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By Gillis. Transcribed by J. McClung

p. 2-4 American settlements began about 1763. In 1776 there were 78 people and about that many slaves in the district. Some of the Americans came down the Ohio and Mississippi to Natchez.

p. 6 English Land Grants in Mississippi: 1768 - 1779. No Hildebrands, Drennen, Herrington or Sullens listed.

p. 13 Spanish Census of Natchez District, 1792 (Heads of Families Only)

Santa Catalina
David Hildebrand at Villa Gayoso
King families at Villa Gayoso
William Owens

27. Inhabitants of Natchez District in 1810:

          Drennan, David of Amite: 1 male over 21; 1 f over 21
          Drennan, William " " : 1 male over 21; 1 f over 21
          Helterbrand, David of Franklin co: 1 male over 21; 5 females over 21; 5 colored
          Herrington, John of Adams Co. (from a tax list)
          Herrington, William of Wilkinson (1805) 2 males over 21; 1 female over 21; 2 colored

Other American names listed of interest to us: Everett, Graham, King, Lee, Owens, Parker, Williams, Wilson, House

p. 80 Inhabitants in Natchez District in 1816:
          Hildibrand, David - - - in Franklin Co.
          House, David - - - - - in Franklin Co
          House, Henry - - - - - in Amite Co.
          House, John V. - - - in Adams Co.
          McCartney, John, Thomas Jr., Thomas Sr. in Wilkinson Co.

p. 114 Inhabitants of Mississippi Territory other than Natchez in 1816:

          Herrington, Harvey - - - in Monroe Co
          Herrington, Isaac - - -in Greene Co
          Herrington, Thomas - - in Laurence Co.
          Sulen, Henry - - - - - in Madison Co.
          Terrills (associated in Mo with the Musicks)
          No Hildebrands listed

Note: Lyman C. Draper, the historian, interviewed Elizabeth McCourtney who was residing in Franklin Co., MO. She states that she was the daughter of Peter Hildebrand who was killed by Indians and that their uncle, John Hildebrand, was the first pioneer of what is now Jefferson County. When he was driven off for a time because of Indian depredations, she states that he went to Natchez to visit two of his daughters who had married and gone there. This is the reason for our search. We still need better records.

Two of John Hildebrand's daughters married Drennen men. Their record was located in KY.


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