist, Georgetown, and Privately. CAREER: Seamstress and Teacher. Was Assistant Teacher, Trinity School, Georgetown. Clerk at Transport and Harbours Department. MARRIED: April 18, 1938 Percy Arindale Brathwaite. CHILD: Serena U. Brathwaite. Source: (Who is who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48  : Page 63)

BRATHWAITE, SERENA  - Educator - Folk Songs of Guyana --Queh-Queh, Chanties & Ragtime edited by Percy A. Brathwaite & his daughter Serena U. Brathwaite - 1964 - some 24 such melodies.

ROBERTS, Colonel DESMOND  - Commissioned Officer, Guyana Defence Force  - BORN: at Mahaica, East Coast, Demerara, to Roberts,  EDUCATED: Queen's College, Georgetown. CAREER: . MARRIED: Beverly Ann Rodrigues. CHILDREN:

ROBERTS, WALTER THEOPHILUS - Quarryman - BORN: February 18, 1878 at Mahaica, East Coast, Demerara, to William D. Roberts, Schoolmaster, and his wife, Josephine P., nee Younge. EDUCATED: Roman Catholic Schools, Georgetown. CAREER: Quarryman Engineer, and Mechanic. Wood Grant Owner, Hururu, Demerara River, Stone Supplier and Contractor to Government, Property Owner, and Member of the B.G. Forest Producers Association. Engineer with B.G. Government, Mining in Panama, Mechanical Engineer in Nigeria, Africa, and Brazil. MARRIED: December 7, 1902 Rachel A. Arthur. CHILDREN: two sons and five daughters. Has traveled extensively abroad during the period 1911-1925. Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48 [page 447]