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Descendants of
b. Abt. 1535 in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany

1. LUDWIG HENCKEL b: Abt. 1535 in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany

2. CASPAR HENCKEL b: Abt. 1576 in Allendorf-AD-Lumda,Hesse- Darmstadt, Germany d: March 2, 1650/51 in Germany

3. MATTHIAS HENCKEL b: Abt. 1605 in Allendorf-AD- Lumda,Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany d: in Germany

4. GEORGE HENCKEL b: 1635 in Allendorf-AD- Lumda,Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
d: January 29, 1677/78 in Mehrenberg, Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany
married May 2, 1666
*ANNA EULALIA DENTZER b: 1640 in Steinberg, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany d: 1700 in Steinberg, Hesse- Darmstadt, Germany
* "The Dentzers of Hesse - Anna Eulalia Dentzer's family in Germany, the Distaff side of the Henkle Family"

5. ANTHONY JACOB HENCKEL b: Abt. December 27, 1668 in Mehrenberg, Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany d: August 12, 1728 in ,Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
married April 25, 1692 in Kirchain, Germany
MARY ELIZABETH DENTZER b: Abt. May 26, 1671 d: January 23, 1743/44 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

6. JOHN JUSTUS HENKLE, SR., b: February 10, 1705/06 in Daudenzell, Germany d: August 1778 in Pendleton County, (W)Virginia
married 1730 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
MARIA MAGDALENE ESCHMANN b: 1710 in Oley, Berks, Pennsylvania d: 1798 in Pendleton County, (West) Virginia




The first of the family in America was the Rev. Anthony Jacob Henkel, a "hofprediger." -- preacher to a royal court, -- who came from Frankfort on the Main to Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, arriving in 1717. He was killed by a fall from his horse in 1728. His son Justus, or Yost, went to North Carolina, and thence in 1761 to the North Fork, settling a little above Harper's Mill.

From "A History of Pendleton County West Virginia" by Oren F. Morton


The Henckel genealogy, 1500-1960 :
ancestry and descendants of Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel, 1668-1728,
pioneer Evangelical Lutheran minister,
emigrant from the German Palatinate to America in 1717
By: Junkin, William Sumner
Henckel Family Association, 1964, 1446 pgs.



Anthony Jacob Henckel founded St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Germantown,Pennsylvania.

Located about 20 miles southeast of his home in New Hanover, near the 'Old Swamp Church'
which he reorganized. He also preached at other locations between Hanover and Germantown,
as in Trappe; mostly along what is called Germantown Pike.

This picture above and the following two pictures is from a Henckel family book
at the Shenandoah Library, Edinburg, VA.
There are two more sets of two-volumes each of the Henckle Family History
xeroxed and put into book form there.

Wendell Evans

Wendell Evans, 8th generation descendant, descended through the Henkel-Deiter/Teterline.

Wendell says that there are around 10 other Henkel's buried in this cemetery
St. Michael's, Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia [closeby is Chestnut Hill].
He says the cemetery is well-kept.

Wendell has provided a close-up of the gravestone


Headstone of Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel and his wife Maria Elizabeth.


Memorial of Rev. Anthony Jacob Henkel
beside the Church Alter




The stone marker below is at Riverton, West Virginia. You can ask at the local Riverton Grocery and they can tell you which road to take.
You can also see north of Riverton is
"Hinkle Gap."






Markers at the site of the fort and at the graves of John Justus Henckel, Sr. and wife were dedicated on September 19, 1936 at a Henckel family reunion with several hundred descendants from throughout the United States in attendance who came to pay a lasting tribute to the memory of one of their patriarchs.

From an article regarding John Justus Henckel, Sr. and Hinkle's Fort entitled,




Frontier Forts Along the Potomac And Its Tributaries
By William H. Ansel, Jr.

Fort Hinkle Hinkle’s Fort was located in the Germany Valley on the headwaters of Mill Creek, a tributary of the North Fork of the South Branch River, in what was then Augusta County. Its site was about one and one-half miles northeast of the present Riverton Post Office and about the same distance southwest of Seneca Caverns. On a map of Pendleton County, the intersection of a line drawn N. 30W., from the courthouse at Franklin with that of a line drawn S. 66 W., from the Village of Upper Tract will approximate its location.

It was constructed by Justinius Hinkle, an early German settler in the Valley. He originally built a blockhouse for the protection of himself and his numerous family, and it does not appear that the military took any part in its planning or construction. It was probably erected in the spring of 1758, following the destructive Indian raids on Forts Seybert and Upper Tract in late April of that year.

In 1762, just prior to the outbreak of Pontiac’s War, he enlarged his defense by the addition of a stockade, and it then became a better sanctuary for other settlers living in the region. Located near the base of the Allegheny Mountains, this fort, with the possible exception of Trout Rock, was farther west than any other defense built on the drains of the Potomac River in Virginia. It was in a secluded area, as a mountain range called River Knobs separated it on the west from the main trail of the settlers and Indians who traveled the course of the North Fork River, while North Fork Mountain with an elevation of nearly three thousand feet effectually cut off attack from the east. To reach Fort Hinkle, the enemy was required to either pass through Hinkle Gap to the north or through the Root Run Gap to the south.

There appears to be no record that Hinkle’s place was ever attacked by the savages and nothing can be found that would indicate any settlers were ever killed, wounded or captured in its vicinity. That the fort was built, however, would evidence that the Indians at times ranged the Germany Valley.



My direct lineage from my 6th great-grandfather

JOHN JUSTUS HENKLE b: February 10, 1705/06 in Daudenzell, Germany d: August 1778 in
Augusta County, Virginia
married 1730 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
MARIA MAGDALENA ESCHMANN b. 1710 in Oley, Berks, Pennsylvania d: 1798 in Pendleton County,Virginia

daughter of ABRAHAM ESCHMANN b: Abt. 1679 in
Switzerland or Germany
d: November 1769 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
married Abt. 1700 ELIZABETH UNKNOWN

Anna Margaret Henkle b: December 9, 1738 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
d: February 8, 1801 in Pendleton Co.,Virginia
married December 24, 1763 in Augusta County, Virginia
Georg Teter b: April 6, 1730 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania d: August 1798 in ,Pendleton County, Va
Will of George Teter

Catherine Margaret Teter b: Abt. 1765 in Rockingham County, Virginia
d: Bet. 1803 - 1804 near Jane Lew, Harrison County, Virginia
married Between 1783 - 1784 in Rockingham County, Virginia
John William Mitchell b: May 4, 1763 in Dawston, Lancashire, England
d: April 29, 1840 in Jane Lew, Lewis, West Virginia

William H. Mitchell b: Bet. 1788 - 1789 d: 1834 in Early 1834
married January 30, 1809 in Harrison County, Virginia
Elizabeth Straley b: 1784

Mary Isabelle Mitchell b: December 15, 1819 in Jane Lew, Lewis, West Virginia d: June 22, 1891
November 11, 1856 in Harrison County, West Virginia
James Bent b: 1820 possibly in England d: 1894 in Addison County, West Virginia

Rosa Dove Bent b: April 24, 1861 Troy, Gilmer, West Virginia
d: January 24, 1936 Rush Run, Troy, Gilmer, West Virginia
marrried February 25, 1879 in Marietta, Washington, Ohio
Henry Brannon b: August 15, 1850 in Louisa County, Virginia
d: February 14, 1943 in Rush Run, Troy, Gilmer, West Virginia

Thurman Peter Brannon b: December 12, 1886 Rush Run, Troy, Gilmer, West Virginia
d: April 1, 1978 in Fordland,Webster, Missouri
marrried September 1912
Josephine Isabelle Wanstreet b: September 20, 1893 in Spurgeon, Gilmer, West Virginia
d: July 21, 1975 in Veto,Ohio

My mother
Rella Brannon b. March 3, 1916 Leopold, Doddridge, West Virginia
d. July 17, 1964 Portsmouth, Ohio buried Brannon Cemetery, near Conings, West Virginia




Children of
There were many Teter families who married into the Hinkle families.

ANNA MARIE ELIZABETH HENKLE b: August 2, 1731 in Berks County., Pennsylvania d: 1824 in
Mad River, Champaign, Ohio married Moses Elsworth b: Abt. 1732 m: Abt. 1750 in Rowan Co., North Carolina d: Abt. 1801 in , Harrison Co., (W)VA
Henckel Genealogy, by Junkin & Junkin at

JACOB HENKLE b: March 14, 1732/33 in Berks County, Pennsylvania d: February 14, 1779 in Hampshire County, (West) Virginia married BARBARA TETER b: 1753 in North Carolina

CATHERINE HENKLE b: January 13, 1734/35 in Berks County, Pennsylvania married ADAM BIFFEL

REBECCA HENKLE b: October 5, 1736 in Berks Co., Pennsylvania married CAPT. PAUL TETER

ANNA MARGARET HENKLE b: December 9, 1738 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania d: February 8, 1801 in Pendleton County.,Virginia
married December 24, 1763 in Augusta County, Virginia,
b: April 6, 1730 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania d: August 1798 in Pendleton County, Virginia

MARY MAGDALENA HENKLE b: February 1, 1742/43 in Berks County, Pennsylvania d: October 18, 1829 in Germany Valley, Pendleton, (W)Virginia
married 1762 in Pendleton County, (W)Virginia MAJ. JOHN SKIDMORE

ELIZABETH HENKLE b: December 20, 1745 in Berks County, Pennsylvania

SUSANNAH HENKLE b: October 16, 1747 in Berks Co., Pennsylvania
married Bef. 1770

ABRAHAM HENKLE March 20, 1748/49 d: September 3, 1815 in Germany Valley, Pendleton County, (W)Virginia

HANNAH HENKLE b: April 9, 1750 in Berks County, Pennsylvania d: Abt. 1780 in Pendleton, (W)Virginia
married Unknown JOHNSON

JOHN JUSTUS HENKLE, JR. b: January 14, 1752 in North Carolina d: April 17, 1794 in Germany Valley, Pendleton County, (W)Virginia married 1774 CHRISTINA NEGLEY

CAPT. ISAAC HENKLE b: December 5, 1754 in North Carolina d: October 1824 North Fork River, Pendleton County, (W)Virginia
married at Judy Gap, Pendleton, West Virginia December 13, 1781 MARY CUNNINGHAM



The Old Marker at Germany Valley says:

From this point may be seen Spruce Knob, Seneca Caverns, and other landmarks.
Hinkle’s Fort, built 1761-1762, was the only defense of the South Branch
after destruction of Fort Seybert and Fort Upper Tract by Indians. 

My great-great-great-great grandparents, John William Mitchell and Catherine Margaret Teter
lived within sight of Seneca Rocks.

The New Marker says
Germany Valley is the site of Hinkle's Fort built in 1761-1762.
It was the only defense of the South Branch after Fort Upper Tract and
Fort Seybert were destroyed by the Shawnee Indians under Silbuck. April 27-28, 1756.

Picture of Dee Randall taken September 1999.



Germany Valley

Picture of Dee Randall taken September 1999.

I have read that the Hinkle's owned 20 miles of land in the Germany Valley.



Teterton, West Virginia

Going North on 28 & 33 from Riverton, you will see a town named for the Teter Family, Teterton.
I have heard that there is also a lake in the central part of West Virginia named for the same
Teter Family who settled there.


An elderly man in Riverton showed me proudly his grandmother or great-grandmother and told me her story and how she met the man or men that she had children with. He said that some women had children with Indians as well as the local German men. He was trying to point out to me her features of being part-Indian. To me she looked neither Indian nor German, although it was a combination-look I have seen before. He said that some women had children by different fathers without being married. He said that the women traveled and worked back and forth along the road (pointing north) doing whatever they could to make a living, that it was a hard life and poor times. I could not get a feel for the time period he was speaking of, but he spoke lovingly about the dress that the woman, his grandmother, in the picture was wearing. He had memorized every thread, it seemed, of her dress and why it was made in the fashion it was. It was a black and white picture, but he saw it in color, describing it in pinks and yellows. You could tell he loved this woman. I would put the dress as I remember it maybe in the 1920's and she appeared to be in her early 50's.




This information below is not from J. Robert Moore.
As I have not seen this book or heard anything before or since about it,
I am only putting it here only to inform that there is/was such a book, according to the sender 4-24-2000.

Henckel Family Association has announced the reprinting of THE HENCKEL GENEALOGY.
First printed in 1964, this 1447 page work covers the life of Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel and his descendants. Much data is given on related families and much can also be learned from this publication
about the German ancestry of the family.
The book is $65.00 postpaid and can be ordered from:

J. Robert Moore
649 Allegheny Ave.
Staunton, VA 24401-3133

This book is also at Heritage Quest.

There are many books already written about many members of the Henckle family, whole genealogies, and separate family genealogies. There are many books (some volumes) in the Shenandoah Library, Edinburg, Shenandoah County, VA regarding Henckle genealogy. I was told that there are many,many more in New Market, Shenandoah County, VA at the printing press where they are still re-printing books that the Henckle Press published and books that are written about the Henckles. It looks to me like a thriving industry.
There are still Henckle organizations, reunions, national organizations regarding Henckle, Henckle rootsweb lists, etc.


October 06, 2003