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We find that Nancy McClung was married to Thomas Cain in Jackson County, Georgia 1 Oct 1807. This would place her birth at about 1789. Since Soldier John's family was the only one we know of in Jackson County, we are going on the assumption that she belongs in this family.

She was also on the Church Minutes of the Walnut Fork Church for 1802-7. This was the same church where John and Elizabeth are listed as members in the Jackson County area.

Another record has that a marriage license was issued to Thomas Cain/Nancy McClung on 27 Sept. 1807 in Jackson County, Ga. and executed on 1 Oct. 1807.

Perhaps we can find Nancy with Joseph Cain in the census records in Georgia.

It is also worth noting that Nancy was a nickname for Agnes in these early times.

She must have been highly regarded in this family as nearly all her brothers named a daughter Nancy or Nancy Ann.

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