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    There was a John McClung who came to Virginia. By tradition, his father was also a John McClung who it was said was born in Scotland and emigrated to Ireland about 1690. By tradition, this son was also the cousin of James, William and Hugh McClung who also came to Virginia.


    John was b. probably Ireland (by tradition). The following from Frances Buchanan (McC J #25,33) John McClung, Sr., and family came from Pennsylvania to Rockbridge Co. in the 1740s. He bought 279 acres of land in Augusta Co. from William Ward of SC on 6-20-1769, 249 of which were part of Benjamin Bordon's tract and 30 acres were part of an entry of King's land adjoining same (Augusta Co. DB 15,388). This land is between Fairfield and South River on Route 707. John, Sr., b. ca 1706 died in Rockbridge Co. 1788, and Rebecca Stuart died Rockbridge Co. 1781. She was the second wife.

John's first wife and mother of his children was Janet Thompson, daughter of John Thompson who died in 1743. Her brothers were James, Robert, and the Thomas Thompson, administrator in the will of Robert Means. Her aunt was Nancy, wife of Robert Means.

John had 8 sons and 2 daughters: John (Bath), James, William, Joseph, Samuel, Thomas, Janett, Edward, Charles, and Nancy. All sons except John, Jr. settled in Greenbrier Co., WV. Nancy married in Rockbridge Co. 3-08-1779 to William Moore, b. Rockbridge Co. 1748, d. Rockbridge Co. 1841 and Janett md in Rockbridge Co. 3-2-1782 David Moore and remained in Rockbridge Co.

    In the fall of 1781 John Sr., was taken to the home of son, John shortly after his wife died and before he quit housekeeping. Not content there, he returned shortly to his own home. After his daughter, Janett, married, he lived with Nancy Moore from the Spring of 1782 until his death. His estate was in litigation for many years. All children, many grandchildren, and depositions from them and other people were recorded in Chancery Court documents. A decree issued by Superior Court of Chancery held at Staunton 12-5-1810 ordered William Moore and wife Nancy to convey their interest in the land to Joseph McClung of Greenbrier Co., VA (Aug.Co. Chancery Ct records and Rockbridge Co. DB H, 119). Joseph McClung of Greenbrier Co., Va, sold land to John McClung, Rockbridge Co., by deed dated 10-28-1812 (Rkbg DB H,204). Administration of estate granted William Moore 2-1788 Rockbridge Co. Court; inventory and appraisement of personal estate recorded 6-7-1791, Rockbridge Co. Court.

        Rev. Wm. McClung (1904) states: Seven of his sons settled in Greenbrier County, W.Va. Their descendants are very numerous in that county, hence this branch of the family is designated as "Greenbrier McClungs." It is said that during the Civil War, two companies--the "Greenbrier Swifts" and the "Nicholas Grays," contained thirty-two McClungs. They rode the finest horses in Gen. Robert E. Lee's army. Alpheus Paris McClung was captain of the Greenbrier Swifts.

        In the vicinity of Mt. Lookout, W Va, there is a community known as the "McClung Settlement". Rev. Wm. McClung visited this community in 1902. He found them to be a peaceful, law-abiding, hospitable people.

        This branch of the family is so numerous and the names so similar that it became necessary to make use of a sobriquet in order to distinguish between them.


ChildFile #ID #
THOMAS 139002
JOSEPH (Sinking Creek Joe)145901
WILLIAM (Grandfather Billie)1531801
JAMES183 4301
JOHN (Bath John)1874601
SAMUEL (Capt>)1924901
EDWARD 2045501

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