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Ancestors of Russell Owen HJELM

Twenty-Ninth Generation


469894184. Aed Find "The White" King Of DALRIADA [King] was born about 720 in Dunadd, Argyllshire, Dalriada/Scotland. He died 778 in Dunolly Castle, Argyllshire, Dalriada/Scotland. Aed married Mrs-Aodh Hugh Fionn, SCOTLAND.

Aed 748-778. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: 9G9P-8G

469894185. Mrs-Aodh Hugh Fionn, SCOTLAND was born about 727 in Scotland. She died.

Ancestral File Number: 9G9P-9M


469894186. Fergus Ungust King Of PICTS was born 735 in Scotland. He died Unknown. Fergus married Pictish Princess Alpine II Bruide's 2Nd SISTER [Queen]. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: 9G9P-C0

469894187. Pictish Princess Alpine II Bruide's 2Nd SISTER [Queen] was born about 737 in Scotland. She died Unknown.

Pictish Matrilinear Pictish Princess Royal Of Fortrinn (Verturiones. [Parents]

That the kings are the sons of another king's sister comes mainly from"Kings and Queens" Collins Gem. by David Lambert and Randal Gray. 1991. Harper Collins Publishers. PO Box Glasgow, G4 0NB. ISBN 0 00 458954 8A Diagram book first created by Diagram Visual Information Limited of Kentish Town Road, London NW5 8SY


469894272. Sitric (Sygtrygg) Caoch King Of York & DUBLIN is printed as #117473344.

469894273. Edith (Edgyth) Princess Of ENGLAND was born about 898 in Wessex, England. She died 937. [Parents]


469894274. Murchad Mac Finn King Of LEINSTER was born about 915 in Leinster, Ireland. He died 972. Murchad married Miss Na CONNACHT. [Parents]

469894275. Miss Na CONNACHT was born about 930 in Ireland. She died.


469894304. Harald I "Haarfager" 1St King Of NORWAY was born about 850 in Buskerud, Norway. He died about 936 in Hauko, Rogaland, Norway. Harald married Snaefrid "Snowfair" SWASISDOTTIR before 902 in 4th Wife. [Parents]

King of Vestfold, King of Norway, had many wives and concubines, undertook conquest of Norway to win Gytha, and until successful refused for ten years to cut or comb hair (called Lufa, "the Slovenly"), became 1st King of all Norway abt. 883/890, cut hair after conquest (then called "Fairhair"), won Gytha, d. abt. 936.

MISC: Harald inherited three small domains from his father in eastern, central, and western Norway, and set out to conquer the rest of Norway. According to the medieval saga, he was motivated by the refusal of Gyda (another petty king's daughter) to marry him until he had conquered all of Norway. According to the story, King Harald declared that he would not cut or comb his hair until he had conquered all of Norway. When he finally had victory about ten years later, he then had his hair done and was called "Fairhair." The chieftains of western Norway were the hardest to defeat, but Harald attained his victory in the Battle of Hafrsfjord about 885. Harald was a strong ruler, and managed to unite Norway. At Harald's death, his sons divided Norway with the favorite son, Eric Bloodaxe, as the overking, but dissensions and wars disrupted the unity of the country.

Alternatively, there are references that spell his first name "Harold," and list his death date as being 933 or 945.

He succeeded to the throne of his father's kingdom as a child in 860.

Age at death: Over 72.

He was the first king of United Norway.

[Sharen Neal, MJR6387,]

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The history of Norway prior to the late tenth century is extremely obscure, and the lineage of Harald is uncertain prior to his father. The old poem Ynglingatal is quoted (incompletely, with some missing stanzas of unknown content) in Heimskringla (early thirteenth century), and appears to have been composed in the late ninth or early tenth century, although that is not certain. Even if we grant for the moment that Heimskringla quotes an accurate version of an early poem, we still have the fact that Ynglingatal only gives the names of the kings, and does not supply any of the genealogical relationships which appear in so many later sources. It is not until sources of the twelfth century that there is any clear indication that the king mentioned in each stanza was regarded as the son of the king mentioned in the previous stanza, and this could easily be a very late invention. That the kings listed in the last few stanzas existed may be regarded as likely, but they remain very shadowy figures whose exact historical and genealogical connections are nebulous. At various times in the past, attempts have been made to identify one or more of them with individuals known from contemporary historical sources, but there are no identifications of the kings in Ynglingatal with known historical figures which can be regarded as certain. -- Stewart Baldwin

The source for this is a fragment of Ynglingatal repeated in Snorri's Heimskringla. Snorri wrote his work about 400 years after the events it is describing. It tells of Olaf Tree-Cutter founding Norway, and passing it to his son Halfdan Whiteleg. Halfdan had sons Eystein and Gudrod. Eystein had a son Halfdan. He was followed by Gudrod, son of Halfdan, and he was father of Olaf, father of Ragnevald, for whom the original poem was composed. The classical reconstruction is that this is a straight shot (Olaf- Halfdan- Eystein- Halfdan- Gudrod- Olaf- Ragnevald). However, it has been suggested that Gudrod, son of Halfdan Whiteleg sticks out like a sore thumb. He neither succeeded, nor is there any reason for him being mentioned at all (no other "other sons" are mentioned). Maybe, the speculation runs, he is the Gudrod Halfdanson who later became king - that Halfdan Eysteinson was followed not by his son, but by his uncle. One could argue this in circles, but it doesn't matter.An analysis of the succession after Rognevald reveals a splice between two traditions. Halfdan the Black is made son of Gudrod born of a second marriage, and left an infant coheir with his "brother" Olaf. The location of his rule is nowhere near the location where his predicessors are said to have ruled, and later his son Harald is made to defeat all of the other kinglets of Norway, including kings of places that Halfdan was supposed to have ruled. Finally, what appears to be a near-contemporary poem celebrating Halfdan the Black seems not to know his father. To make a long story short (too late! you say), it looks like the new dynasty, descended from Halfdan the Black, were attached after the fact to the family celebrated in the Ynglingatal (who actually appear to have been enemies that they displaced). Nothing before Halfdan the Black can be trusted, and it is not clear that the lines back to Harald Fairhair should be trusted either. The whole "kidnappped as an infant and didn't come back until an adult at the head of a strong army" thing about Olaf Trygvison smells foul. St. Olaf owed his position to being Olaf I's right-hand man, while Harald Hardrade was his step-brother. I have my serious doubts about the Fairhair pedigrees attached to each of them. -- Todd Farmerie

469894305. Snaefrid "Snowfair" SWASISDOTTIR was born about 862 in Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway. She died after 912. [Parents]

Information copied from Wayne Iverson, World Connect db=wiversrm,
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She was King Harald's fourth wife of six. He fell madly in love with the beautiful daughter of the Finn, Svasi, who the king had allowed to set up his tent on a slope of the hillside near Thoptar in the Oppland district.
Sigurd Rise
Rognvald Haraldsson Rettilbeine
She died but Harald believed she would come back to life as she retained her color. Finally, after 3 years the corpse was corrupt and burned. But before her body became livid, all kinds of worms, adders, frogs and toads and vipers crawled out of it.


469894312. Olaf (Ofeig) "Burlufotr" IVARSSON was born about 875 in Norway. [Parents]


469894316. Audun "Skokul" BJORNSSON was born about 865 in Norway. He married Thordis THORGRIMSDOTTIR. [Parents]

469894317. Thordis THORGRIMSDOTTIR was born about 870 in Norway.


469894320. Igor I Duke Of KIEV was born 877 in Novgorod, Russia. He died 947 in Kiev, Ukraine. Igor married Olga KIEV [Grand Duchess] on 903 in Pskov, Russia. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: B6DN-ZQ

469894321. Olga KIEV [Grand Duchess] was born 881 in Pskov, Russia. She died 11 Jul 969 in Kiev, Ukraine. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: B6DP-12


469894322. Malk Of LUBECH Prince Of Devaines was born 918 in Kiev, Ukraine. He died Dec. [Parents]


469894324. Olaf HARALDSSON was born about 877 in Oslo, Norway. He died 934 in Tonsberg, Norway. [Parents]

According to medieval historian, Snorii Sturluson, Olav's father, King Harald I (Haarfagre/Fairhair), bestowed the title of "King" to his sons and divided the land between them to rule.

He was also called "Olav of Viken" and "Olaf Geirstatha-Alf." The name of his wife is unknown.

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Information copied from Wayne Iverson, World Connect db=wiversrm,
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He took over Westfold in 930 after brother Bjørn was slain by brother Erik. He raised Guthroth Bjørnsson as a foster child.
He had taken over Ranrike in about 900 after brother Guthorm was slain by Solvi Klofi.
After his father, King Harald Fairhair, died in 933 and brother Erik "Bloodaxe" took over, he and bother Sigroth agreed to meet the next spring in Tonsberg.  Erik summoned a great force and sailed to Tonsberg and killed both Olaf and Sigroth in a battle in the hills east of town.


469894328. Bjorn "The Old" Eriksson King Of SWEDEN [King] was born 867 in Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden. He died 950. Bjorn married Mrs. Bjorn SWEDEN [Queen Sweden]. [Parents]

Most of the information on Kings & Queens of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England and other parts of the British Isles & Europe and on the various Royal & Noble families (and their off shoots) in this family tree has come from one or more of the following sources:BURKE'S Genealogical and Heraldic History of the PEERAGE BARONETAGE AND KNIGHTAGE.
Edited by Peter Townend. Burke's Peerage Limited, London
"Burke's Peerage" popular name.

Also information from
Burke's Landed Gentry
Burke's Peerage Limited, London

Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage,
ISBN: 0312125577
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469894329. Mrs. Bjorn SWEDEN [Queen Sweden] was born about 872 in Sweden. She died.

Ancestral File Number: FLHD-M5


469894330. Mr. SKOGLAR-TOSTE was born about 909 in Sweden. He died. Mr. married Mrs-Skoglar Toste TOSTE.

Ancestral File Number: FLHH-PW

469894331. Mrs-Skoglar Toste TOSTE was born about 914 in Sweden. She died.

Ancestral File Number: FLHH-Q3


469894332. Mistui II Prince Of OBOTRITES [Princess] was born about 893 in Of Obotrites, Christian. He died 985. Mistui married Mrs. Mistui II 893 OBOTRITES.

Ancestral File Number: 8HT7-VB

469894333. Mrs. Mistui II 893 OBOTRITES died.


501252544. William FITZGERALD Lord Of Carru Castle was born before 1100 in Carew Castle, Pembrokeshire, Wales. He died 1173 in England. William married Katherine KINGSLEY. [Parents]

William Fitz Gerald, of Carru Castle, Pembs, eldest son of Gerald FitzWalter, Constable of Pembroke Castle temp. Henry I, and brother of Maurice FitzGerald, Lord of Maynooth, went to Ireland with Strongbow [Richard de Clare] in 1171 but died in England 1173.  [Burke's Peerage, p. 1131]

501252545. Katherine KINGSLEY was born about 1105 in County Chester, England. She died in Carrucastle In County Pembroke, England. [Parents]


501252548. Ralph Lord Of KINGSLEY was born about 1180 in Kingsley, Runcon, Cheshire, England. He died Dec. Ralph married Matilda MOSTON. [Parents]

501252549. Matilda MOSTON was born about 1185 in England. She died Dec.


501253952. Adam De Harling De HOLEBROK was born about 1180 in Suffolkshire, England. He died. Adam married Mrs. Adam De HOLEBROK. [Parents]

501253953. Mrs. Adam De HOLEBROK was born about 1182. She died Dec.


501253954. Robert De BLANCHVILLE was born 1185 in Frome, Somerset, England. He died. Robert married Mrs. Robert 1185 De BLANCHVILLE. [Parents]

501253955. Mrs. Robert 1185 De BLANCHVILLE died.


501253996. Hubert MUNCHENSY was born about 1164 in Stanstead, Halstead, Essex, England. He died about 1233. Hubert married Mrs. Hubert 1164 MUNCHENSY. [Parents]

501253997. Mrs. Hubert 1164 MUNCHENSY died.


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