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Some Information Regarding Roseboroughs of OH and Butler Co., PA.


Adams -- James GLOVER, James IRVINE, 1796; Adam JOHNSTON, Robert MCCANDLESS, William CRISWELL, Timothy WARD, Moses MEEKER, Joshua STOOLFIER, William ROSEBROUGH.

William ROSEBOROUGH came into Adams as early as 1798. He was a native of Ireland. He obtained his wife in this county when twenty-five years old. She was the daughter of Adam JOHNSTON, one of the prominent pioneers of this township. They had eight children born to them--Jane, Adam, John, Sarah, Elsie, William, Mary, Ann and Eliza. Jane, their oldest daughter, married Samuel PARK. The house in which they lived was erected in 1813, as the date is plainly visible on the chimney today. Samuel died in 1849, but Jane is still living, and for a woman of eighty-nine years possesses a bright recollection of early events. Of nine children, three are living--John, Samuel and Levina. Samuel owns and operates the large grist-mill near Over Brook station. It was built by Matthew PARK in 1800.

Adam JOHNSON was a man of great physical endurance, and possessed of many noble traits of character. Amidst the toils and privations of his fellowmen and their families, his goodness of heart, sympathy and material assistance more than once called upon him the blessing of his associates, then but a little band struggling with him for a home and happiness. He died in 1827 at the advanced age of 103 years. Of the early career of Robert McCANDLESS and Timothy WARD, but few facts remain, and with reference to their families the writer could gather nothing. Moses MEEKER was a Puritan, a sober, silent man, said to be a good listener, but a man of few words. He was intelligent, however, and could give excellent counsel to the young when sought after.


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