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Ancestors of Russell Owen HJELM

Twenty-Ninth Generation


469893566. Geoffrey Count Of GATINAIS was born about 890 in Orleans, Loiret, France. He died about 942 in Gatinais, Orleanais, France. Geoffrey married Ava Of ARVERNE. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: VB2J-NF

469893567. Ava Of ARVERNE was born about 893 in Auvergne, France. She died after 942. [Parents]


469893584. Ursus Of DENMARK was born about 885 in Denmark.


469893604. Gunner Of The FORCES Commander was born about 908 in Wessex, England. He died.

Ancestral File Number: GS58-F0


469893616. Wickmann Count Of ENGERN was born about 910 in Engern, Germany. He died 21 Apr 944 in Killed. Wickmann married Frederunda Von RINGLEHEIM. [Parents]

469893617. Frederunda Von RINGLEHEIM was born about 910 in Saxony, Germany. She died. [Parents]


469893620. Konrad II Duke RHEINGAU [Count of Swabia] was born 910 in Schwaben, Bavaria. He died 20 Jul 997. Konrad married Judith Von MARCHTAL [Duchess]. [Parents]

Nach dem Brandenburg ist er identisch mit Konrad von Schwaben

469893621. Judith Von MARCHTAL [Duchess] was born about 930 in Zurich, Switzerland. She died 992. [Parents]


469893622. Conrad III "The Peaceful" Of BURGUNDY [King] was born about 925 in Arles, Bouches-Du-Rhone, Provence, France. He died 19 Oct 993. Conrad married Mathilde FRANKS [Countess] on 10 Aug 966/967. [Parents]

Known as "Conrad The Pacific."

469893623. Mathilde FRANKS [Countess] was born about 948 in Laon, Aisne, Picardy, France. She died before 26 Nov 991. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: 9GCG-1H


469893624. Wickmann II Of HAINAULT & GHENT was born about 920 in Gand, Flanders, Belgium. He died after 14 Dec 973. Wickmann married Ledgarde De FLANDERS [Countess] about 955 in Gand, East Vlaanderen, Belgium. [Parents]

469893625. Ledgarde De FLANDERS [Countess] was born about 941 in Flanders, Belgium. She died 29 Sep 964. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: 9GB2-SP


469893626. Dirk (Dietrich Thierry) II Count Of West FRIESLAND [Count] was born about 925 in Egmond-Binnen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. He died 6 May 988 in Abdijkerk, Egmond, Noord Holland, Netherlands and was buried in Abdijkerk, Egmond, Noord Holland, Netherlands. Dirk married Hildegard FLANDERS [Countess]. [Parents]

Seal to Parents:  25 nov 1986 OGDEN - Ogden, UT
Ancestral File Number: 87NX-82

469893627. Hildegard FLANDERS [Countess] was born about 934 in Of Gand, Flandre Oriental, Belgium. She died 10 Apr 990 and was buried in Abdijkerk, Egmond, Noord Holland, Netherlands. [Parents]

Ancestral File Number: 87NX-97


469893640. Arnmod ARNVIDSSON was born about 945 in Onundfjord, Norway. He died 986 in Hjorungavag, Norway. [Parents]


469893642. Erling Skjalgson Fra SOLE was born about 935 in Sole, Norway. He died Dec. Erling married Aastrid TRYGVESDOTTIR about 991 in Sole, Jaeren, Rogaland, Norway.

469893643. Aastrid TRYGVESDOTTIR was born about 955 in Norway. She died Dec. [Parents]


469893644. Sigurd "Syr" HALFDANSSON King Of Ringerike is printed as #58736788.

469893645. Estrid (Asta\Asted) GUDBRANDSDOTTIR is printed as #58736789.


469893652. Kenneth III SCOTLAND (King ) was born about 962 in Scotland. He died 25 Mar 1005 in In Battle Of Monzievaird By Malcolm Ii.. Kenneth married Mrs. Kenneth III SCOTLAND (Queen).

Kenneth Reigned 997-1005. His Son Giric II Was His Co-Ruler. [Parents]

469893653. Mrs. Kenneth III SCOTLAND (Queen) died.


469893776. Ealdred Of NORTHUMBRIA was born about 885 in Northumbria, England. [Parents]


469893792. Edward I "The Elder" King Of ENGLAND was born 875 in Wessex, England. He died 17 Jul 924 in Farndon On Dee, Farrington, Berkshire, England and was buried Unknown in Winchester. Edward married Eadgifu MEAPHAM on 919 in Wessex, England.

Edward 925. He 899-924. [Parents]

469893793. Eadgifu MEAPHAM was born 896 in Kent, England. She died 961.

Eadgifu 25 Aug 968. [Parents]


469893794. Sigehelm I Earl Of KENT was born 871 in Kent, England. He died. Sigehelm married Mrs. Elfrida (Nmn-Sigelhelm 871) KENT.

469893795. Mrs. Elfrida (Nmn-Sigelhelm 871) KENT was born about 876 in Kent, England. She died.


469893796. Alpsius Of DEVON Duke Of Devon was born about 897 in Devonshire, England. He died. Alpsius married Mrs. Alpsius Of DEVON.

469893797. Mrs. Alpsius Of DEVON was born about 899. She died.


469893970. Hakon "The Mighty" Sigurdsson King Of NORWAY was born 937 in Hlade, Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway. He died Feb 993-94 in Rimul, Norway. Hakon married Thora SKAGSDOTTIR. [Parents]

Hakon "The Great", who ruled Norway from 976 to 995.  [Burke's Peerage]

469893971. Thora SKAGSDOTTIR was born about 940 in Norway. She died Dec. [Parents]


469893976. Harald "The Greenlander" Underking Of VESTFOLD was born about 940 in Grenland, Telemark, Norway. He died about 995 in Murdered By His Foster Sister Sigrid "The Haughty" Storrada. Harald married Estrid (Asta\Asted) GUDBRANDSDOTTIR.

Harald 998. [Parents]

MISC: According to the medieval historian, Snorri Sturluson, Harald Grenske (Greenlander) was king of Westford in Norway, and went on a couple of viking expeditons to the Baltic.

OCCUPATION: Made under-king of Vingulmar, Vestfold, and Agdir abt 960 by Harald, "Bluetooth", King of Denmark

DEATH: Murdered abt 995 by foster sister Sigrid Storrada, "the Haughty"


Harald was fostered by Hroi, the White, a king's steward in Greenland. After his father's death, he first fled to the Uppland District and next to Sweden to see about joining a Viking expedition with Skoglar Tosti.


The following was contained in a post-em by Curt Hofemann,

aka: Haraldr Grenske Guðrøðarson of Vestfold

Apparently it's "Grenlander" not Greenlander: [Note: I am sure that Curt is correct in this, but Ancestral Roots, Turton, and other sources seem to Anglicize his name to "Greenlander".]

Harald Grenske (Grenske is a derivation for Grenland, which is a district in southern Telemark County) [Ref: Medieval Scandanavia:]

Harald Grenlander (or Grenske), a subking in Grenland. Grenland is in southern Telemark County, around the cities of Porsgrund and Skien. [Ref: Hevard Moe 17 Jan1996 msg to Gen-Medieval]

Harald was a local king in Vestfold, but what he liked best was to go on Viking journeys to the East. He was also unfaithful to his wife Åsta. While he was staying in Sweden, he made a proposal of marriage to Sigrid Storråde. She refused. But when he kept on insisting, she saw to it that he was burnt to death in his room. When this happened Åsta was pregnant with Olav. [Ref: Saint Olav - King of Norway:]

Following is from Brian Stewart at citing: Heimskringla, Saga of Harald Grafeld and of Earl Hakon son of Sigurd:

0960: was made Underking of several Norwegian regions by Harald "Bluetooth" of Denmark summer 0963: fled to the Uplands, and with him his foster-brother Hrane Vidforle (the Far-travelled), and a few people sent to be fostered to Grenland to a lenderman called Hroe the White hunted by Eirik's sons (Harald Grafell, etc;) and was urged to to leave the country, and he therefore went eastward into Svithjod, and sought shipmates, that he might enter into company with those who went out a cruising to gather property, becoming in this way a remarkably able man

0965-0966: spent two years in the Upplands
0967-0972: spent five years in the abode of Skoglar-Toste, with whom he cruised in the summers


469893977. Estrid (Asta\Asted) GUDBRANDSDOTTIR is printed as #58736789.


469894144. Imar King Of WATERFORD King Of Dublin was born about 935 in Waterford, Ireland. He died 1000. [Parents]


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