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Among the multitude of public prints, it is hard to say which lyes the most. --Ignatius Sancho; (1729 - 1780), January 5, 1780.

Joseph Thomas Sancho ---Qualified: 8 January 1917, Sick Nurse & Dispenser, Nabaclis.
Source: List of Persons Registered as Sick Nurses & Dispensers on the 31st. December, 1937 - The Daily Chronicle - Friday, February 11, 1938: page 3.

Boadicea A. Archer, Robb & Albert Streets, Qualified: 10 November 1920, Nurse & Midwife.
Caroline E. Archer, Robb & Albert Streets, Qualified: 24 August 1934, Nurse & Midwife.
Magnel Grovesnor, Plantation Port Mourant, Berbice. Qualified 19 May 1921, Nurse & Midwife.
Source: List of Persons Registered as Nurses-Midwives on the 31st. December, 1937 - The Daily Chronicle - Friday, February 11, 1938: page 3.

Joseph Thomas Sancho, Nabaclis, Qualified: 19 July 1923, Chemists & Druggists.
Source: List of Persons Registered as Chemists & Druggists on the 31st. December, 1937 - The Daily Chronicle - Friday, January 28, 1938: page 3.
Mrs. Mildred A. Simon, Registrar, Nabaclis, East Coast, Demerara and Mrs. Chrissie A. Simon, Deputy Registrar, Rodwell's Burgh, Golden Grove, East Coast, Demerara .
[Sources: General Register Office Notices # 186 - Registrar and Deputy Registrar 1948 - the Official Gazette of British Guiana - January 31, 1948 : page 205.]

Cynthia Grovesnor October (1958 ) Brook's Memorial Hospital, London SE 18.

Linett Sancho [Typist] (born 28 June 1935) 63 Tollington FX, London.

Dorothy I. Sancho, Ituni Undenominational School.
[Sources: Education Notices - Pupil Teachers' Annual Examinations 1954 - the Official Gazette of British Guiana - November 27, 1954 : page 1331.]

General Nursing Council of British Guiana
#1926 List of Registered Nurses

Caroline Euphemia Archer, 51 Robb Street, Georgetown, January 12, 1954
Theresa Meltina Sancho, Buxton Village, East Coast Demerara.
[Source: the Official Gazette of British Guiana -October 22, 1955 : page 1,130]

Sybil Venus Grovesnor, 26 Lying Street, Georgetown, July 25, 1955.
Cynthia O. Grovesnor 213 Middle Street, Georgetown November 11, 1957.
Theresa Meltina Sancho 146 Sixth Streets, Albert Town, Georgetown.
[Source: the Official Gazette of British Guiana -November 28, 1964 : page 516]
Pupil Teachers Appointment Examination - 1956

The following candidates who took the above named Examination on March 26 and 27, 1956, have qualified for appointment as Pupil Teachers.

200 Patricia Verna Adams [Golden Grove Methodist]
[Source: the Official Gazette of British Guiana -September 22, 1956 : page 798]

Third Year --Berbice
Dorothy I. Sancho [Skeldon Church of Scotland]
[Source: the Official Gazette of British Guiana - January 19, 1957 : page 103]

P. Sancho (Albion)[Source: Pound Notices # 1701 - Berbice - the Official Gazette of British Guiana - September 27, 1952 : page 780] (Stray Catchers:- M. E. Belgrave, E. Best, R. Crawford, Chahiria, R. B. Craig, J. Rawlins, J. Ramotar, Gangeer and C. Leitch- they worked covering various locations including Williamsburg Public Road, Nigg Public Road, Rose Hall Public Road, Courtland Public Road, Albion Public Road, Bohemia Sea Defence, Lestoh Rice field, Port Mourant Public Road, Fyrish Public Road.

Frederick Sancho, Late of Adelphi Village, Canje, Berbice.[Source: Registrar's Notices - Berbice - the Official Gazette of British Guiana - October 20, 1962 : page 506]

Miss Sarah Sandy, retired Teacher of Golden Grove Methodist school is seriously indisposed at her home, Golden Grove, East Coast, Demerara.
[Source: Around the Village Districts - the Daily Chronicle - Friday, November 30, 1945:page 3.]

1962/2793 [Year & No. of File ]Winifred Moore, Administrax of Estate of Annie Elizabeth Sancho, deceased [Plaintiff or Petitioner] Sophia Willis [Defendant or Respondent] J. R. G. Hope & A. Vaner [ Counsel and / or Solicitor for Plaintiff or Petitioner] C. M. L. John [ Counsel and / or Solicitor for Defendant or Respondent] Claim for declaration of ownership, injunction, and compensation for trespass, etc. [Nature] [Source: Legal Notices # 509 - the Official Gazette of British Guiana - July 6, 1963 : page 516.]

Mrs. I. N. Loncke --- Carole Maison [Grade 1], Grace Saul [Grade 2]
Maude L. Roberts-Braithwaite ---Winston Martindale, Farouk Bacchus, Elizabeth Gobin, Shirley Jones [Grade 1] Serena Braithwaite, Norma Ramalho [Grade V1].
Associated Board of the Royal School of Music - Results of the Theory Examinations held in October last.
January 10, 1955: page 4.

Mrs. Ruth Sancho Lewis, who has spent 7 years in London is now in the Country holidaying with relatives. [Source: Notices - Sunday Graphic - Sunday, May 28, 197: Page 26.]



On Thursday, January 16, at her residence, Nabaclis, E. C., to MURIEL (nee SANCHO), wife of Ex-Cpl. GEORGE ROSS, S.C.F., a Son - HUGH HAMILTON.
[Source: The Sunday Chronicle - Sunday, January 19, 1947: page 6.]


Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Loncke beg to thank all those who attended the funeral of their dear little son, also those who sent wreaths, cards, letters, or in any way sympathize with them in their recent bereavement.
Source: Cards Daily Argosy, Sunday, September 4, 1938 : page 4.

Mrs. Mavis Sancho and Anson McLean Sancho, joined by other relatives express their gratitude to the many kind friends who attended the funeral of their beloved husband, and father, JOESPH THOMAS SANCHO; also those who sympathized with them in other ways.
[Source: Cards – Announcements - Sunday Chronicle - Sunday, January 17, 1943: page 4.]

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Arran Abrams, brothers-in-law, and sisters, also the children and other relatives of the late Nurse MAGNELL SANCHO-GROVESNOR, beg through this medium to return thanks to the many kind friends who attended the funeral also those who sent wreaths, telegrams, letters, and in any other way sympathized with them in their recent bereavement.
(Inserted by Mrs. Vincent Moore)
[Source: The Daily Chronicle - Sunday, March 7, 1943: page 4.]

The relatives of the late CLARICE ANGELINA, beg through this medium to thank all those friends who attended her funeral, sent wreaths, letters, or in any other way consoled with them in their bereavement.
[Source: The Daily Chronicle - Sunday, March 7, 1943: page 4.]

Mrs. Annie I. Elliott, and children, sincerely begs to thank the many kind friends who assisted and attended the funeral of their beloved daughter and sister, VICTORIA (VICKY), also those who sent wreaths, letters, telegrams, and cards, etc. or in any way sympathized with them.
[Source: The Daily Chronicle - Sunday, March 11, 1945: page 6.]

C. E. Archer, and family beg to thank all those who sent wreaths, Telegrams, letters, Cards of sympathy, and in other ways expressed their sympathy in their bereavement.
[Source: The Daily Chronicle - Sunday, February 15, 1948: page 6.]


Messrs. E. S., H. J., S. B., and W. R. Elliott (sons); Mesdames A. M. Bradshaw, Sophia Willis, M. A. Patterson (daughters), Sarah Sandy sister and grandchildren of the late ANNIE SOPHIA, beg to thank the many friends and relatives who attended the funeral and sent wreaths, cards, letters, telegrams and in any other way sympathised with them in their recent bereavement. [Source: Announcements,September 26, 1948: page 6.]


After a painful illness Mrs. EMMA RALPH died at 2. a.m. on Monday morning at the age of 38 years. She was the beloved wife of Joseph Ralph and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. LAMMY SANCHO of Nabaclis. Death took place in the city. The deceased’s body was taken up by motor car later in the day to her residence in Golden Grove. The funeral on Monday afternoon was very largely attended, the last rites being performed by the Rev. L. J. Rowe. The interment took place at St. Mark’s cemetery.
[Source: The Daily Chronicle - Sunday, March 9, 1919: page 10]

On Saturday, 13th inst. at Nabaclis, East Coast, LAMMIE, the beloved husband of ANNIE SANCHO and father of Winnie, Tommy, Ruby, Magnel, and Ileane. Funeral at 4 o'clock to-day. Friends please accept this the only intimation.
[Source: The Daily Argosy - Sunday, September 14, 1924: page 4.]

On Monday, January 11th., 1943, Joseph Thomas, late Chemist and Druggist, Sick Nurse and Dispenser, husband of Mavis Sancho, and father of Anson, at his residence, at Nabaclis Village, East Coast, Demerara, in his 47th. Year. Funeral this morning at 8 o'clock to-day.
[Source: The Daily Chronicle - Tuesday, January 12th., 1943: page 4.]


– on Friday September 12, 1947 at her daughter’s residence 47 Pere Street, Kitty, CATHERINE ELIZABETH, wife of the Late T. A. Archer, retired Schoolmaster, and Agricultural Instructor, J.P., in her 77th. Year, beloved mother of Eldad, Chemist and Druggist, Caroline, Charge Nurse, PHG, Adina, retired Health Visitor, Mesdames May Cole, retired School teacher; Ivy Loncke; Phyllis Kendall; foster mother of Margaret Hedecker and Mortimer Archer, grandmother of Gwendoline, Joyce, Arthur, Donald, Eileen, Tiny, Ivy, Yvonne, Walter, Joycelynne, Victor, Pat; great grand mother of 10; and godmother of Gladys Wiltshire.

Funeral will remove from the above address and board the ferry at noon today.

Interment will be made at Vergenoegen, West Coast Demerara. Friends and relatives are asked to accept this the only intimation and attend.

Source: Announcement death daily chronicle, Saturday, September 13, 1947: Page 4.


On Monday, September 13th., 1948 at her residence, Nabaclis Village, East Coast, Demerara, Mrs. ANNIE SOPHIA, relict of T. J. Elliott, retired schoolmaster, Mother of Edward, Henry, Sydney and Wilfred Elliott, and Mesdames H. Bradshaw, S. Willis, and M. Patterson, and sister of Miss Sarah Sandy, retired School teacher.
The funeral will remove from the house of mourning - Nabaclis Village – to Victoria Roman Catholic church for the funeral service, and back to Nabaclis cemetery for interment at 4.00 p.m., today.
Relatives and friends are asked to accept this intimation.
Source: The Daily Argosy, Georgetown, British Guiana, Tuesday, September 14th., 1948 : page 5.

On Monday 6th., October 1969 at the Methodist Arts Centre, IVY AGATHA, late Mistress of Queen's College and the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. F. Loncke. Sister of Yvonne, Joycelyn, John, Victor, and Patricia Loncke. Niece of Mrs. W. Kendall of Nabaclis and Mrs. Cummings of West Coast Berbice. Cousin of Mesdames Lena Nilleman, and Joyce Warren, Carlton Loncke and others. The funeral will take place from the Brickdam Cathedral at 4.30 PM to-day. Relatives and friends are asked to accept this intimation.
[Source: - Thursday, October 9, 1969: page 9.]


Clement Arthur Vigilance (H. A. Bruton) - Nora Vigilance (David de Caires)

(Source: Legal Notices - the Official Gazette of British Guiana - June 27, 1963: page 456.)


Elliott-Sandy, - At Golden Grove, East Coast, Demerara, on the 17th instant, by the Revd. Jas. P. Taylor (by special licence), Capt. Tappin Johnstone Elliott, to Annie Sophia, eldest daughter of B. Sandy and granddaughter of Bentick Sancho, late of Golden Grove. (Source: the Daily Argosy, Saturday, April 19, 1884 : page 4 column 1.)


On Sunday April 6th, 1947 at Kingston Methodist church by the Rev. J. D. Dodd, Lloyd F., elder son of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Bradshaw of Forshaw Street, Georgetown to Daphne Shelia, daughter of Mrs. Timmerman of Kitty.

[Source: Anniversaries - Announcements-Sunday Chronicle – April 20, 1947: page 2.]




At the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Victoria, East Coast, Demerara, by the late Fr. J. J, Parcel, on May 31st, 1919, Joseph to Sophia Anetta.

[Source: Anniversaries - Announcements-Sunday Chronicle - May 31, 1942: page 4.]



On May 3rd., 1919 by the late Fr. J. J, Parcel, at Victoria R C Church, Victoria, East Coast, Demerara, Joseph S. to Annie A, Mizpah.

[Source: Anniversaries - Announcements-Sunday Chronicle - June 5, 1949: page 6.]


In ever loving memory of my dear ANNIE KATHLEEN, (LENIE) who departed this life on May 5, 1935.
[Source: The Daily Chronicle - Wednesday, May 5, 1943: page 4.]

SANCHO – In sad and loving memory of our beloved mother, EMMY ANGELINA, who departed this life on August 28th. 1942.
One year has passed since that sad day
When the one we loved was called away
Sleep on. Dear mother, sleep and take thy rest
We love thee well but Jesus love thee best
(Inserted by her sons Augustus and Alfred.)
[Source: "ANNOUNCEMENTS - In Memoriam" The Sunday Chronicle August 29th. 1943:page 6]


– In loving memory of S. A. ARCHER, J.P., who departed this life on October 10, 1943.
(Inserted by his loving children)
[Source: ANNOUNCEMENTS: - Sunday Chronicle, Georgetown, British Guiana – October 10, 1948: page 6.]

In loving memory of our beloved CATHERINE ARCHER, who departed this life on September 12, 1947.
Gone but not forgotten. (Inserted by her children)
[Source: The Daily Chronicle - Sunday, September 12, 1948: page 6.]

MILDRED ANGELA PATTERSON Died: October 7, 1973 Inserted by Josephine Patterson October 8.
Source: October 6, 1974: page 21.
BERTRAM ARRAN ABRAMS Died October 29, 1969 Wife: Fay Children: Alero and Bertranne Source: October 27, 1974 : page 26.
GLADYS ERNETTA (LUCILLE) HOSANNAH Died: November 22, 1970. Father: Sydney Elliott. Children: Leroy, Patrick, Dennis, Joyce, and Marva. And Ten loving grandchildren. Source: November 24, 1974 : Page 23.



The death occurred on October 22, of REUBEN THOMAS WILTSHIRE, one of B. G. oldest service men after a short illness. He was 87 years. Wiltshire joined the army in 1908, and served in the Boer war, was one of the many ex-service-men visited by air commodore Brian j. Roberts, general secretary of the British Commonwealth Ex-service league on October 4, during his six day visit to British Guiana.

The body laid in state at Bedford Methodist church, during Wednesday afternoon, October 24, Rev. D. C. J. Bobb conducted the funeral service at the church.

The B. G. Legionnaires were represented by a bugler and three members. The association also supplied a Union Jack which was used to drape the coffin. The last post was sounded as the body was entombed.

Left to mourn are Gladys his wife, Archie, Harold, Cecil of the Telecoms department, Kenneth (England), Lanroy (Trinidad), (sons) Mrs. F. H. Alleyne, Mrs. L. Millman, Mrs. B. Gooding, (Trinidad), and Claudia of Medical Department (daughters) and 20 grandchildren.


Revs. C. J. Bobb, B. Wellington, Vandeyar; Messrs, H. Schwartz, R. W. Chung, G. Wills, H. Carryl, T. Hercules, C. Barrow, B. Carrington, P.F. Loncke, P. Millimour, D. Britton, F. Giles, V. Crane, W. Hammond, V. Franklyn, P. Dougall, L. Yearwood, C. Trotman, E. Reis, H. A. D. Hall, C. Chan-A-Sue, G. E. A. Perry, B. Orderson, B. Warren, C. Guller, R. B. Junor, H. C. Carr, A. Alleyne, M. Farley, B. Henry, J. Serrao, R. Duncan, Fitz Clarke, H. Shepherd, C. Phillips, M. Greene, A. B. Foo, B. Martin, C. H. King, P. King, R. McRae, L. A. Robinson, L. E. Smith, W. C. Cameron, H. O. Waddell, L. A. Philadelphia, O. Grandison, O. Orderson, V. Coates, G. Stephenson, H. Wilkinson, M. Small, L Richards, A. Kirton, C. Bowman, G. Jerrick, C Wilson, G Jordan, J. Gay, K. Burrowes,, members of friendship women’s league, members of Rome women’s league, members of trinity women’s league, members of Bedford women’s league, J. Gooding, J. London.

Many wreaths, cards, and telegrams were received from many relatives and friends.

Source: Obituaries Daily chronicle, Tuesday, November 6, 1962: Page 3.

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