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Family Genealogy is also online at Dumas-Morris Families

Ingram Family

Uriah IngramDaniel Holder IngramNancy Elizabeth BurgessCapt. Amos Burgess IngramLouisa SpringerUriah John IngramMercer Washington IngramIngram Family c 1908Daniel Cass IngramMary Ellen ClowEtta Ellen IngramAlva Cass IngramEva FarrerDiana Elizabeth IngramWilliam PratherEarl PratherFrank & Hattie Prather BrownCarl PratherDennis, Maude & Charley McGimseyChildren of D. C. Ingram and Ellen Clow and their spousesEtta Ball with Robert & Roselind SmalleyDaniel Chardon SmalleyDaniel Chardon Smalley

I will be adding more photographs so check back often

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