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The third child of James McMullen Ballengee and Minerva Jane (Hoskins) Ballengee was born 25 Jan 1851 in Cole County, MO. She was one of five children born to her parents. The other two girls died in infancy. She had an older and younger brother. In her young life Hester experienced much sorrow. At the age of six years she spent much time knitting for her brothers. Then she experienced bitter disappointment when 'Bushwhackers'~ (enemy soldiers) came by and took her finished work.

Her mother died when she was seven years of age. Her father soon married again. A half -sister, Basha Matilda Ballengee was born into the home in 1860. However, in 1862 the father died when Hester was eleven years old. The memory of the death of her father lingered with her. She had a strange impression of the Masons in white aprons who buried her father in a white apron. The three orphan children went to live with their Uncle Thomas Hoskins. They lived there from 1862 to 1867. At that time they went to 1ive with their mother's sister and family, Aunt Amanda Miller and Uncle John. They lived here until they married. Hester felt they were an imposition on their aunts and uncles so she married early in life, because she wanted her own home.

On October 22, 1868 at seventeen years of age, she was united in marriage to Asa Monroe Calvin Newport. He was born in Tennessee 16 Aug 1840. He was the son of Calvin and Margaret (Abel) Newport. Calvin Newport had died when Asa was only a year old. Margaret then married a Mr. Wollard who was a Primitive Baptist Preacher. Mr. Wollard was a large man weighing over 200 pounds. He was a slave owner but treated the blacks just like his own and step children except that they had their own living quarters. He taught them the things of God and they loved him and did not want to leave the family when freedom was declared.

This family moved to Missouri and settled in Webster Co. and later in Dallas County where Monroe lived for many years.

This story is told by one of the children: "Pa Monroe had to walk from Dallas County, Missouri to some point in Texas during the Civil War. He and his regiment went for days without food, marching every day. When they got to where there was food available, they were so weak and. starved they were just allowed a small portion of food at a time to prevent making them sick.

One day when Grandpa Jack Wollard was sick and sitting up in a rocker to have his bed changed, ,the wicked enemy came by, few in number, and one man bolted in the room and demanded, 'Come out here, old man.' He turned and looked at them and without a word, the old sinner shot him right in the chest. Then that was not enough, they set fire to the house and burned all its contents that would burn. Yes, shot and killed him right before my Grandma's eyes. Only her youngest son was with her. They got hold of Grandpa and dragged him out of the house and managed to get some quilts and made a pallet out by the hen house where he died.

When the war was over, Monroe got back to Missouri any way he could. When he got to where his home used to be he found the house and furniture all gone. His step-father, the only daddy he ever knew was also gone. His mother was sleeping in the hen house and cooking in the 'jacks stable'. How disappointing, how heart breaking. How thankful too, for his mother was still living" and unharmed and all her children got through without any serious injuries."

After a few years, Monroe was married to Margaret Davidson, to which union was born a son, George, but his mother, Margaret, died at his birth. Her parents took the baby to care for him. However, he died at about the age of one. After a few more years, at age of 27, he married Hester Elizabeth Ballengee.

Shortly after their marriage they were converted and united with a missionary Baptist church, entering the baptismal waters together. They lived for several years in Conway, MO. Later they moved to Bolivar MO where they lived much longer. During these years their children were born and grew up. They had born to them a son and six daughters. Two of the girls died in infancy. The sons and four daughters lived many years.

In 1903 the Newports migrated to the Oklahoma Panhandle, then called No Man's Land. They settled in the new town of Guymon, soon a part of Oklahoma. The Newports were charter members of the Baptist Church in Guymon. The son, John, and the two older girls were married before the family moved to OK. However, they soon all came to Oklahoma. The son, John T., settled in the North-east part of the state at Fairland. After two or three years both Ida Newport Baxter and Ollie Newport Jackson and husbands had all come to Guymon to live. Both the younger girls married in Guymon.

Mrs. Newport was a good pioneer mother. She was an even -tempered woman and an excellent homemaker. She loved her God, her church and her home. She was active in church, serving as Sunday School teacher, a worker in Women's Missionary work, or at other jobs that needed a woman's hand. She ministered to sick friends and relatives as the need arose.

In the spring of the year, the Newports managed to raise both chickens and a garden. Also, Hester canned food in summertime for use the next winter. The parlor was an interesting room. The pedal-push organ was prominent, as the Newports were musical. The most unusual objects were perhaps the two large shells used as door props. They were about as large as a half-gallon bucket, but were shells. As children, we were told to put them to our ears to hear the ocean roar. Adults also enjoyed them. Also in the parlor on a table shelf were the two large family Bibles. It was such fun to put one on the floor, open it and read the family records which were written in Hester's handwriting. But perhaps more time was spent in the kitchen. Besides the cook stove and kitchen cabinet, there was a wash stand with a five-gallon bucket of water, a dipper, a wash pan, soap dish, and towel hanging nearby. There were no kitchen sinks in pioneer days. The most interesting thing in her kitchen was the large red "cookie bucket" kept on top of the cabinet out of reach of little hands. It usually contained her home-made cooking. Hester especially enjoyed fruit and usually had fresh fruit on hand when it was in season.

Hester Newport was a widow for many years before she died. The third daughter, Myrtle Newport Hunt was also a widow. Myrtle was employed at the Post Office. So Hester brought furniture for her own room and lived with Myrtle for many years, keeping the home and cooking. Thus they helped one another. During these years, Myrtle married Tom Butler. He passed away in a few years. Hester Newport died in Guymon, OK on March 1, 1940 having lived a long and useful life. Hester and Asa had five children:

NEWPORT, John Thomas - b. 20 March 1870 in Dallas Co., MO. Md. Anna J. Cook 30 Sept 1894. 5 ch.

NEWPORT, Lockie Jane - b. 7 Apr 1872; d. 2 Sept 1872

NEWPORT, Ida Bell - b. 11 Sept 1874 in Dallas Co., MO. Md Charles Sidney Baxter in Boliver MO Aug 1901. It was a double ring ceremony with her sister, Ollie. 5 ch.

NEWPORT, Anna V. - b. 27 May 1877 in Dallas Co. Died same day.

NEWPORT, Ollie Alice -b. 2 March 1881 in Laclede Co., MO. She md in Aug. 1901 Andrew Wallace Jackson. 10 ch.

NEWPORT, Mary Myrtle.- b 7 April 1884 in Dallas Co., MO. She md Harry W. Hunt 5 June 1907; he d. 28 Sept 1911; she md Thomas Butler 19 Aug 1926.


The fourth child of James McMullen and Manerva Jane (Hoskins) Ballengee was born in October of 1852 and died the same month.


The fifth child of James McMullen and Manerva Jane (Hoskins) Ballengee was born 21 Jan 1854 in Cole County, Missouri. He married 4 Jan 1876 in Dallas Co., MO. to Irena Harris. Irena was born 7 March 1857 in Conway, Dallas Co., MO. to James A. and Elizabeth Darity Harris. Thomas Sterling died in 1841. Irena died 1 June 1922. She was buried at Rock Cemetery, Granite, OK. They had five children.

           {1} NORA ANN BALLENGEE

The first child of Thomas Sterling and Irene (Harris) Ballengee was born 23 Feb 1876 at Long Lane, Dallas Co., MO. She married William Li Curgis Hogg in a double ring ceremony with her sister on 21 Füb 1897 in Dallas Co., MO. William and Robert Warner were brothers. We have record of five children of this family but may be incorrect as they have not been contacted since the 1950s.

HOGG, Virgil - b. 1898. Farmer in Granite, OK. Md Vena Wild in 1918. 6 ch.
HOGG, Myrtle b. 1 Apr 1898. Md Wesley Russell in 1914. 2 ch.
HOGG, Nola Irene b. 1905. Md. James Holden. 2 ch.
HOGG, Hershell - b. 1912 at Granite, OK. Md Thelma Carver in 1933. 3 children.
HOGG, Arvol - b. 1917. Md Ruth Anderson. One son,


The second child of Thomas Sterling and Irene (Harris) Ballengee was born 13 Feb 1879 in Dallas Co., MO. She married 21 Feb 1897 in a double ring ceremony to Robert Warner Hogg, brother of William Li Curgis Hogg. He was born 1 March 1877 and died 29 May 1918. Laura Alice died 6 Aug 1953.

HOGG, Eliza Irene- b. 30 Aug 1899. She md Mr. Thorp.
HOGG, Leslie Earl - b. 1 May 1900. Md Luda Ellen Darby; 4
HOGG, Elva Elnora - b. 16 June 1910. Md Frank U. Whittitir.
HOGG, Bertha Elizabeth - b. 23 Feb 1914; md Lee Rentro in 1925. 3 children.

           {3} BASHA BALLENGEE

The third child of Thomas Sterling and Irene (Harris) Ballengee was born about 1882 in Dallas Co., MO. She married Mr. Carroll of Granite, OK. She died 1918. Three ch:

CARROLL, Lloyd - md Loma Clark, res. OK City, OK; 2 ch.
CARROLL, Ethel - md Hubert Litten; 1 dau.
CARROLL, Deiphine md Lloyd Roberts; 4 ch.


The fourth child of Thomas Sterling and Irene (Harris) Ballengee was born 2 Nov 1884 in Long Lane, Dallas Co., MO. He married Izora Lena Hammons in 1908. Six children.

                [1] LOUIS WILLIAM BALLENGEE

The first child of William J. M. and Izora Lena (Hammons) Ballengee was born 22 Aug 1909 on a farm at Lone Wolf, Iowa Co., OK. He is graduated from high school in Taft, CA then was employed by Wilmax Oil Co., Crescent Petrolium, Richfield, then self employed Union Oil Service Station. He and his brother, Lorel went in partnership in Keystone Ford Center then later operated Zig-Zag Sewing Machine Store in Walla Walla, WA. He returned to Taft, CA and was employed by Honolulu Oil Co., Adkisson Oil Co. and Taft Investment Co.

He married Ellen Elizabeth Garner on 11 Nov 1934 in Tuscon, AZ. Ellen was graduated from Taft Union High School and a junior college. She is a ceramist and teacher in the high school. 2 ch.

BALLENGEE, Edward Louis b. 21 Apr 1936 in CA.
BALLENGEE, Vonda Marie b. 11 Jan 1939. Md Wesley A Filan 1 Sept 1954 in Walla Walla,WA.


The second child of William J. M. and Izora Lena (Hammons) Ballengee was born 1 Jan 1912 in OK. He graduated from Taft High School and was employed by Jackson Supply Co. as an engineer. He md Irene Holland Snider 18 Jan 1936. She was b. 25 May 1916 at Fremont, MO. She attended high school at Long Beach, CA. 2 ch.

BALLENGEE, Gary James - b. 29 May 1938
BALLENGEE, Sharon Diane - b. 15 Nov 1U40.

                [3] OLLIE MAE BALLENGEE

The third child of William J.M. and Izora Lena (Hammons) Ballengee was born 10 Dec 1913. She md Thomas William Richards, Jr. 2 Oct 1937. He was born 28 Jan 1905 in Cornwall, England. He came to Maricopa, CA at age 7 and received naturalization papers in 1939 at Ventura, CA. He came to the U.S. on steamship Lusitania in 1911. He graduated from Taft High School in 1923 and was then employed by the Crescent Petroleum Co. They are members of the First Assembly of God Church, Taft, CA.

BALLENGEE, Thomas William - b. 2 Oct 1937.

                [4] DOROTHY LENA BALLENGEE

The fourth child of William J. M. and Izora Lena (Hammons) Ballengee was born 13 Oct 1916 on a farm in Greer Co., OK. She married Rufus Ivie Parker in 1935. He is a mechanic for Standard Oil of CA and a member of Masonic Lodge and members of the First Baptist Church.

PARKER, Lola Armenta.- b. 7 Jan 1937. Md Norman R. Mcbeth. One son, Michael C.b. 8 Oct 1956.
                [5] LOLA FERN BALLENGEE

The fifth child of William J. M. and Izora Lena (Hammons) Ballengee was born 15 Oct 1919 on a farm in Kiowa Co., OK. She graduated from Taft Union High School in 1938. She md Burl Lafayette Chapman 6 Apr 1941. He was b. 7 Sept 1915 at Caruthersville, MO. He was a flying instructor for Royal Air Force Base at Mesa, AZ, Falken Air Field. He was employed by Formax Oil Co.

CHAPMAN, James Lawrence - b. 13 Apr 1944
CHAPMAN, Ronald Glenn- b. 11 Jan 1944
                [6] ROBERT GLENN BALLENGEE

The sixth child of. William J. M. and Izora Lena (Hammons) Ballengee was born 4 Jan 1930 at Taft, CA. He was employed by Norwalk Gas Refinery, later went into the Navy, then was employed with Chanslor-Western Oil Co. He md Ella Jean McIlilIin 7 Sept 1951 in Taft, CA. Members of First Assembly of God Church, Taft, CA.

BALLENGEE, Glynda Sue - b. 23 March 1953.


The fifth child of Thomas Sterling and Irene (Harris) Ballengee was b 10 Oct 1888 in Polk Co., MO. She md 29 March 1909 to Joseph Thomas Kennedy in Greer Co., OK. He was b. 6 Oct 1881 in Pitsbury, Camp Co., TX to Civin and Mauda (Bynam) Kennedy. They resided in Springs Valley CA where they reared two girls and five sons.

KENNEDY, Euna Deipha -b. 25 Sept 1911 in Greer Co., OK. Md. Samuel P. (Jack) Lee 16 March 1930. 1 dau.

KENNEDY, Irene Ola -b. 10 March 1913 at Pettsbery Camp, TX Md Herbert Anthony Price 2 Mar 1935. 2 sons

KENNEDY, Eugene Thomas - b. 13 Jan 1915 in Granite, OK Md 1) Marjorie Lee Yarbro 2) Sally Johnson. 2 dau.

KENNEDY, Jessie William - b. 10 May 1916 at Brinkman, OK Md 1935 to Ola May Gearnow. dau: Glendene Katheryn.

KENNEDY, Robert Nathan - b. 19 May 1919 in Grianite, OK Md 31 Oct 1942 to Charlene J.Davis. 5 ch.

KENNEDY, Joseph Thomas - b. 17 Sept 1921 at Granite,OK. Md. Myrtle Reeves. ch: Chanda Doyle and Dionne M.

KENNEDY, Vernon Milton -b. 10 Mar 1928 at Granite, OK Md Bertha Pauline Sheafer. 3 ch.


The sixth child of James McMullen and Manerva Jane (Hoskins) Ballengee was born 7 June 1856 in Cole Co., MO She died 21 May 1857. Most of the records of this family are from the Family Bible of Thomas and Elizabeth Hoskins, parents of Manerva Jane. (See Hoskins Family History, by Clarence Hoskins)

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