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Co. Down Contacts / Contributors

This is a list of names and email addresses of people who have contributed family information to my website . Arranged in alphabetical order of the person's name not their family of interest.

To avoid spammers I have omitted the @ sign sand substituted 'at' so please substitute before emailing them.

A...-C... D...- K..... L...-R... S...- Y...


ABBOTT Phyllis phyllis.peter ' at '
ACHESON Ann invalid address
ADAIR H. dalraida 'at '
ADAMS David daveadams ' at '
ADDISON Tim addisontim ' at '


aairriess ' at '
ALDERSEA Alison aesredla 'at'
ALESCI Lisa (Maguire) lalesci 'at '
ALLEN Ann E. F. aefa 'at'
ALLEN Ingrid ingrid 'at'
ALLISON David 'at'
ANDERSON Pat patriciamarie 'at'
ANDERSON Rob ' at '
ANGELL Carol cangelct1 'at'
ANGELL Erla erl_ea1'at'
ANJIER Jennifer joe.jennifer 'at'
ARAFEH Mary marafeh 'at '
ARATHOON David davidarathoonstudio 'at'
ARMSTRONG Drew drew ' at '
ARMSTRONG Julian julian.armstrong1 ' at '
AVERY Lynda lynda.avery ' at '
BAKER Vicki vbaker 'at'
BALLARD John john.ballard ' at '
BALLARD Susan Suzballard 'at'
BARBER Rachel paulswell 'at'
BARDES Dee dillon 'at'
BARKER Teresa Mary tmbarker3 ' at '
BARNES Noelene chicka52 ' at '
BARRIE Jean Brickley andybarrie1 ' at '
BARTON William bartstam 'at'
BARTOS John j.e.bartos 'at'
BASSETT Peter bassett 'at'
BATY Laurel laurelbaty ' at '
BEAN Tina tinabean602 ' at '
BECKER Mary mary.becker 'at'
BEGGS Kate kbkateann02 ' at '
BELCHER Lyn lynbelcher ' at '
BENGSTEN Pauline millstone 'at'
BERGEL Cindy cynthiabergel ' at '
BEST Nancy nbest 'at'
BIRK Elaine elainebirk ' at '
BISHOP Margaret marg.tony ' at '
BLAIN Bruce blaincox ' at '
BLAIR Bob bb77st ' at '
BLAIR David aux201 'at'
BLAIR Judith jmcb 'at'
BLAIR Moreen blair 'at'
BLOOM Marceen Scott marce 'at'
BOAL Brad bbsb ' at '
BORLAND Andy andy 'at'
BOLT Val val.bolt 'at'
BOND Jo jabond ' at '
BONNEY Denyse denysebon 'at'
BOOTH Peter pbo08596 ' at '
BOTHWELL Alan alan 'at'
BOURNE Merril mbourne 'at '
BOUTILIER J. jboutilier1'at'
BOWEN Bob re.bowen 'at'
BOYD Dennis dennis.boyd1 ' at '
BOYD Lynne david-g-boyd ' at '
BOYLE Mary marydoll71 ' at '
BRABY Carol Freeman cbraby ' at '
BRADLEY Con con_bradley ' at '
BRANNIGAN Bill dunaverty_crisps ' at '
BRENNAN Bridget bridan90 'at'
BRENNAN Nan nan.brennan 'at'
BRIDGETT Nicola nbridgett ' at '
BROAD Christopher cpbroad ' at '
BROADWAY Elizabeth 'at '
BROCHU Serena scarbro9 ' at '
BROOK Donna donnabrook ' at '
BROOKE- ANDERSON Kairen kairen ' at '
BROWN Tina ' at '
BROWN Tony tbrown64 ' at '
BROWNLEE Fiona fifidublin 'at'
BUCHANAN David airman2 'at'
BUCHANAN Leslie McKee LeslieMBuchanan ' at '
BUCHANAN Steve scabd_buchanan 'at '
BUCKLEY Maureen Lilmopeep ' at '
BURNS David davburns1 ' at '
BURNS Peter pgburns123 ' at '
BURNS Scott 2gwydion2 ' at '
BURROUGHS Jaime jjburroughs 'at'
BUTCHER Dianne butcher4 'at '
BUTLIN Andrew abutlin 'at'
BYRNE Margaret margaret_and_denis 'at'
BYRNE Paul paul_byrne 'at'
CAIRNS Donn dtcairns 'at '
CAIRNS Kathleen kaycairns46 ' at '
CAIRNS Margaret mcairns 'at'
CAMERON Ann mckcam 'at'
CAMPBELL Leslie leslie.campbell2 'at'
CAREW John suecarew ' at '
CARNEY Mike dave.carney 'at'
CAROLYN cwcarolync ' at '
CARPENTER Chris ' at '
CARSE Geoff gcarse 'at'
CASSELLS David sunnyhill 'at'
CAUGHEY Juneann JCravi 'at'
CHAMBERS Florence A. fadickson1947 ' at '
CHAMBERS Tim timothychambers ' at '
CHERLAND -McCUNE Lori loricherlandmccune ' at '
CHESNUT Eloine Patton eloinec 'at'
CHESSEL K. k.chessell 'at'
CHISHOLM David davidchis34 'at '
CHRISTIE Catherine CtcCtc ' at '
CLARKE John pandyjohn ' at '
CLARK Phil & Mary psclark8 ' at '
CLEGG Norah Norahclegg 'at'
CLELAND Brad rcrunway ' at '
CLELAND Jim jimshirley 'at'
CLELAND Ron RonClelandn 'at'
CLIFT Maureen jcmaclift ' at '
COCHRANE Lorne lornecochrane ' at '
COCKBAIN Stephen stephen_farrer ' at '
COLE Valda valhar ' at '
COLE Trish email ' at '
COLLIN Gail gail.collin ' at '
COLLINS Judith gcol6113 'at'
COOPER Bill cooperw001 ' at '
COOPER John Fleming jkcoop ' at '
COOPER Lynn cooperpj ' at '
COOPER Michael felicityandmichael ' at '
CORRY Ian indiacharlie 'at'
COWAN Lynda lynda.cowan 'at'
CRAIN Rosemary Girlfriend333 ' at '
CRAWFORD Phillip phillip.crawford ' at '
CREIGHTON Roy rhcreighton 'at'
CROWTHER Heather hrcrow ' at '
CROZIER Colleen cozzyo ' at '
CUDMORE Carole caroleac ' at '>
CUNNINGHAM Tom & Carol tcham5 'at '
CURLETT John John.Curlett 'at'
CURRAGH Hilary hilarycurragh ' at '
CURRAN Gerry gerrycurran51 ' at '
CURRY Heather curryhth ' at '
DADSON Sheila sheiladadson 'at'
DARROCH Anne a.darroch ' at '
DAVIDSON Betty Allen Garry 'at'
DAVIDSON Bob karbob 'at'
DAVIDSON Gary gjdavidson 'at'
DAVIES Glenis grdavies1 'at'
DAVIES Joy j.davies 'at'
DAVIS Richard s76ardavis 'at '
DAVISON Trudy wookey12345 'at'
DAY Cameron templecenturion ' at '
DEAMER Ann anndeamer 'at'
DEAN Sue smdean "at"
De BELIN Les lesdebelin ' at '
DEMPSEY Gary garydempsey 'at'
DEMPSTER Noel moogie ' at '
DEVITT Maree Moore mareemasters ' at '
DIXON Lynnemarie dixonmckeown1 ' at '
DODDS Bill bill 'at'
DONNAN James A. MAC1203 'at'
DORNAN Elspeth elspethdornan ' at '
DOUGLAS Euan euandouglas 'at '
DOWNES Roy roy.downes ' at '
DOWNEY Brendan brendandowney70 ' at '
DOYLE Stewart stewartdoyle ' at '
DRECZKOWSKI Elizabeth Drekliz 'at'
DUGAN Paddy paddy40 'at'
DUGUID Jenny jennyduguid ' at '
EDES Bobbie edesfamily 'at'
EDGAR James james ' at '
EDGAR Steven steven-edgar ' at '
Elaine blue.skye04 'at'
ENTWISTLE Mike mentwistle 'at'
EVANS Brian brimarge 'at'
EVANS Eric erichevans 'at'
EVANS Samantha samevans74 ' at '
EVERS Patricia everspatricia ' at '
FALLIN Jack jakff 'at'
FEARON Francisca francisca.fearon1at'
FELLEMAN Lisa lfelleman 'at'
FERGUSON Debra dferguson ' at '
FERGUSON Greg whips55 ' at '
FERNANDO Debbie debbie.fernando 'at'
FIELDER Lesley kingarthst 'at'
FINCH Paddy FITZGERALD- pfitzfinch 'at'
FINCKEN Margaret awahdani ' at '
FINNEY Pearl pearlfinney 'at
FITZGERALD Aoife fitzaoife ' at '
FITZPATRICK Mike mike ' at '
FITZPATRICK Stephen sfitzpatrick 'at'
FITZSIMONS Duane duane.fitzsimons ' at '
FORBES Anne sebrofa ' at '
FORBES Jeanne penoestra ' at '
FOURACRE Lynne lynnefouracre ' at '
FOWLER Lynne fowlerslp ' at '
FOX Maggie ' at '
FRASER Elizabeth jorbet ' at '
FREW Fiona info ' at '
FRIZZELL Iris n112 'at'
GALLAGHER Dorothy belle 'at'
GEBBIE Beryl b.gebbie 'at'
GEDDIS Jack jack 'at'
GIBBS Rose regibbs 'at'
GIBSON Peter mandpgibson ' at '
GIFFEN Jane janeythomson.giffen 'at'
GILBERT Michael michaelrpgilbert ' at '
GILPIN Sandra isgilpin 'at'
GLOSS Tobey tobeygloss ' at '
GOOTE Lynne lyngen 'at'
GORDON Margaret bgordan 'at'
GOULDTHORP Lynne lynne.gouldthorp ' at '
GOW Jane jg77734 ' at '
GOWLETT Debra debra.colin ' at '
GRACEY Jim jimwgracey 'at'
GRAHAM Edward edgraham 'at'
GRAY Brian bd.gray ' at '
GRAY Doug douglasengray 'at'
GREEF Sandra joygreef 'at'
GREENE John johngreene ' at '
GRIBBLE Ian igribble2 ' at '
GROSS Jean gvm1239 'at'
GUNNING Bruce bgunning ' at '
HADGRAFT Philip philhadgraft ' at '
HALL Linda linda 'at'
HAMILTON Catherine cathhamilton ' at '
HAMILTON Richard rjhamilton 'at '
HAMILTON Robert John WdnBoatCnt 'at'
HAMMOND Liesele hammond.liesele 'at'
HANEWINKEL Chris chris.hanewinkel 'at'
HANKS Linda lhanks ' at '
HANNA R. Keith postmaster ' at '
HARLAND Mike mharland 'at'
HARPER Marion marion.h 'at '
HASTIE Megan mhastieguitar ' at '
HAWKRIDGE Maureen maureen ' at '
HAYES Suzanne haypur ' at '
HAYWARD Allison allisonx3 ' at '
HAZZARD Keith hazzardsk 'at '
HEATHER Michelle practicalgardensolutions ' at '
HEENAN Dale heenanagriltd 'at'
HENLEY Erica erica.henley 'at'
HEWSON Douglas drhewson 'at'
HIGGINSON Patricia pat_23 ' at '
HILLAN Sophia s.hillan 'at'
HOJNOWSKI Seamus seamushamishmclaughlin1 'at'
HOLLAND Lindsay puzzle ' at '
HOLLAND Shirley sdholland 'at'
HOLME Neta netaholme ' at '
HUNRI Chris nlklw 'at'
HUTCHISON Irene ihutchi2 'at '
HUTTON Marg mangrove06 'at'
IRWIN Neil pinespark 'at'
IRWIN Roy irwinroy ' at '
JACK Shirley spiritwood ' at '
JACKSON Bryan kbsretreat 'at'
JAMES Lorraine LMJames ' at '
JOHNSTON Allan rajohnston ' at '
JOHNSTON David B. david116617326 'at '
JOHNSON Ken hej-jay 'at '
JOHNSTON June june006 'at'
JOHNSTON Natasha tasha79 ' at '
JOHNSTON Rosemary rosie.johnston ' at '
JONES Bonnie Bonnie.Jones 'at'
JONES Debbie debbiejones26 ' at '
JONES Margaret margiejones51 ' at '
JONES Pat kin-hunter25 'at'
JORDAN Robin robin 'at '
Josie j.bahanda ' at '
JOYCE Katherine katherinejoyce 'at'
Julie (Robson) jam12est 'at'
KANE Andrew akanex2 'at'
KANE Gaynor gaynor.kane ' at'
KEAN Bill keanco ' at '
KEENAN Chuck charlesmkeenan1 'at'
KEENAN Paul paultkeenan ' at '
KENNEDY Alister kennedy.alister 'at'
KENNEDY Terry lawful1 'at' (not working)
KERR Ann a.kerr183 'at'
KERR Rod kerr-family ' at '
KEYERLEBER Joe joekeyer 'at'
KILFORD Carol j.c.kilford ' at '

carole.kinghan ' at '

KIRK Ian Robert wolfs.den 'at ' sympatico. ca
KOCH Lucille Cleland

LuvcwDanzn ' at '

KOLAR Jane janekolar 'at'
KNOWLES Colleen colgeoff1 ' at '
KRAUT Ernie ernie.kraut ' at '
KRECHUNIAK Bernice bernice.k 'at'
KRUEGER Cynthia cynthiastewart 'at'
KRUSCHWITZ Vicki vkruschwitz 'at '
KYLE Randy Randy.Kyle 'at'
LACKEY Amy amylackey 'at '
LANGLEY Kevin kevinlangley559 ' at '
LARGE Stephen large.stephen ' at '
LARMON Al alarmon ' at '
LaSORSA Susan slasorsa 'at'
LAVERY Noel NLavery 'at'
LAWRENCE Roberta randrlawrence 'at'
LEA Anne anne_lea ' at '
LEACH John jfleach ' at '
LENNIE John jlennie 'at'
LEWIS Fiona filewis 'at'
LIND Maureen allen.maureen.lind ' at '
LLEWELLYN Dougie dougie 'at'
LONG Linda A. Linze54 ' at '
LONIE Kevin kevin.lonie ' at '
LORIMER Wendy wlorimer121 ' at '
LOWDEN Nancy nancylowden ' at '
LUNDY Colin lundy 'at '
LYNCH Louise mflynch ' at '
LYNN Polly pkLjdL ' at '
LYTTLE Jim jim ' at '
MACKLIN Eric emacklin 'at'
MACOUBRIE Bob bmacou ' at'
MAGEE Joan ellesmagee ' at '
MAGILL Bobby robert ' at '
(MAGUIRE) Elizabeth KCANDME103 'at'
MAGUIRE Syl syl.maguire 'at '
MANDES Rachel KamRam2 'at'
MARCH Maria maria.march 'at'
MARCOTTE Diane dianemarcotte “at”
MARKWELL Fay fayandbob 'at'
MARNER Ray daviesmarner 'at'
MARSH Maria inactive address, sorry
MARSHALL Alan alan 'at'
MARSHALL Byron marsh004 ' at '
MARTIN Brendan bpmartin30 'at '
MARTIN Peter petmar70 ' at '
MARTIN Warren J. ameco1 'at'
MASON Joyce mjoyce38 at '
MATTHEWS Erwin kilpike ' at '
MATHEWS Patricia patmathews ' at '
MAXWELL Harry HM ' at '
MAY Eileen eileenmay ' at '
MAY Kirsten kirsten_may ' at '
MEANEY Peter peterjmeaney 'at'
MERENESS Kathryn MMer2000 ' at '
METCALFE Ian dawnian ' at '
MILLAN David dmillan ' at '
MILLIKEN Trevor S. alblock01 ' at '
MITCHELL Bill bill_mitchell 'at'
MOFFATT Tom tmoffatt ' at '
MOLONEY Pam pam ' at '
MOODY Trevor trevor.moody 'at '
MOORE Craig pcmoore ' at '
MORRIS Katie katiebird53 'at'
MORRISON Jane jmor7639 ' at '
MUNRO Caroline toddmunro 'at'
MUCKLE Sandra millisle ' at '
MUELLER Margaret mem36 ' at '
MILLIN David davidmullin ' at '
MULLER Celene chrisalene 'at'
MUNRO Ann amunro ' at '
MURPHY Frank francishmurphy 'at'
MURPHY Kieran spud72 'at'
MUSSEN Kristiina tiina_musson ' at '
MYERS Cheryl care_2 'at'
McALEENAN Barry barrymc 'at'
McARTHUR Phil phil 'at'
McCAMPBELL Bill mccampbell 'at '
McCARTHY Karen mishapee2 ' at '
McCAUGHAN Owen owenmccaughan ' at '
McCLIMON Larry lnnrosie ' at '
McCLORY Sue suemac31470 ' at '
McCOMB Jim jimmccomb ' at '
McCONKEY John mcconkey 'at'
McCORMICK Joy joystitches 'at '
McCREERY Brian brianmccreery 'at'
McCULLOCH Marie tegmac 'at'
McCULLY Isobel MI.Mccully 'at'
CHERLAND -McCUNE Lori loricherlandmccune ' at '
McDERMOTT Henry hmcdpik ' at '
McDERMOTT Patrick patrickmcdermott00 ' at '
McDIARMID Mandy mandy_mcdiarmid 'at'
McDONALD Fiona fionaemcdonald'at'
McDONALD Jim j.mcdonald ' at '
McERLEAN C.J. charlottemcerlean ' at '
McEVOY Andrew andmcevoy 'at'
McGINNESS Judith inactive address
McGIVERN Sheila mcgivern ' at '
McGOVERN Clare claremcg 'at'
McGRAITH David david.magraith ' at '
McGRATTAN Bridgin bridginmcgrattan 'at'
McGREGOR Sandra margaretsandra ' at '
McGUIGAN Linda john.mcguigan ' at '
McILDOON Dale bedamc 'at'
McIVOR inactive address, sorry
McKAY Kelly kellymckay2009 'at '
McKENNEY Patrick pmckenney 'at'
McKENZIE Raewyn glend ' at '
McKIE Ann McKieorchid 'at'
McKINLEY Heather heather 'at '
McKINTON David dkmcl2 'at '
McKNIGHT Alan alan.a.b.mcknight ' at '
McMILLAN Tom tomwdcraftr ' at '
McQUILLAN Tony inactive address
McTEAR David davymct 'at'
McTOPY John jm4187 'at'
McWILLIAMS Heber heberm3 'at'
NAPIER Heidi n.liddiment 'at'
NEITZ Beverley neitz6920 'at'
NICHOLSON Colleen cnichols ' at '
NITSCHKE Kris krisnitschke ' at '
NORRIS Dan DNorris12 ' at '
O'BLEINE Ruairí ruairi ' at '
O'DONNELL Winifred jfwlodonnell 'at'
O'HARE Carole c.a.ohare 'at'
OLSEN Judith genealogy94 ' at'
O'NEILL Joyce jm.oneill 'at'
ORCHARD Helen helen.orchard ' at '
ORR Brian brian 'at'
ORR-BERWICK Brenda bob ' at '
OSBURN Laurie madburn ' at '
OVER Jean Burton froggulch 'at '
OWEN Richard richowen ' at '
PAPADOPOLOULOS Kenna annek ' at '
PARKER Margaret parkerpm 'at '
PATTERSON Dan dnlptrsn001 'at '
PATTERSON Glynis McHargue glynispatterson ' at '
PATTON Linda linjenpat 'at '
PEARCE Elizabeth elizjpearce ' at '
PENNIE threshold05 'at'
PETERS Sharron Vic sharron.vic.peters ' at '
PHIL SHINE philostine 'at'
PLUNKETT Dave greenchile01 ' at '
POTTER Keith dipotter ' at '
PRICE Brian brian.price 'at'
PRICE Larry botany 'at'
PHEE Kate inactive address , sorry
POLLARD Letitia lcapollard 'at '
PRICE Gail gailprice ' at '
PROW Lynn dillonclan2003 ' at '
PYLE Sallyann rsp1185 ' at '
QUINN Barry quinnlouise ' at '
R..... Sandra gasbag07 ' at '
REAY Matthew reaybo ' at '
REILLY Michael michael.reillyat'
REYNOLDS Keith kandi901 ' at '
RHEE Kate stevetuzy 'at'
RICE Margaret inactive address
RICHARDS John jrichrds 'at'
RICHARDS Linda garylyn 'at '
Rikki rtt85 ' at '
ROBERTS Jacqui jacqui 'at '
ROBERTS Michelle mricey62 ' at '
ROBIE Marjorie Harshaw Mhrirish 'st'
ROBINSON David dlrobinson ' at '
ROBSON Christine crobson ' at '
ROBSON Julie jam12est 'at'
ROGAN Damien damienrogan 'at'
ROGAN Eric rerogan 'at'
ROONEY John Rooneyje3 ' at '
ROONEY Tony 4anthonyrooney 'at'
ROWE Michelle pekali 'at'
ROY Damien damovic ' at '
RUSSELL Donna steve.russell321 ' at '
RUTHERFORD Wal walr 'at'
RYNEARSON Pat patrynearson 'at'
SANDERSON Lynette sandersonlyn 'at'
SCULLION Alan scullion 'at'
SEAY Sandy sandy ' at '
SEED Heather seed.heather ' at '
SEELY Bill waseely2 'at'
SHEERIN Marie Mariesheer 'at'
SHEPARD Theresa shep5 ' at '
SHERLOCK Muriel muriel.sherlock ' at '
SIMONSEN Margaret mightmargsim 'at'
SIMPSON Eileen Simpsoneileen'at'
SIMPSON Paul pauls59 ' at '
SIPLER Shirley Weaver bssipler 'at'
SLATER Jeff floppyslater ' at '
SMILIE Jim jimsmillie2002 'at '
SMITH Alister zakchris ' at '
SMITH Margaret Margaret.Smith ' at '
SMITH Mary "Hayes"
smithmd13 'at'
SMITH Peter J. pjsmith 'at'
SMYTH Conor cpesmyth ' at '
SPEERS Alex Alex "d*o*t' Speers 'at'
STACEY Giles gilesstacey 'at'
STAMPER Sue Stampers 'at'
STARKEY Susan ballykindlar 'at'
STEER Graham brasilofile 'at'
STEPHENS Joe stephens 'at'
STEPHENSON Alec McKee alecmckee 'at'
STEWART Bob bobrt81 ' at '
STEWART David dstewart655 ' at '
STEWART Linda Kiltie
albanbrau ' at '
STOCKDALE William stockdab 'at'
STRONG Phil plstrong 'at'
SULLIVAN Liz lizsullivan777 'at'
SUNBEAM Jo jsunbeam ' at '
TAGGART Michael mike ' at '
TAYLOR Alison amt1811 ' at '
TAYLOR Carol caroltaylor58 ' at '
THOMPSON Gary gary 'at'
THOMPSON Wendy wlthompson 'at'
THOMPSON Patrick J. punch 'at'
THOMPSON Paul spaulthompson 'at'; spaulthompson ' at '
THOMSON Bev bevthom ' at '
THOMSON Marjory mcthomson ' at '
TILT Jim j.tilt ' at '
TITTERINGTON Lee Leesdell 'at'
TITUS Molly mollytitus420 ' at '
TONER Martina Dempsey beano91 ' at '
TORRENS Roland rolandtorrens ' at '
TOWNSEND Megan mkftandc 'at'
TRAVERS saintsevens 'at'
TREANOR Tony tony.treanor ' at '
TURNER Scott turnerpad 'at'
TURNER Wendy wendyturner 'at'
VACEK Kathy jvacek2 'at'
Van BAKEL Jacinta jacintavanbakel ' at '
VAN DEUSEN Laurel aurelv 'at '
VANS Jamie jvans 'at'
WAKEFIELD Dianne dibi16 'at'
WALKER Maree walker07 ' at '
WALKER Shirley Ann shirleyannmarie 'at' (address inactive)
WALSH Shirley scotire ' at '
WANAMAKER Sandra swanmak 'at'
WATSON Harry D. h.watson701 ' at '
WATSON Jill wlr.watson 'at '
WATSON Judith twnz ' at '
WATSON Tom tomwatson06 'at'
WATSON Vivienne vival 'at'
WATT Michael J. michaeljwatt ' at '
WATT Suzanne all4ballet ' at '
WATTERSON R.W. comber 'at '
WEIR Ann ann208 'at'
WELLS Vanessa vs.wells ' at '
WESTERMAN Philip philice 'at'
WHIGHAM Robert RWhighamjr 'at'
WHITE Anne Theresa annegeorge 'at'
WHITE Patrick James newryc 'at'
WHITEHOUSE Olwyn OlwynBW ' at '
WHITESIDE Rhonda scilaw 'at'
WHITESIDE Trevor trevorwhiteside 'at'
WHITFIELD Cliff cliffwhitfield ' at '
WHITFORD Linda lgw 'at '
WHITMORE Grit mwhitmore 'at'
WILCOX Patti pattiwilcox1 ' at '
WILLIAMS Alan & Kaye

willaekc 'at '

WILLIAMS Judi juwilla 'at'
WILLIAMS Marlene emwms255 ' at '
WILLIAMSON Barbara babs ' at '
WILLS Kieran Kbwills2001 'at'
WILSON Cathy springtime_blooms ' at '
WILSON G. GWilson176 'at'
WOODS Dan DWoods ' at '
WOOD Karen gramowam 'at'
WOOD Sue suewood123 ' at '
YEAMAN Michael mf.yeaman ' at '
YOUNG Lindsay rsqyoung ' at '
YOUNG Mary mary 'at'