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Among the multitude of public prints, it is hard to say which lyes the most. --Ignatius Sancho; (1729 - 1780), January 5, 1780.

I believe the key to unlocking the past, the story of Sancho will be found primarily within the history of the African Villages in Guyana. The kinship of Sancho is part of the history of Guyana, and in deed the Global Black Experience. Sancho, I am sure has numerous surnames, and resident in several communities, across the globe. However, members of the kinship of Sancho is found primarily, in Guyana, Barbados, St. Vincent, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua, Cayenne,  Liberia, Sierra Leone, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. 

The aim is to identify, locate and communicate with the members. Thereby ascertaining as accurately as humanly possible – the story of the people of Sancho. Every man ought to know thyself.   Knowledge of self must include an intimate knowledge of the journey of the ancestors, your personal history. A man must know and not believe.

How are persons mentioned below members of the kinship of Sancho?

I am aware; prior to his death around January 1873, Tuckness Sancho, the brother of Bentick Sancho and John Sancho, resided at Friendship Village. Tuckness Sancho was a landed proprietor at Friendship Village. It is thus apparent Tuckness Sancho either married at female of the village of Friendship or reproduced off springs with female or females of the district. The data of Tuckness Sancho, his children, his spouse and/or the mothers of his children are not known.  However, a number of folks connected to the Buxton-Friendship Village district are believed to be his descendants. These include members of the following kinships; BARNWELL, GILL, LEWIS, LUKE, MCGARRELL, PAUL, RILEY, SANCHO, SMITH, YAW, and YOUNGE. I believe among the descendants of Tuckness Sancho are the members of the kinship of Sancho of the Buxton-Friendship Village District; including the  following; D. Sancho (Friendship Wesleyan Society c.1918), the family of Benjamin Sancho (the one-handed mason), and his  wife; Susan Angelina Sancho, and their  children; Harold Sancho, Walter Sancho, Hector George Sancho (Ituni), Dorothy "Dot" Sancho (Teacher, Buxton  Congregational  Mission School), Clarice Angelina Sancho (Teacher, Better Hope C. M.), and their grandchildren; Ruth Sancho Lewis (United Kingdom), Bernard Sancho (Antigua), June Sancho (Antigua), and Lynda Sancho (Buxton), the family of Emily Sancho, and her sons, Augustus Sancho, and Alfred Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Margaret Smith,  Zipporah Sancho, George Sancho, Gustavus Sancho, Sprockton Sancho, Theresa Sancho and Roberta Sancho.

I understand the following;

  • BARNWELL: the family of Station Master Barnwell and his wife, Teacher Barnwell maiden name Elias (Teacher, Golden Grove Wesleyan School) and their children; Stanley Barnwell, Sydney Fitz Clarence Barnwell, Neville Barnwell, and Kenneth Barnwell. The family resided at Enmore Front Lands, East Sea Coast of Demerara.

  • Teasie Johnson is the grand mother of Cecil and Megan Hughes. Agnes Bastiani is also a fore-parent of Alice "Big Auntie" Barnwell, Kaneo Barnwell, and Cain Top Barnwell. The Barnwell family resided in the following villages; Annandale, Beterverwagting, Buxton, and Triumph. Sarah Johnson married Pirat Roberts - and the union issued three sons.

  • PILGRIM: - Charles Edward Pilgrim and his wife Alice [nee Kennedy] Pilgrim had at least 4 children. They are Frances Amelia Pilgrim, Eva Pilgrim, Mrs. Herman Ross who owned the Gas Station at Kitty Village and William Henry Pilgrim (School Master). I am also aware; Frances Amelia Pilgrim married Eleazer Jupiter and they had at least two children Charles Edward Jupiter and Florence Jupiter.  Charles Edward Jupiter was a Dentist in Silver Spring Maryland in the USA. His wife and descendants are still residing in that city in the USA. His sister Florence Jupiter resided at Nabaclis. She died childless.

  • Maude Richmond and her sister Birdie (quite possibly their maiden name is Bristol). Cousin Maude Richmond perhaps a Miss Bristol resided next to the Pilgrim Holiness Church at Nabaclis on the East Sea Coast of Demerara. Maude Richmond two sons: Dunstan Richmond and Joseph Asquith Richmond. Birdie three children:  Merle Grenada, Oswald Bland and Outon Bland.

  • The ancestors and descendants of the family of David Luke and his wife Adelaide (nee Sancho) Luke are of the interests of the descendants of Sancho. Among the children of David and Adelaide Luke are the following; Theophilus Augustus Luke, (1867-1957), a Local Preacher at the Methodist Church at Victoria on the East Sea Coast of Demerara, Aunt Baby, Aunt Berth, mother of Eloise, The mother of Gladys Lawrence and Gussy Lawrence – and grand mother of Hilton Morris and Sidney Morris, the father of Renny Luke, the father of Josephine Luke, perhaps, George Luke and Henry Luke.  The descendants also include; Hutchison Luke and his brother May Luke had butchery in the vicinity of the Railway Station near
    Garnett Street
    at Kitty Village, on the East Sea Coast of Demerara, Luke operated a bakery at
    Princess Street
    in Lodge village, on the East Bank of the Demerara River.

  • Marie Lousie Parkinson married William Whyte (Dispenser) and their children are Cyril and Lydia. Lydia Whyte married Bamfield.

  • There are tombs containing the remains of Arthur Gill, his wife, and sons; George Gill and Theodore Gill in the Sancho plot in the cemetery at the Village of Golden Grove on the East Coast of Demerara.

I need to know;

Who can connect Sancho of Corentyne, and Canje and Berbice to Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho and George Sancho? 

2.     Who can connect the members of the kinships of BATSON, BEST, CAMPBELL, CORT, CRANDON, DOWNER, FRASER, FRESO, GEORGE, HAZEL, LAFLEUR, LANCASTER, LEITCH, NEDD, RALPH, REYNOLDS, ROSS, SMITH, VICTOR, and WILSON of Corentyne, and Canje, and Berbice to Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho and George Sancho? 

3.     How are, Arthur Gill, and his immediate relatives, members of the kinship of Sancho?  


5.     Who are the following; Robert Johnston Sancho [also known as Robert Johnson Sancho c.1904], Robert Christopher Sancho,  D. Sancho (c. 1918) of the Friendship Wesleyan Society, John Sancho; catcher of strays in Georgetown British Guiana in 1920, James Sancho of Gates Avenue, Brooklyn c.1912, Mrs. Adriana Alicia Sancho, (who arrived in the USA, a 40 year old in 1912), Mrs. Andrina Sancho, (who arrived in the USA, a 34 year old in 1916)

6.     Who are the ancestors and the descendants of the following; Sarah Johnson, Teasie Johnson, Agnes Bastiani, Robert Christopher Sancho, Adelaide Sancho, Isabella Parkinson, Barbara Parkinson, Marie Louise Parkinson, W/Sergeant 14152 Sancho, Irene Graham, Mary Chichester, Nelly Mackie, Mrs. Seymour, Hilda Jupiter, Eva Pilgrim, Mrs. Ross, Clara Arthur, Isabelle Sancho [later Mrs. Isabelle Gordon, daughter of Hanover of Victoria, and mother of Fred Gordon and Dr. Darryl Gordon of Massachusetts, died about 1953],Lynda Sancho, daughter of Harold Sancho,  Lothan Sancho,  Motie Sancho, Bob Sancho, Mr. Reggie Sancho, Swanton Blaire Sancho, Nelly Sancho, Ismay Wharton, Nick Edwards, George Sancho; the husband of Ginger Abel, George Sancho; the husband of Miss Harry, Orlando Sancho, Eldora Sancho, Norma Sancho, Little Ray (the singer), Claudius Sancho, and Teddy Sancho? 

7.     What is the connection among the following; Janet Parkinson, Mary Taylor, Cyril Whyte, Lillian Philadelphia, Ogle, Bamfield and Sancho?

8.     What does these folks to do with Sancho? Lutchman (Victoria), Rodney of Beterverwagting, Hughes of Golden Grove, Kenneth and Stanley Barnwell, Isabelle Gordon, Renee Graham, Chichester of Mahaicony, Seymour, Gill, Yaw, Barnwell, Hughes, Edwards, Wharton, Paul, Smith, and Riley?

9.     How is Sarah Louise Mathilda Denbow a relative of the descendants of Alexander Sancho and Rachel Campbell?

10. What is the relationship between Sancho and the following ; James Nathaniel Smith (Buxton), Duncan Smith, and Joseph Yaw (Lusignan), William David Smith, Thomas David Smith (Enmore), James Alexander Smith, John Yaw, Edmund Josephus Paul, Edward Paul, Samuel Paul (Friendship), and James Paul?

11. What is the relationship between Sarrabo, Sancho, and Simon?

12. Who is James Sancho who died on April 21, 1931 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA

13. Who are the immediate relatives of Mary Sancho, wife of Bentick Sancho?

14. Who is the mother, and other immediate relatives of Cristobel Sancho aka Auntie Roberts?

15. Who are the children of Christopher Bentick Sancho, Clarence Sancho, and Edmund Sancho?

16. Who are the members of Sancho who were miners and as late as 1902 were partners with Sancho, Chester & Sancho, Reece & Sancho, Gustavus Sancho and Hamer, Stanley Sancho and Margaret Smith

17. Who are the immediate relatives of Prince Sancho (Montreal), his children, and their mothers, and his siblings?

18. Who are the immediate relatives of Sancho, Chester & Sancho and Sancho & Reece:  Gold Miners in 1902

19. Who are they? I believe they are Sancho of Friendship. I am aware Sancho, Chester & Sancho – and Sancho & Reece were Gold/ Diamond Miners in 1902.

20. Who are those Sancho family members?

I accessed the Reports of the Commissioner of the Department of Lands and Mines issued for that year, 1902 in the SIBL Research Library in New York City.   The Science, Industry and Business Library, is located at

I was hoping to obtain the names of perhaps, the three members of the Sancho family, Chester and Reece.  I quickly scanned the pages of the Reports of the Commissioner of the Department of Lands and Mines issued for the years 1899 through 1954; I noted several outstanding features of the reports between 1899 and 1915;

·         They are the listing of deaths of workers who died accidentally except by drowning

·         Land tenure for East Indians

·         The vast amount of lawyers who owned claims for gold, diamond and Timber 

·         Numerous corporations which owned claims and all likely got rich on the blood sweat of the working class as they had done on the plantations.

·         I noticed Wm. Chester (Probably William Chester) died on May 3, 1911 and J. Reece died on June 19, 1911.

Could it be they are the members and/ or associates of Sancho?  

I believe by consulting the published reports of the deaths of Chester and Reece; I may be able to access the names of the Sancho family members. I suspect they are from Golden Grove and Nabaclis and or Buxton and Friendship districts. I am aware; Gustavus Sancho and Pat. Hamer was residents of Buxton and Friendship Village District and participants in the gold mining business in 1924. In 1935, Stanley Sancho and Margaret Smith were in the gold mining business and were represented by Edmund Fitzgerald Fredericks.

Therefore, I suppose Stanley Sancho and Margaret Smith were of Buxton and Friendship Village District. I suspect these Sancho family members are immediate relatives of each other.

I am hereby requesting you point researchers to the following and /or their immediate relatives – soonest – thank you ever so very much;


Daniel Victor Jacobs (School Master), Rebecca Jacobs Harry, Elvie Jacobs, Mrs. Harmon, Christopher Harmon (Police Officer), Abel Augustus Bristol(Schoolmaster), Charles Clarence Bristol (School Master), Trenton Jacob Hitchins Bristol (Chemists & Druggist, Sick Nurse & Dispenser),  Charles Edward Pilgrim (Station Master), Frances Amelia Jupiter (Nurse Jupiter), Eleazer Jupiter,  Charles Edward Jupiter (Dentist, Maryland, USA), Florence Jupiter (Nabaclis). Eva Pilgrim, Mrs. Herman Ross (and her husband owner of Gas Station Kitty Village, East Coast Demerara), William Henry Pilgrim (School Master) Cyril Hercules, Joshua Layne, Francis Percival Loncke (Schoolmaster), Aaron Victor Lawrence (Schoolmaster) Henry C. Lawrence (Sexton, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Cove & John), Brucie Ambrosine Moore (Nurse-Midwife, Enmore), Theophilus Augustus Luke (Local Wesleyan Preacher, Victoria Village), Emerson Simon (Police Officer), Nelly Beaton, Frederick Simon, Henry Collins, Sonny Richmond, Nelly Mackie, Irene Graham, Mrs. Seymour, Mary Chichester (Nurse-Midwife, Mahaicony), Fred Gordon (Leper Asylum, Mahaica) Isabelle Gordon, Dr. Darryl Gordon (Massachusetts), Thomas Parkinson, Janet Parkinson, Marie Louisa Parkinson, William Whyte, Isabelle Ogle, Barbara Small (Trinidad & Tobago), Lucille Saul, O'Donald Cole (County Sergeant Major, British Guiana Police Force), Thomas Eldad Archer (Chemist & Druggist, Sick Nurse & Dispenser), A. A Charles (Educator), Rebecca Lammy (wife of Stanley Albert Truman, Schoolmaster) Cecil Hughes, Lucille Hughes, Herbert Hughes, Joe Hughes, Caroline Hughes, Megan Hughes, Catherine Archer Cole, Boadicea Adina Archer, Phyllis Beatrice Archer-Kendall, Ivy Nelbertha Archer-Loncke


Nurse – Midwife, Enmore Hospital

Resides: at Enmore, East Coast Demerara.

Born: 19th July, 1900, at Cove and John, East Coast Demerara, to Henry Lawrence, Labourer, and his wife, Sarah Jane nee Jacobs.

Educated: St. Andrew's School, Cove and John, and Ursuline Convent, Georgetown.

Is a midwife and Local Health Visitor.

Was Infant Welfare Nurse at Plantations Non Pariel and Enmore, East Coast Demerara.

Married: 19th April, 1924: Edward T. Moore.

Has one son and two daughters.

(Source: Roth, Vincent and Delph, Charles Noel (editors) Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48 : Page 367)


Head Teacher, Goed Fortuin, West Bank, Demerara.

Resides: at Lot 54 Fifth Street, Georgetown 5.

Born: 20th.  March, 1892 at Victoria, East Coast Demerara, to Henry Lawrence, Sexton, and his wife, Jane nee Jacobs.

Educated: St. Andrew's Anglican School , Cove and John, East Coast Demerara.

Holds Class 111 (Third Class) Teachers' Certificate.

Married: 14th.  December, 1916:- Nora Olive Loncke.

Was a teacher at St. Andrew's Anglican School , East Coast Demerara.

Has six sons and four daughters.

Recreation: Cricket.

Hobby: Gardening.

(Source: Roth, Vincent and Delph, Charles Noel (editors) Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48: page 311).


Salesman, F. G. Ferreira Ltd.,

Resides at Paradise , West Coast Berbice.

Born: 24th June 1894 at Victoria, East Coast Demerara, to Henry Lawrence, Sexton, and his wife, Sarah Jane nee Jacobs.

Educated: St. Andrew's Anglican School , Cove and John, East Coast Demerara.

Holds Pupil Teachers' Certificate.

Was secretary of the Eldorado Co-operative Credit Bank.

Married: 8th February, 1925: Anna L. Fraser.

Has one son and one daughter.

Recreation – Cycling and Fishing.

Secretary, and Founder of the Eldorado United Friendly Society.

(Source: Roth, Vincent and Delph, Charles Noel (editors) Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48: page 311).




Resides at Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara.

Born: 2nd January 1915 at Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara, to Aaron Lawrence, Head Teacher, Goed Fortuin, West Bank, Demerara.

Educated: St. Andrew's Anglican School , East Coast Demerara.

Married: 19th June, 1940, Clarabelle Ageda.

Has one daughter.


Club --- McKenzie Sports Club

Hobby--- Reading.

(Source: Roth, Vincent and Delph, Charles Noel (editors) Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48: page 312)


Head Teacher, Ann's Grove Roman Catholic School , East Coast, Demerara.

Resides at Victoria, East Coast Demerara.

Born:  August 3, 1911, at Victoria , East Coast, Demerara, to Theophilus Augustus Luke, Painter, and his wife, Myrah D. nee Caleb.

Educated at Ann's Grove Methodist School , East Coast, Demerara, and Government Training College , Georgetown .

Holds Teacher's Certificate, Class 1.

Was a Pupil Teacher at St. Stephen's Cane Grove, East Coast,Demerara, Kingston Methodist, Georgetown and Friendship Methodist,East Coast Demerara.

1932-42 --- Assistant Teacher, Victoria Roman Catholic School , East Coast, Demerara.

1942 --- Assistant Teacher, St. Mary's Roman Catholic School .

1944 --- First Assistant Malgre Tout Roman Catholic School .

1945 --- Acting Head Teacher, Malgre Tout Roman Catholic School .

1946 --- Present Appointment.

Recreation - Walking.

Hobbies - Music, Gardening and Reading .

Is Organist and Choirmaster Victoria Roman Catholic Church, since 1942.Source: Roth, Vincent & Delph, Charles Noel (Editors) Who's Who in British Guiana [1945-48, Fourth Edition] The Daily Chronicle Company Limited, Georgetown , British Guiana , 1948]: page 330. 



Resides at 94 Second Street, Georgetown .

Born: May 7, 1897, at Golden Grove, East Coast, Demerara, to Job Augustus Luke, Farmer, and his wife, Mary, nee Glasgow.

Educated at Golden Grove Methodist School .

Has been a Volunteer Sanitary Inspector.

Married: September 13, 1933: Eugenie Alberta Sandiford.

Has three sons and two daughters.

Recreation - Cricket.

Hobby - Reading.

Source: Roth, Vincent & Delph, Charles Noel (Editors)Who's Who in British Guiana [1945-48, Fourth Edition] The Daily Chronicle Company Limited, Georgetown , British Guiana , 1948]: Page 330.


Retired Schoolmaster, Parika Anglican School and Landed Proprietor.

Resides: at Parika, East Bank Essequibo.

Born: October 26, 1886, at Victoria, East Coast Demerara, to Charles Edward Pilgrim, Station Master, and his wife, Alice nee Kennedy.

Educated: at Cove and John Anglican School, East Coast Demerara.

Was head teacher of St. Francis Roman Catholic and Jack Low Anglican Schools, Pomeroon.

Married: April 24, 1916 : Ambrosine B. Parkinson.

Recreation – Walking.

Club – President, Crescent Youth Club.

Hobbies – Poultry Rearing and Gardening.Member of Local Board of Guardians.

10 years Catechist of Anglican Church.

25 years Chairman of Parika Local Authority.

Is a Social Welfare Worker and Member of the Youth Council of British Guiana .

Is a Justice of the Peace.

Vice-President, Farmers’ Union , Pomeroon .

(Source: Roth, Vincent and Delph, Charles Noel (editors) Who is Who in British Guiana [Fourth Edition] 1945-48 : Page 415)


Attendant at Public Hospital, Georgetown.

Resides: Two Friends, East Coast, Demerara.

Born: October 16, 1887, at Ann's Grove, East Coast, Demerara, to John E. Bobb, Sugar Curer, and his wife, Violet nee Bond.

Educated: at Ann's Grove Methodist School.

Is a Carpenter and Sugar Curer.

1919-22 --- School Attendance Officer.

Was Senior Attendant at Leprosarium, Mahaica.

Married: December 7, 1914 :- Caroline Adelaide Wickham.

Has five sons and six daughters.

Recreation: Cricket.

Hobby: Music.

Is a Member Ann's Grove Brotherhood.

Was a founder of Ann's Grove Co-operative Credit Bank.

Is a Local Preacher.

Is Assistant Organist Ann's Grove Methodist Church .

Was a Member Two Friends Local Authority, resigning in 1943.

[Source: Roth and Delph Who is Who in British Guiana , 1945 - 1948 Fourth Edition : page 53.] 


Farmer and Registrar of Births and Deaths.

Resides: at Cottage, East Coast, Demerara.

Born: 31st. October, 1880, at Glazier's Lust, East Coast Demerara, to Henry Chichester, Estate Manager, and his wife, Johanna nee Chisholm. 

Was Postal Agent at De Kinderen, East Coast, Demerara.

Married: August 6, 1904:- Mary Callighan.

Has one son and one daughter.

Recreation: - Reading newspapers.

Source: Roth, Vincent  and Delph, Charles Noel (editors) Who's Who in British Guiana 1945-48 [Fourth Edition], Georgetown : Daily Chronicle Co., 1948]: page 97.

Let us talk about the above folks and their relatives – shall we? Please be on the look out for a break down of the surnames associated with the kinship of Sancho as per the major individuals of the nuclear families. This will be done to ensure accuracy and clarity. Your assistance is needed and appreciated in enlightening me concerning the following unanswered questions. Thanks a million times over for your time, tolerance, and cooperation.

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO:- E. Gerald Sancho, Grace Sancho, Julia Sancho, Kareene Sancho, Phillip Sancho, Sade Sancho, Simon Sancho, Vincente Sancho, Glenn Sancho, J. Sancho, Janet Sancho, Zinette Sancho, Peter Sancho, Ralph Sancho, Sharon Sancho, Brent Sancho, Keith Sancho, and Cyril Sancho.

GRENADA:- Pepe Sancho

BARBADOS:-Hoolio Sancho, Lisa Sancho and Morlyne Sancho

LIBERIA:- Yvonne Sancho-Hansford, William Sancho and Ramona Sancho, Wadia Sancho, Cass Sancho, Josiah Sancho the third, Phyllis Sancho; now in Detroit, Gloria Precious Manneh, Josiah Sancho of Moore Street, Mamba Point, Theodore Sancho, Annie Roselyn (nee Burgess) Sancho and Joyce Beatrix Sancho, Mrs. Joyce Sancho-Moore, Rupel E. Marshall, Jr. and Mrs. Aurelia Sancho-Marshall. Researchers also would like to communicate with Jocindee Maya Kromah and J. Napoleon Cassell

BURY, ST. EDMUNDS: - Rebecca Sancho listed as maid domestic in Edmund J. Donaldson household in 1881 census.

BERBICE and locations in Guyana:- A. Sancho,  P. Sancho, Mayor Sancho,; catcher of stray animals on the Corentyne Coast Albion and Port Mourant  c. 1918 – 1950,  Thomas Sancho, Ed. Sancho, Roxanne Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho, Tito Sancho, Nicloa Sancho, Aubrey Sancho, Brenda Sancho, Cecil Sancho, Claudette Sancho, Ella Sancho, Joy A. Sancho, Marcilla Mavis Sancho,  Olga Sancho, Donald Sancho, Vibert Sancho, Sandra Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Stella Sancho, Syvilene Sancho, Wolford Sancho, Ayeola Sancho, and Frederick Sancho (Adelphi Village, East Canje)

ESSEQUIBO:-Terrence Patrice Sancho (Kurupung, Mazaruni River), Gary Stanislaus Sancho (Madhia, Potaro River), Sydney Thomas Sancho (Aranaputa), Herman Barrington Sancho (Eye Lash, North West District, Essequibo) , Carlotta Sancho (Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo) 

Neville Sancho (Cornelia Ida)

Aubrey Sancho (Patentia Housing Scheme)

Ivan Miller Sancho (Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara)

Bibi Farida Sanchoo (Yarowkabra)

Colin Lindsay Sancho, Wylette Andra Sancho, Rocky Sancho Clenkian (Kuru Kururu Soesdyke Linden Highway)Collin Malcolm Sancho, Ella Patricia Sancho, Pamela Monica Sancho, Chevon Alexander Sancho, Robin Arlington Sancho, Shelly Ann Sancho, Gem Earleen Sancho, Ivan Abraham Sancho (Linden)

Marlon Anthony Sancho   (Base Camp Stephenson, Timehri, East Bank Demerara)

Enid Sancho, Joel Anthony Sancho, John Sancho, Krystle Ann Sancho (Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara)Reginald Stanley Sancho (Plantation Great Diamond, East Bank Demerara)

Nicola Ann Sancho, Tomika Oscende Sancho (GDF Compound Camp Ayanganna, Thomas Lands)

Ronald Victor Collin Sancho (Kitty)

Winston Sancho (Newtown)

Neckisea Daciea Sancho (Cummings Lodge Housing Scheme, Greater Georgetown) Keith Sancho, Devon Huberth Fitzpatrick Sancho (Sophia)

Gordon Orren D. Sancho (Turkeyen) 

Pelon I. Sancho (Tucville)

Mavis Carmen Sancho, Sibby Lee Sancho (North Ruimveldt Housing Scheme)

Simone Nicolette Sancho (Alexander Village)

Patrick Sancho (West Ruimveldt)

Stacey Sancho, Paulette Orrella Sancho (East Ruimveldt)

Sherwin Emmanuel Sancho, Sandra Sancho, Eldora Sancho, Stephen Sancho (Lodge)

Delroy Delon Sancho (North East La Penitence)

Midgnet Sancho (West La Penitence)

Rickford Sancho (Charlestown)

Roger Patrick Sancho, Joylyne Gillian Claire Sancho, Marcilla Sancho, Olga Mayleen Sancho (Wortmanville)Compton Fitzpatrick Sancho (Lacytown)

Robert Anthony Sancho (Sparendaam)

Carlton Fitzherald Sancho (Goedverwagting)  

Annetta Patricia Sancho, Ryan Anthony Sancho, Carlton Fitzherald Sancho, Dexter Maxwell Sancho, Trevor Anthony Sancho, Dorothy Sancho, Eugene Roxann Sancho, Jennifer Sancho, Shellon Sancho (Plaisance Village)

Ivan Sancho, Fiona Michelle Sancho, Simone Samantha Linni Sancho (Better Hope)

Stacy Monica Sancho (Success)

Bonita Alero Sancho, June Allison Sancho, Shaun Michael Sancho(Beterverwagting Village)

Nicholette Natoya Sancho (Triumph Village)

Kimika Otisha Sancho   (Good Hope)

Stefney Onica Sancho, Bevney Ann Sancho, Victor Anthony Sancho, Vivian Estrila Sancho (Annandale)

D. Sancho [Friendship Wesleyan c.1918], Dorothy "Dot" Sancho, Ruth Sancho Lewis, Eva Sancho, Zipporah Sancho, Clarice Sancho (Teacher, Better Hope C. M.), Susan Angelina Sancho, Theresa Meltina Sancho, George Sancho,Theresa Sancho, Roberta Sancho, Gustavus Sancho, Stanley Sancho, Margaret Smith, "Baby" Sancho, Margaret Blair Sancho, Emmy Angelina Sancho, Alfred Sancho, Augustus Sancho, Sprockton Sancho, Susan Angelina Sancho, Kelso Sancho, Kim Allison Yonette Sancho, Hazel Sancho, Karen Anita Sancho, Nandy Fiona Sancho, Treon Otis Sancho, Troy Trevor Sancho, Camille S. Sancho, Malanie Lana Sancho, Janice Jennifer Sancho, Lana Coleen Sancho, Shawn Eton Sancho, Simone Allison Sancho, Alica Shawla Sancho, Brentnol Sancho, Devon Anthony Sancho, Gerald Sancho, Lenard Rupert Sancho, Pansy Alicia Sancho, Trenton Sancho, Vanessa Sancho, Yvette Veronica Sancho, Anton Mortimer Sancho, Avril Agatha Sancho, Bevney Marcia Sancho, Constance Sancho, Desrin Seona Sancho, Esther Sancho, Eton Sancho, Joy Sancho, Kevin Sancho, Kim Andrie Sancho, Maxine Sancho, Orin Mainard Sancho, Tracey Ann Sancho, Yonelle Abiola Sancho, Sherlette Yvette Sancho (Buxton-Friendship Village District)

Marlyn Mellisa Sancho (Vigilance)

Ronda Aleica Sancho (Melanie Damishana)

Desmond James Sancho, Karen Ann Sancho  (Strathspey)

Leona Patricia Sancho-Francis, Lovern Elvena Sancho (Haslington Housing Scheme) Patrick Edward Sancho, Sherry Robert Johnston [also known as Robert Johnson Sancho c.1904] Amanda Sancho, Sonia Fay Sancho, Nikesha Adoni Sancho, Shellon Frampkassie Sancho, Stacey Ann Latoya Andrea Sancho, Chichester Solomon Scotland   (Golden Grove Village)

Althea Luke, Debra Luke, Laura Viola Luke, Roel Romana Luke, Venus Luke, Colin Augustus Lutchman, Coretta Acola Lutchman, Sharon Sabrina Lutchman, Denicia Olabisi Sancho, Gloyde Anthony Sancho, Karen Lotoya Sancho, Lucy Sancho, Oswald Gilbert Sancho, Clement Ieon Sancho, Bernadette Waveney Sancho, Elroy Sancho, Glenda Sancho, Randolph Sancho, Barton Thomas Scotland, Devon Vanessa Amanda Scotland, Edward Luther H Scotland, Ethlyn Yvonne Agatha Scotland, Samuel Agustus Scotland (Nabaclis)

Eon Mc Donald Sancho, Claudia Vanessa Sancho, Olive Patricia Sancho, Wendy Anna Sancho (Victoria Village) Donnette Natasha Sancho (Ann's Grove Village, East Coast Demerara)

Christine Alberta Sancho, Susan Elizabeth Sancho (Lancaster Village)


Winston Lloyd Sancho (Profit, West Coast Berbice)

Shirley Sancho (Belladrum, West Coast Berbice)

Earl Evan Sancho (Trafalgar, West Coast Berbice)

Travis Anderia Sancho (Mount Sinai, West Canje, Berbice)

Lorna Patricia Sancho, Travis Sancho, Tresha Rose-Marie Sancho, Trinette Rolanda Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Calvin Lloyd Sancho, Stella Sancho, Ian Maxwell Sancho, Volda Veronica Sancho, Kim A Sancho, Teon Wolford Rudolph Sancho, Wolford L. Sancho, Tito Anthony Sancho, Leron Abidago Sancho (New Amsterdam, Berbice)

Nigel Anthony Sancho (Ordinance Fortlands, Canje)

Andy Sancho, Patricia Sancho (Sheet Anchor, East Canje)

Claudius “Claude” Sancho George Leitch, Patrick Leitch, Hazel Sancho, Rosie Sancho, Bernard Sancho (Antigua) Claudius Sancho, Claudia Sancho, Claude Sancho, George Sancho, Cyril Sancho, Horace “Courteen” Sancho, Evelyn Sancho,  Mark Anthony Sancho, Claudette P. Sancho, Joyce L. Sancho   (No. 2 Village, East Canje)

Myrtle Albertha Sancho (Adelphi Village, East Canje)

Thomas Sancho (No.1 Road, Corentyne)

Sancho Abel Ebenezer Benjamin   (Fyrish Village, Corentyne)

Brenda J Sancho, Pixie Ann Alexis Sancho, Elizabeth Sancho, Leuanne Amanda Sancho, Minerva Matilda Sancho (Rose Hall, Corentyne)

Godfrey N Sancho (Port Mourant)

Claudius Fitzherbert Sancho (Auchlyne)

Milton Raymond Sancho, Parbatie Sancho  (No.78 Village, Springlands)

Hector George Sancho (Ituni) 

I am aware of the names and locations above members of groups of families of Sancho. I would be extremely grateful when contact and communications are established with them, and others. This is an effort to ascertain the relationship of the persons mentioned above and others to Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho and George Sancho of the nineteenth century in British Guiana.

I need to communicate with folks to be enlightened of the connections. Thereby I could retrace the footprints of the past. Thanking you on the behalf of all the members of the kinship of Sancho wherever they reside and whoever they are.

I remain as always, Muriel's Little One, Sancho of Nabaclis

Please read and get in touch with me, as soon as possible.
Greetings Mlilwana:
It is a pleasure contacting you and commending you on your research of the Sancho descendants of Trinidad.
I am Jean Williams Delwin, the mother of Gail and Deanne who recently emailed you, but my other children are Danny, Terry, Donna, Denise, and Carleene. I am also the elder sister of Eunice Williams (Len). We also had a brother who is deceased named Beresford Gay. We are the Great grandchildren of John Sancho.

My mother Sarah Williams (God rest her soul) and her siblings Popsi, Leonard, Dora, and Hilton (all of whom are deceased), were the grandchildren of John and Mary Elizabeth Sancho. They all lived with their grandparents John and Elizabeth Sancho. Ann Sancho Tuitt was their mother. Her brother's name was Lindsey Sancho. Lindsey Sancho had one daughter whose name was Violet Sancho who later married a Castle.
It is Ann and Lindsey's offspring, and their children who are the descendants of the Sancho tribe of Trinidad. The Marcano's, Weston's, Innocence, Brereton and Fyfies were in-laws to John Sancho since they were Mary Elizabeth Sancho's sisters.
According to my mother's words; John and Elizabeth Sancho were from the 'Fifth Company' Moruga (and not Mayaro) Trinidad. I do not know if John Sancho originally resided in Mayaro and may have later moved to Moruga. They owned land in Moruga. I do not know if John Sancho my great grandfather may have had other children besides Ann and Lindsey. My mother referred to John Sancho as papa, and when she spoke of him she mentioned him always wearing a gold bracelet. He was deceased before his wife and they (God bless their souls) were both buried at the Anglican cemetery in Princess town. I believe some of these records could be in the Anglican Church. I really do not know if the Indians and Chinese Sancho's of 'Fifth Co. Moruga' are also his descendants.
John Sancho's descendants from their daughter Ann Tuitt Williams are: Williams, Batiste, Delwin, Brereton, David, Truesdale, Gay, Magaresh and Valentine. These all make up the Sancho tribe from Trinidad. John Sancho's descendants from their son Lindsey would be Winston Castle and Lyons of Point Fortin.
Those from Ann's line reside in Trinidad, the United States, Canada and England. Those from Lindsey (from what I can recall) went to Point Fortin Trinidad. I too would like to know if the Indian and Chinese Sancho's of Moruga are also John Sancho's descendants.

Thank you.
Jean Williams

Again, I am not an expert; I am not an eyewitness – However, I am a conscious crusader.  I am a Truth Seeker in the wilderness seeking the true history of our people. I depend on your cooperation to shine light on the accurate story of our people. God Bless you, today and always for cooperating with one of the people.


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