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Spellings in Court Records are:
Pritchard, Prichard, Pritchet, Pritchett, Pritchartt, and Pritchardt

Thomas Pritchard, Jr. is a descendant of
sailed from Port of London on ship Abigall (Abigail)
landed Jamestown 1620 at age 28.



  I have several generations previous to Thomas Pritchard, Jr.,however, they are in need of revision, so I will not post at the present time.

b: January 9, 1768 in Loudoun County, Virginia
d: December 24, 1846 in Harrison County, (W)Virginia
Buried 1846 Baptist Church Yard, Oxford, Doddridge, (W)Virginia
beside Mary Moody Pritchard, 2nd wife
I descend from Mary Moody, his second wife

married 1ST
January 2, 1796 in Allegheny County, Maryland
b: Abt. 1767 in ,Morris County, New Jersey
d: Bef. October 25, 1812 in The Glades, Preston, (W)Virginia
In or near the Glades, the area of Monongalia County where they were then living

Children of
Thomas Pritchard and Nancy Tichenor Pritchard's

Six children are:

Sarah Pritchard b: Abt. 1797 in Allegheny County, Maryland

Peter Pritchard b: Abt. 1798 in Allegheny County, Maryland
d: September 19, 1883

Margaret Peggy Pritchard b: September 26, 1801 in Allegheny County, Maryland
d: May 11, 1870 in Meigs County,Ohio married January 30, 1821 in Harrison County, (W)Virginia, Samuel Caster

Anna Pritchard b: Abt. 1805 in Allegheny County, Maryland d: April 1869 in Preston County, WV married August 31, 1829 in Harrison County, (W)Virginia
Charles C. Queen

Katherine Pritchard b: June 7, 1807 d: March 23, 1879
married William B. Queen

Elizabeth Pritchard b: February 20, 1812 in (W) Virginia d: March 25, 1876
married in Ritchie County, (W) Virginia, John Harris

married October 25, 1812 in Monongalia County, (W) Virginia
MARY MOODY d. May 31, 1867
Baptist Churchyard, Oxford, ,West Virginia beside her husband

(Mary Moody's ancestors listed below)
I have several generations previous to Mary Moody;however, they are in need of revision, so I will not post at the present time.

Thomas and Mary Moody Pritchard's nine (9) children are:

Jane Pritchard d: in Doddridge County, West Virginia married Unknown Gaston

Mary Pritchard b: in Virginia d: in Ohio married William Snodgrass in Ritchie County, (West) Virginia

Rachel Pritchard d: in in youth

William Pritchard

Thomas Dickerson Pritchard b: February 25, 1818 in Monongalia, (W)Virginia
d: 1862 in Gaston, now Lewis County, Virginia (W)Virginia)
married February 11, 1843 in Ritchie County (W)Virginia
Mary Polly Lowther b: September 20, 1818 in Harrison County, (W)Virginia
d: Slab Creek, Ritchie, (W)Virginia

Samuel George Pritchard b: July 1823 in Harrison County, (W)Virginia d: in Lewis County, West Virginia married March 16, 1858 in Harrison County, (W) Virginia,
Susan Dennison

John Moody Pritchard b: 1824 in (W) Virginia d: 1862 in Ritchie County, (W) Virginia
Drowned in the pond at his own mill at the M. H. Davis farm
married Bef. 1850 in (W) Virginia, Sarah Haddox

Amos Pritchard b: 1828 Preston Co, WV d. June 12, 1863 Typhoid Fever in Civil War
married December 21, 1848 in Doddridge County, (W)Virginia, Clarinda Mitchel,

EMILY PRITCHARD b: Abt. 1829 in Harrison County, (W)Virginia
married November 25, 1855 in Ritchie County, West Virginia
George Washington Garrison b: June 9, 1829 in Rockingham County, (W)Virginia
d: Aft. 1880 in Ritchie County, West Virginia

My great-great grandparents Emily Pritchard Garrison and George Washington Garrison
are the parents of
Martha Garrison Wanstreet m. Frederick Richard Wanstreet, my great-grandparents.

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History of Ritchie County, West Virginia
by Minnie Kendall Lowther
is on-line at the Ritchie County, WV site.
Chapters 22-24 mentions the Pritchard Family



THOMAS Pritchard , Sr. and his descendants are NOT known to be connected to
my ancestor,
WARNER Pritchard m. 1st Sophia Goens; m. 2nd Ruth Dalton

A certain book (ask me for the name of the book) states as explanation as to why John Pritchard and William Pritchard, brothers, dropped the 't' in their surname 1) because of Revolutionary War documents being filled out by clerks and 2) the "intriguing factor" which may have had considerable bearing upon the decision to drop the 't'; that factor being that the Pritchards and other settlers in the area were proud of their English and Welsh heritage and that there was an influx of Pritchards into the area known by their neighbors as "half-breeds." Within the same paragraph, it mentions, Warner Pritchard, "who was counted as a mixed breed."

2) John and William wanting to distance themselves from "mixed-breeds" in the area could be a possible reason for dropping the 't' in their name. But this presumes that John and Wiliam and Pritchards WERE in the same area at the same time, and places John and William there among the "half-breeds"- an important point, since Warner Pritchard was in the area at the same time.

Records show that Warner Pritchard was a native of Prince Georges County, Maryland. Sophia Goens, his 1st wife was in Loudoun County, VA, I believe, and then in Monongalia County.

In this book, a paragraph mentions , as an example of a connection that
"was almost impossible to undo"
Warner Pritchard, who was counted as a mixed breed after his marriage to his first wife, Sophia Goens, who was from the Carolinas, and Warner continued to be counted as a mixed breed after his marriage to his second wife, Ruth Dalton, who was a white woman.

How can we be sure Warner Pritchard came to Monongalia with the influx of "Melungeon (or Guineas)" or that he was not a part of the Thomas Pritchard family even though we have no records to show that he was.

Were the Pritchards who were considered Guineas, considered Melungeons or WV Guineas because they married Native Americans? And are they related to these Thomas Pritchard descendants?

Stone houses in Leesburg, Loudoun Co., Virginia
built by a Thomas Pritchard
Dee Randall 2001



April 15, 2004