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The established files at this time are:

John, Rev. War soldier b. 1763
           John's Second Family about 1808 to 1830
           John & Nancy Luster Family

Reuben b. 1785 in GA.

Jonas b. 1787 in GA

Nancy b. ca 1789

Richard b. 1791/2 in SC

John Jr b. ca 1793; and Drucilla and Elizabeth.

Isaac b. 1796 in NC (?)

Robert McClung b. 1797 in Warren Co., GA.

William W. b. 1799 in GA

Sewell b. 1804 in GA.

Hiram b, 1805 in GA

George b. before 1772 and living in Wilkes in 1793

Isaac, Sally, and Annieare given in McC Gen 1904, and may be children of the second marriage. There is an Isaac that shows up briefly in Ohio who says he was born in NC in 1816 (1850 census).

husband of Alley born ca 1780-5 in S.C.


Linn Possibly the family of the mother of John McClung, progenitor of the Georgia McClungs
Bellah Likely the maiden name of John's wife, Elizabeth.

The connection to the Linn and Bellah families is made from the deed in the Greene County, GA record. (2:258)

Nix The maiden name of John Jr's wife, daughter of Jeremiah Nix.

We have located a few records from colonial Georgia. We find Robert, Sr. already with property in Wrightsboro Twp. St. Paul Parish in 1770, surveyed in 1769. There was also a John McClung in 1775 in St. Thomas Parish further south. These areas bordered SC. St. Paul's became Richmond County, GA. We know from the Pension records of the Rev. soldier, John, that his family was in Georgia when he was a boy. We await further records from colonial Georgia.

The next earliest records we have of McClungs in Georgia are from tax lists. In 1793 in Wilkes County we find John McClung and George McClung. George has 200 acres "next to Kelly". John has no land listed at that time. There was one other reference that Claborn Newsom had land next to McClung. Sometime in 1793 Warren County was formed partly out of Wilkes. The 1794 Warren Co. tax list has these same men:

John McClung with 140 acres on River Comfort adjoining Irby and Matthews.
George McClung with 200 acres on Harts Creek
Hadden Parham on Harts Creek adjoining Sanford and McClung

The earliest marriage records we have from Georgia are:
George McClung to Jenny Whatley 16 Apr 1796 in Warren County
Georgia McClung to Wood Moreland 13 Apr 1797 in Warren County
Jonas McClung to Rebecca Reed 1 Dec 1808 in Jackson County
No doubt there were some other early ones destroyed in courthouse destructions

We know from John's pension records that he was in the Warren County area until about 1806. (Land records put him in Greene, Jackson and Hall counties.) About 1806 he moved to Haywood County N.C. for a period. This is north of Georgia.

The first three censuses of Georgia were lost in a fire: 1790, 1800, 1810. The 1820 census index has a John McClung in Hall County (no page given). This was the county where Drucilla McClung married Isaac York. It was formed from Jackson. This enumeration was for John, Jr.

The Georgia Land Lotteries were probably a wonderful way for our ancestors to acquire land, but they are a nightmare for the historian. Where one can usually count on families traveling by groups to new locations, the lotteries sent them to the four quarters. We find that our men, Jonas, Reuben, and Hiram had ended up in the adjoining county of Gwinnett. They registered in Gwinnett in the lottery of 1827. Hiram won land in Dist. 16, Sec. 2 of Muscogee Co.; Jonas won land in Dist. 9, Sec. 5 of Carroll County; Reuben won land in Dist. 6, Sec. 1 of Lee County. We do not know the disposition of these lands at this time. Sewell was still in Gwinnett Co. by 1850 so perhaps, he didn't win a draw. Hiram and William W.won draws in the 1832 Gold Lottery. We will need to get the name of the districts where they won land. [Georgia's 1832 Gold Lottery.

See: Georgia Land Lottery Results

After most of the lotteries, the 1830 census index shows these men:
Charles in Newton (p 23) from S.C.
Hiram in Henry (p. 232)
John in Talbot (p. 343)
Josiah in Harris (p. 187) from S.C.
Ransom in Upson (p. 108) [probably son of George]
Reuben in Gwinnet (p. 360)
Robert in Upson (p.115) [probably son of George]

You can see northern Georgia at: MAP

The ID numbers that are added here make it possible to distinguish each individual. The order of birth numbers and generation numbers as assigned in the early work are also given. The index will refer only to the GA ID number. We hope to be able to assign working numbers when some of these lineages are solidified.

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