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ROGERS and RODGERS families in the 1871 census of London, currently covering  the census areas of:


Some of the original films are hard to read so I cannot guarantee accuracy. Please use this as a guide only and check originals for confirmation. If they have a question mark (?) beside them it means that it is the best guess I can make.

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16 Ely Place Shoreditch RG10/462

James ROGERS head wid 44 boot finisher Clerkenwell
James ROGERS son um 15 boot finisher Shoreditch
Elizabeth ROGERS dau  17 sewer Shoreditch
Emma ROGERS dau  12 scholar Shoreditch
Elizabeth PORTER visitor wid 41 mantle maker Shoreditch
Eliza PORTER visitor um 22 mantle maker Shoreditch

6 Axe Place Shoreditch RG10/462

Hannah ROGERS head wid 55  Southwark
William WATKINS son nm 35 waiter Shoreditch
Henry ROGERS son um 18 bootmaker Shoreditch
Rosa ROGERS dau um 15 machinist Shoreditch

79 Phillips St Shoreditch RG10/462

Robert ROGERS head m 28 bootmaker Shoreditch
Elizabeth ROGERS wife m 26  Shoreditch
John ROGERS son  5  Shoreditch
James ROGERS son  3  Shoreditch
Charles ROGERS son  2  Shoreditch
George PLANK Brother in Law um 15  Shoreditch

39 Canal Road Shoreditch RG10/463

Frederick ROGERS head m 30 plasterer Kingsland
Mary Ann ROGERS wife m 33  Hackney
William F ROGERS son  1  Shoreditch

25 Canal Road Shoreditch RG10/463

John P ROGERS head m 25 cabinet maker Shoreditch
Mary ROGERS wife m 23  Shoreditch
John ROGERS son  4  Shoreditch
William ROGERS son  11 mths  Shoreditch

1 Westmoreland St Shoreditch RG10/463

Samuel ROGERS head m 33 tyre(?) smith Bristol  Gl
Ann ROGERS wife m 30  Wargreave Berkshire
William E ROGERS son  11  Arborfield Berkshire
Thomas ROGERS son  9  Lambeth Surrey
Alfred ROGERS son  7  St Lukes
Henry ROGERS son  5  Bethnal Green
Francis ROGERS son  4  Bethnal Green
Herbert ROGERS son  2  Shoreditch
Walter ROGERS son  3 mths  Shoreditch

7 Westmoreland St Shoreditch RG10/463

Edward ROGERS head m 24 machine Ruler Shoreditch
Caroline ROGERS wife m 27  Shoreditch

17 Brunswick St Shoreditch RG10/464

William ROGERS head m 43 Lathe Renderer Stepney
Prudence ROGERS wife m 42  Holborn
Prudence ROGERS dau  12  Bethnal Green
John C ROGERS son  11  Bethnal Green
Adolphous ROGERS son  9  Bethnal Green
Robert ROGERS son  7  Bethnal Green
Daniel ROGERS son  5  Bethnal Green
William ROGERS son  4  Shoreditch
Lydia ROGERS dau  2  Shoreditch

37 Brunswick St Shoreditch RG10/464

John ROGERS head m 39 shoemaker Hinnerton Somerset
Margaret ROGERS wife m 40  Salisbury Wilts
William J ROGERS son um 17 tin man Shoreditch
Louise ROGERS dau  13  Shoreditch
Frederick ROGERS son  9  Shoreditch
Laura ROGERS dau  6  Shoreditch
Rosa E ROGERS dau  1  Shoreditch

70 Weymouth St Shoreditch RG10/464

Charles ROGERS head m 36 cigar maker Hardfordshire(?)
Mary Ann ROGERS wife m 37  Clerkenwell
Charles ROGERS son  13 errand boy St Pancras
Emily M.A ROGERS dau  10  Haggerstone
William ROGERS son  9  Bloomsbury
Ellen ROGERS dau  5  Shoreditch
Esther ROGERS dau  3  Shoreditch
Ernest ROGERS son  4 mths  Shoreditch

103 Brunswick St  Shoreditch RG10/465

James ROGERS head m 42 ganger Shoreditch
Ellen ROGERS wife m 40  Shoreditch
Lucy E ROGERS dau  12  Shoreditch
James ROGERS son  10  Shoreditch
Alice ROGERS dau  7  Shoreditch
William C ROGERS son  5  Shoreditch
Catherine ROGERS dau  3  Shoreditch
William Abbott lodger m 35 cabinet maker Finsbury
Sarah Ann Abbott wife m 36  L????town
Alice D Abbott dau  7mths  Shoreditch

19 Ormsby St  Shoreditch RG10/465

Joseph ROGERS head m 27 painter Shoreditch
Elizabeth ROGERS wife m 26  Bristol  Glou

49 Mansfield St Shoreditch RG10/465

Andrew ROGERS head m 43 licenced victualler Failswoth Lancs
Mary ROGERS wife m 45  Salford Lincs

56 Hows St Shoreditch

Shoreditch RG10/465
William ROGERS head m 50 gasfitter Croydon Surrey
Ruth ROGERS wife m 52  Middlesex
Caroline R ROGERS dau  15 scholar Kingsland Rd
Robert G Dickenson gson  2  Upper Clapton

11 Brunswick Square Shoreditch RG10/465

John Ridley head  m 71 cooper Whitechapel
Maria Ridley wife m 64  Bethnal Green
Maria ROGERS dau wid 44 midwife Spitalfields
Maria ROGERS gdau um 22  Shoreditch

2 Brillauria Cott  Shoreditch RG10/466

James ROGERS head m 39 railway porter Prinner Middlesex
Emily ROGERS wife m 30 housekeeper Shoreditch
Harry ROGERS son  1  Shoreditch

St Leonards Workhouse  Shoreditch RG10/467

Fanny ROGERS Inmate M 71 Charwoman Worksop Notts

14 New Inn Yard Shoreditch  RG10/437

John ROGERS head M 32 Manager in cigar trade St Martins in the Fields  Msx
Charlotte ROGERS Wife M 27  Norwich St Peters
Alice ROGERS Dau  8  Shoreditch
Arthur ROGERS Son  6  Bethnal Green
Walter ROGERS Son   4  Shoreditch

8 Union Cres Shoreditch RG10/441

William ROGERS Head M 40 Storekeeper Collington Notts
Martha ROGERS Wife M 28  Roushall(?) Kent
Frank ROGERS son  10 scholar Aldershot Hants
Victor ROGERS Son  8 Scholar Aldershot Hants
Vernon ROGERS Son  4  Bermondsey Surrey

71 Paul St Shoreditch RG10/443

Sarah ROGERS Servant Um 20 Domestic servant Framington Bucks

7G Leonards St Shoreditch RG10/443

Frederick Gracie Head M 65 Selling wax matches Holborn
Richard Gracie Son Um 20 Messenger Shoreditch
Maria Gracie Wife M 63  Devonshire
Rebecca Gracie Dau Um 23  Shoreditch
Matilda ROGERS Gdau  15  Woolwich Kent

26 Curtain Rd Shoreditch RG10/438

Michael ROGERS Head W 35 Warehouse labourer NK
John ROGERS Son  14 Errand boy NK

196 High St Shoreditch RG10/438

Joseph Newland Head M 45 Wine merchant Peterton Warwick(?)
Emma E Newland Wife M 32  Longhton Essex
Arthur Gulpin Cousin Um 20 Assistant London
Mary L ROGERS Cousin Um 20  Longhton Essex

91 Paul St Shoreditch RG10/438

George ROGERS Head M 49 Gold beater Shoreditch
Elizabeth ROGERS Wife m 48  Framfield Sussex
Edward ROGERS Son  14 Errand boy St Lukes  msx
Thomas ROGERS Son  12 Scholar St Lukes  msx
Sarah ROGERS Dau  9 scholar St Lukes  msx

2 Castle St Shoreditch RG10/438

Joseph B ROGERS Head M 38 Cabinet carver London city
Charlotte ROGERS Wife M 38 Tailoress Bethnal Green
Ernest ROGERS Son  9 Scholar Shoreditch
Joseph W ROGERS Son  5 Scholar Shoreditch
Ann C ROGERS Dau  3  Shoreditch

23 Clifton St North Shoreditch RG10/439

George ROGERS Head M 48 Tailor Huntlet Yorks
Elizabeth ROGERS Wife M 40  Exeter Devon
William ROGERS Son  7  Islington msx

3 Dyers St Shoreditch RG10/440

John ROGERS Head M 44 Bricklayer labourer Ireland
Ann ROGERS Wife M 40  Ireland
John ROGERS Son  10  Shoreditch
William ROGERS Son  1  Shoreditch

25 Earl St  Shoreditch RG10/440

George ROGERS Head M  69 Shopman Shropshire
Frances ROGERS Wife M 60  Surrey

64 Shaftsbury St Shoreditch RG10/444

Elizabeth ROGERS Mother Wid 79 Retired colormaker Little Snoring Norfolk
Lucy ROGERS Gdau  14 Scholar St Lukes
Lillian Buckley Wife M 23 Travellers wife Eglau (?) Surrey
Richard Buckley Son  2  Islington

16 Walbrook St Shoreditch RG10/444

George ROGERS Head M 26 Porter (unemployed) Cripplegate
Elizabeth ROGERS Wife M 25  Cripplegate
Serina ROGERS Dau  5  Cripplegate
Alice ROGERS Dau  7  Cripplegate

14 Curzon St Shoreditch RG10/445

Thomas ROGERS Head M 52 Cooper Siverbourne Bucks
Jane ROGERS Wife M 58  Prescot Lancs
Jane ROGERS Dau Um 21  Shoreditch

2a Shaftsbury St Shoreditch RG10/445

Henry ROGERS Head Wid 31 Coachman Shoreditch
Mary A ROGERS Dau  8  Shoreditch
Mary A ROGERS Mother Wid 69  Hampstead

35 Herbert St Shoreditch RG10/446

Phillip ROGERS Head M 30 Traveler in jewelry Lambeth
Matilda ROGERS Wife M 29  Bristol

38 Murray St Shoreditch RG10/446

Arthur ROGERS Head M 41 Brass finisher St Pancras
Eliza ROGERS Wife M 41  St Pancras
Louiza ROGERS Dau  12 Scholar  St Pancras
George ROGERS Son  7 Scholar  St Pancras
Emma ROGERS Dau  6 Scholar  St Pancras
James ROGERS Son  4 Scholar  St Pancras
Mause(?) ROGERS Dau  2  Shoreditch

4 Turners Place Shoreditch RG10/448

George W ROGERS Head M 35 House painter Bath Somerset
Caroline ROGERS Wife M 32  Bath Somerset
Thomas W ROGERS Son  12 At work Bath Somerset
Rebecca F ROGERS Dau  9 scholar Bath Somerset
George ROGERS Son  8 Scholar Shoreditch
John C ROGERS Son  6 Scholar Shoreditch
Elizabeth C ROGERS Dau  4  Shoreditch
Albert J ROGERS Son  4 mths  Shoreditch

54 Moneyer St Shoreditch RG10/449

Thomas ROGERS Head M 76 Annuitant City

121 Brittannia St Shoreditch RG10/449

John ROGERS Head M 56 Commission Agent Westminster
Julia ROGERS Wife M 57 Furrier Dublin Ireland
Catherine ROGERS Dau Um 19 Furrier St Lukes
Jessie ROGERS Dau Um 16 Furrier St Lukes

Also at this address:
/ William ROGERS Head M 20 Porter St Lukes
Elizabeth ROGERS Wife M 26  Leicester

7 Mora Place Shoreditch RG10/449

Henry ROGERS Head M 32 Cordwainer St Lukes
Ellen ROGERS Wife M 37  Chelsea
Edward ROGERS Son Um 18 Labourer Chelsea

85 East St Shoreditch RG10/450

Peter Turrell Head M 41 Boot/shoe maker Bethnal Green
Eliza Turrell Wife M 41  Shoreditch
Eliza Ham Turrell Dau Um 18  Shoreditch
Annie Elizabeth Turrell Dau  15  Shoreditch
Peter Frederick Turrell Son  6  Shoreditch
Louisa ROGERS Neice  29 Upholsterer Shoreditch
William ROGERS Nephew  9 Scholar Shoreditch

13 East Rd Seffridges Buildings Shoreditch RG10/450

William ROGERS Lodger  30 Hatter Middlesex

15 Bevenden St Shoreditch RG10/450

Mary A ROGERS Head Wid 42  Bangsbrook Beds
William ROGERS Son Um 26 Bookbinder St Lukes
George ROGERS Son Um 15  Lewisham Kent
Eliza ROGERS Dau  12  Lewisham Kent
Benjamin ROGERS Son  11  Lewisham Kent
Charles A ROGERS Son  5  Middlesex

26 Haberdasher St Shoreditch RG10/450

Thomas ROGERS Head M 24 Bookbinder Westminster
Sarah ROGERS Wife M 24  Westminster

71 Buttesland St Hoxton RG10/451

Margaret ROGERS Head Wid 55 Stays maker Southwark
John ROGERS Son Um 22 Upholsterer Southshields Durham

9 Buttesland St Hoxton RG10/451

Edward ROGERS Head M 35 Cabinet maker Walsall Staffs
Mary A ROGERS Wife M 29  St Lukes

1 Brunswick Place Hoxton RG10/451

Catherine ROGERS Head Wid 44 Dressmaker Shoreditch
Florence ROGERS Dau  13 Dressmaker Shoreditch

Holborn Union Workhouse RG10/452

? ROGERS Pauper Wid 64 Needle St Lukes

5 Queen St Pitfield St Hoxton RG10/453

Thomas ROGERS Head M 70 General dealer Shoreditch
Jane ROGERS Wife M 70  Rochester Kent

2 Pimlico Walk Hoxton RG10/454

Thomas William ROGERS Head M 41 Bill poster Shoreditch
Eliza ROGERS Wife M 43  Shoreditch
Frances Sarah ROGERS Dau Um 17  Shoreditch
Thomas Benjamen ROGERS  Son  15  Shoreditch
Robert John ROGERS Son  13  Shoreditch
John Burton ROGERS Son  7  Shoreditch
William George ROGERS Son  5  Shoreditch
George ROGERS Son  3  Shoreditch
Ellen Charlotte ROGERS Dau  6 mths  Shoreditch

6 Myrtle St Hoxton RG10/454

Thomas James ROGERS Head M 42 Optician Shoreditch
Matilda ROGERS Wife M 38 Milliner Clerkenwell
Herbert Sidney ROGERS Son  13  Shoreditch
Kate Florence ROGERS Dau  8 Scholar Shoreditch
Marien Jessie ROGERS Dau  4  Shoreditch
Ellen Hannah ROGERS Dau  3  Shoreditch
Martha Ann ROGERS Dau  8mths  Shoreditch
Samuel Marsten Visitor m 68 Retired leather tanner Truro Cornwall
Sarah Marsten Visitor M 65  Billerscay Essex

187 Hoxton St Hoxton RG10/454

Maria ROGERS Servant Um 31 General servant Shoreditch

4 New Gloucester St Hoxton RG10/455

William ROGERS Head M 30 Ostrich feather manufacturer Middlesex
Ellen ROGERS Wife M 27  Middlesex
Ellen ROGERS Dau  3  Hoxton
Emma ROGERS Dau  6mths  Hoxton

54 Alma St Hoxton RG10/456

William E ROGERS Head M 28 Solicitors General clerk London City
Emily A ROGERS Wife M 21  London City
William C ROGERS Son  7mths  Shoreditch
Richard ROGERS Brother Um 21 Auctioneers assistant St Pancras

66 Alma St Hoxton RG10/456

Thomas ROGERS Head M 34 Scenic artist Deptford Kent
Lavinia ROGERS Wife M 32  Stenning Sussex
Thomas J ROGERS Son  8  Plymouth Devon
Arthur C ROGERS Son  5  Hoxton
Frances L ROGERS Dau  3  Hoxton
Edgar E ROGERS Son  1  Hoxton

61 Buckland Rd Hoxton RG10/456

John ROGERS Lodger Um 40 Brewers Clerk Tottenham MSX

84 New North Rd Hoxton RG10/457

Theodore A ROGERS Head M 34 Commercial traveler Islington
Matilda ROGERS Wife M 25  Deptford kent
Robert ROGERS Son  6  Islington
Ada ROGERS Dau  4  Hackney
Theodore A ROGERS Son  1  Hackney

26 Salisbury St RG10/457

Maria ROGERS Lodger Wid 67 Straw bonnet maker Camberwell Surrey

95 Bridport St RG10/457

Samuel ROGERS Head Wid 57 Cheesemonger Essex

43 Dorchester St RG10/457

Mary Ann ROGERS Lodger Wid 34 Milliner Clerkenwell

18 Rushton St RG10/458

Alfred H ROGERS Head M 26 Ironmongers salesman Shoreditch
Sarah E ROGERS Wife M 23 Milliner Shoreditch
Elizabeth  ROGERS Dau  8mths  Shoreditch

57 Newton St RG10/458

David RODGERS Head M 43 Engine filtter Shoreditch
Jane RODGERS Wife M 41  Shoreditch
John RODGERS Son  15 Scholar Shoreditch
Sarah RODGERS Dau  12 Scholar Shoreditch
Eliza RODGERS Dau  9 Scholar Shoreditch
Edward RODGERS Son  7 Scholar Shoreditch

64 Newton St RG10/458

James ROGERS Head M 32 Printers machine fitter Shoreditch
Susannah ROGERS Wife M 26  Shoreditch
Edward ROGERS  Son  13  Shoreditch
Emily ROGERS Dau  11  Shoreditch
Eileen (?) ROGERS Dau  9  Shoreditch
Lizzie ROGERS Dau  6  Shoreditch

27 Gopsall St RG10/458

Joseph ROGERS Lodger m 61 Ivory Worker London City
Annie ROGERS Wife M 62  Plymouth Devon
Annie E ROGERS Dau Um 34 Mantle maker London City

5 Baring St RG10/459

James ROGERS  Wid 68 Carpenter ?
120 St Johns Rd RG10/459
Henry George ROGERS Head M 26 Dairyman St Martins Middlesex
Elizabeth ROGERS Wife M 24  St George
Henry D ROGERS Son  5  St Leonards
Albert E ROGERS Son  3  Penge Surrey
Anthony ROGERS Son  1mth  Hoxton
Frederick ROGERS Son  1mth  Hoxton

295 Hoxton St RG10/459

Ann ROGERS Servant Um 16 Domestic servant Great Leighs Essex

6 Harvey St RG10/460

William ROGERS Boarder Um 55 Labourer St Lukes

17 Hyde St RG10/460

William ROGERS Head M 35 Bootmaker Surrey
Mary ROGERS Wife M 28  Richmond Surrey

14 Branch Rd RG10/460

Cornelius ROGERS Lodger Um 20 Plasterer Shoreditch

18 Mill Rd RG10/463

John Wise  Head M 31 Coal porter Shoreditch
Mary Ann Wise Wife M 35  Shoreditch
Robert ROGERS Stepson  7  Shoreditch

14 Maria St RG10/463

George Stamp? Head M 57 French polisher St pancreas
Ann Stamp? Wife M 47  Colton? Hants
Edwin Stamp? Son Um 20 French polisher Shoreditch
? Son  16 French polisher Shoreditch
Albert? Stamp? Son  12 Scholar Shoreditch
Mario Stamp? Son  18 Imbecile Shoreditch
Emma ROGERS Gdau  2  Mt Hollow Jersey

14 Fellows St RG10/464

George ROGERS Head M 41 Cabinet Maker Shoredtch
Rosina ROGERS Wife M 42  Paddington
George ROGERS Son  13 Scholar Shoreditch
Elizabeth ROGERS Dau  10 Scholar Shoreditch
William ROGERS Son  7 Scholar Shoreditch
Annie ROGERS Dau  5 Scholar Shoreditch

6 Main St RG10/468

John ROGERS Head M 36 Maker silk & Velvet Bethnal Green
Emma ROGERS Wife M 36 Washerwoman Shoreditch
John ROGERS Son  10  Shoreditch
George ROGERS Son  8  Shoreditch
Henry ROGERS Son  4  Shoreditch
Emma ROGERS Dau  2  Shoreditch
Frederick ROGERS Son  2 mths  Shoreditch

28 Margaret St Shoreditch RG10/469

William ROGERS Head M 38 Carman Hackney
Esther ROGERS Wife M 27  Norfolk
Charles W ROGERS Son  2  Norfolk

41 Margaret St Shoreditch RG10/469

Nathaniel ROGERS Head M 63 Pewterer St James Msx
Ann ROGERS Wife M 67 Dressmaker Bishopsgate

267 Hackney Rd Shoreditch RG10/470

William ROGERS Head M 29 Pewterer Bethnal Green
Eliza ROGERS Wife M 30  Shoreditch
William ROGERS Son  3 (?)  Bethnal Green
Eliza A ROGERS Dau  7  Bethnal Green
Albert ROGERS Son  1  Bethnal Green
Walter ROGERS Son  1mth  Bethnal Green

59 Queens Rd Shoreditch RG10/471

Alfred ROGERS Head M 49 Baker confectioner Moldash Kent
Harriet ROGERS Wife M 50  Moldash Kent
Alfred ROGERS Son Um 20 Merchants clerk Clerkenwell
Frederick ROGERS Son Um 18 Warehouse clerk Clerkenwell
Ann ROGERS Dau  22  Clerkenwell
Charlotte Gullages Servant Um 16 General servant Shoreditch

12 Sampson Terrace Mastboss? buildings RG10/472

Samuel ROGERS Head M 26 Commercial Traveller Bethnal Green
Sophia ROGERS Wife M 28  Holland
Annie ROGERS Dau  9  Shoreditch
George ROGERS Son M 7  Forest Gate Essex
Lydia Hoskens Sister in law  14 Goldbeater Shoreditch


Nichols Row Bethnal Green RG10/474

Thomas ROGERS Lodger Um 21 Labourer Shoreditch

11 Turville St Bethnal Green RG10/474

Henry ROGERS Head Wid 47 Candle maker Chersey Msx
Henry Charles ROGERS Son Um 21 Able manager Marylebone
Sarah Sophia ROGERS Dau Um 18 French polisher Shoreditch
Mary Ann ROGERS Dau Um 12 Scholar Bethnal Green
Charlotte Devine  Visitor Um 45 Hawker Bethnal Green
Samuel Devine Visitor Um 18 Hawker Bethnal Green
Charlotte Devine Visitor Um 16 Domestic Servant Bethnal Green

21 Cresent Place Bethnal Green RG10/475

Sarah ROGERS Boarder  44 Fancy trimmings maker Bethnal Green

15 Queen Street Bethnal Green RG10/476

John ROGERS Head M 33 Beer House Manager Whitechapel
Annie ROGERS Wife M 30  Whitechapel
Annie ROGERS Dau  13  Bethnal Green
George ROGERS Son  8  Bethnal Green
Alfred ROGERS Son  5  Bethnal Green
Emily ROGERS Dau  3  Bethnal Green
Alice ROGERS Dau  1  Bethnal Green
Albert ROGERS Brother Um 24 Servant Shoreditch

12 Henrietta St Bethnal Green RG10/476

Hannah ROGERS Head Wid 52  St Lukes
Eliza ROGERS Dau Um 22 Fancy box maker St Lukes
Joseph ROGERS Son Um 19 Cooper St Lukes
John Cunham     -  - 7mths  St Lukes

8 Providence St Bethnal Green RG10/477

John Gagler(?) Head M 35 Coal dealer Shoreditch
Mary A Gagler Wife M 48  Cheshire Herts
Abigail ROGERS Sister Um 14  Cheshire Herts

88 Ravenscroft St Bethnal Green RG10/477

Thomas ROGERS  Head M 50 General Dealer Shoreditch
Charlotte ROGERS Wife M 48 Silk winder Bethnal Green
Charlotte ROGERS Dau  8 Scholar Bethnal Green

4 Mariner Place Bethnal Green RG10/479

William Hall Head M 20 Hatter Hindley Lincs
Cecelia(?)  Hall Wife M 21 Hatters machinist Bristol
Edward Hall Son  1  London
Martha Jane ROGERS Lodger Um 15 Wife’s companion Bristol

11 Teale St Bethnal Green RG10/480

William ROGERS Head M 57 Bricklayer Hackney
Mary ROGERS Wife M 50  Shoreditch
Alfred ROGERS Son Um 25 French polisher Bethnal Green
Emma ROGERS Dau Um 17 H? fitter Bethnal Green
Charles ROGERS Son  15 Errand boy Bethnal Green
Edward ROGERS Son  13 Errand Boy Bethnal Green
Elizabeth ROGERS Dau  11  Bethnal Green
James ROGERS Son  8  Bethnal Green

23 Anns Place Bethnal Green RG10/480

Jonathon ROGERS Head M 59 Pianoforte case maker journeyman Kersizes(?) Wilts
Mary A ROGERS Wife M 64  Liverpool Lancs
Jane ROGERS Dau Um 29 Actress St George Hanover Square
Mary A ROGERS Dau Um 27 Boot machinist St George Hanover Square
Harry ROGERS Son Um 22 Musician St George Hanover Square

415 Hackney Rd Bethnal Green RG10/480

Edward ROGERS Head M 53 Master brushmaker employs 1 man & 1 boy. City of London
Sophia A ROGERS Wife M 51  Covent Gardens
Edgar ROGERS Son Um 20 Clerk Mercantile Shoreditch
Walter ROGERS Son Um 18 Apprentice brushmaker Shoreditch
Alice C ROGERS Dau Um 16  Bethnal Green
Arthur E ROGERS Son  12 Scholar Bethnal Green

32 Ames St Bethnal Green RG10/481

Emma ROGERS Servant Um 17 Domestic Servant Limehouse

2 Havelock Place Bethnal Green RG10/482

Alfred ROGERS Boarder U/m 28 Labourer Braceirkie(?) Essex

46 Wellington St Bethnal Green RG10/482

John ROGERS Head M 50 Engine Fitter Bishopsgate
Mary A ROGERS Wife M 49  Bethnal Green
John ROGERS Son Um 28 Engine fitter Shoreditch
Mary ROGERS Dau Um 24 Machinist Bethnal Green
Emily ROGERS Dau Um 22  Bethnal Green
David ROGERS Son UM 18 Engineers apprentice Bethnal Green
Lydia ROGERS Dau Um 16 Pupil teacher Bethnal Green
Alice ROGERS Dau  13 Scholar Bethnal Green

2  Beulah Cottage Bethnal Green RG10/482

Frederick RODGERS Head M 34 Chair maker Shoreditch
Maragaret RODGERS Wife M 36  Westminster
Marggaret RODGERS Dau  8 Scholar Bethnal Green
Martha Jane RODGERS Dau  6 Scholar St Lukes
Matilda RODGERS Dau  5 Scholar Bethnal Green
Elizabeth RODGERS Dau  2  Bethnal Green

6 Kenilworth Rd Bethnal Green RG10/483

James ROGERS Head Wid 67 Retired hairdresser Blackfriars
Isabella ROGERS Dau Um 26 Machinist Shoreditch

103 Roman Rd Bethnal Green RG10/484

George Rogers Lodger M 27 - -
Mary ROGERS Wife M 27 - -

76 Antill Rd Bethnal Green RG 10/484

Mary Ann ROGERS Head Wid 59 Nurse Bethnal Green
John James ROGERS Son Um 31 Mercantile clerk Bethnal Green
Chas Joseph Wood Visitor Um 23 Mercantile clerk Gravesend Kent
Saml Wood Visitor Um 62 Labourer Bethnal Green

1 Lessada St Bethnal Green RG10/484

Sarah ROGERS Lodger Wid 81 - Horeselydown Surrey

59 Totty St Bethnal Green RG10/484

Benjamin R ROGERS Head M 52 Fat melter (unemployed) Shadwell
Sarah ROGERS Wife M 53  Stepney
Maria A ROGERS Dau Um 22  Stepney
Benjamin ROGERS Son Um 19 Cashier at upholsterers Stepney

22 Hamilton Rd Bethnal Green RG10/484

Ann ROGERS Head Wid 63 Laundress Sevenoaks Kent
Henry ROGERS Son Um 20 Butcher Islington


187 High St Stoke Newington – Invalid Asylum    RG10/309

Ann ROGERS    Head    Um    55    Matron    Guilsfield Montgomeryshire

Northumberland House – Lunatic Asylum    RH10/309

Frederick Arthur ROGERS    Patient    M    45    Formerly clerk (lunatic)    Pimlico Middlesex

1 Percy Cottages Stoke Newington    RG10/309

Arthur ROGERS    Head    Wid    42    Warehouseman    Norwich Norfolk
Arthur Percival ROGERS    Son        11        Islington
Stanley ROGERS    Son        9        Islington
Emily Athon ROGERS    Dau        4        Stoke Newington
Elizabeth Heald    Serv        64    Housekeeper    Lambeth
Mary Black    Serv        22    Domsetic Servant    Kent

26 Church St Stoke Newington    RG10/309

Mary Ann Lister    Widow    Wid    64    Retired    Huntingdonshire
James ROGERS    Son    Um    30    Chemist    Lambeth
Elizabeth ROGERS    Dau    Um    28        Lambeth

1 Paradise St Hackney    RG10/310

Esther ROGERS    Serv        21    Servant    Westbrook Suffolk

43 Stoke Newington Rd     RG10/310

Frederick R ROGERS    Head    um     26    Brokers Clerk    Bishopsgate
Sarah L ROGERS    Sister    Um    33    Stay Maker    Clerkenwell
Martha J ROGERS    Sister    Um    24    Stay maker    Bishopsgate
Emma E ROGERS    Sister    Um    22    Staymaker    Bishopsgate
Edward S ROGERS    Brother    Um    20    Silk mercers clerk    Bishopsgate
Annie R ROGERS    Sister    Um    15    Scholar    Bishopsgate
Friend D Jesbury    Visitor    Um    20    Tobacconist    Bishopsgate

54 Albion Rd Stoke Newington    RG10/311

Amelia ROGERS    Nurse    Um    28    Nurse    Brighton Sussex

5 Warwick Rd Hackney    RG10/312

Susannah ROGERS    Serv    Um    24    Housemaid    Walmer Kent

3 Augusta Place High Hill Ferry Hackney    RG10/312

George ROGERS    Head    M    48    Gardener    Midhurst Sussex
Frances ROGERS    Wife    M    49    Gardener    Spinny Sussex

The Weavers Arms Bridge Rd Stamford Hill    RG10/312

Ellen RODGERS    Servant    Um    16    General Sevant    Cheskapt (?) Herts

2 Sydney Place Stamford Hill    RG10/312

Elizabeth ROGERS    servant    Um    14    General Servant    Cripplegate

Charlton House Stamford Hill     RG10/312

(Alternate spellings of ROGERS/RODGERS per original)

Andrew RODGERS    Head    M    48    Inspector of Brickworks    Wickham
Esther RODGERS    Wife    M    47        Portsea
Andrew RODGERS    Son    Um    22    Bricklayer    Portsmouth
Esther RODGERS    Dau    Um    20        Portsmouth
Mary Ann RODGERS    Dau        15        Deptford Kent
Ellen RODGERS    Dau        11        Chatham
Charles ROGERS    Son        11        Chatham
Fanny ROGERS    Dau        -        Lewisham
John RODGERS    Brother    Um    23    Bricklayers labourman    Wickham
Samuel Ewes    Brother in law    M    33    Bricklayers labourman    Portsmouth

106 High St Stoke Newington    RG10/313

Silas ROGERS    Head    M    52    Weslyan Chapel School keeper    L. Gaddesden Herts
Narcissa ROGERS    Wife    M    50        Sevagiby(?) Cornwall
Paul ROGERS    Son    Um    19    Mercantile clerk    Stoke Newington
James ROGERS    Son        13    Scholar    Stoke Newington

150 High St Stoke Newington    RG10/313

Mary ROGERS    Mother    Wid    59    Sadle and harness maker    Witham Essex
Joseph ROGERS    Son    Um    34    Assistant sadle and harness maker    West Hackney
Thomas John ROGERS    Son    Um    30    As above    West Hackney
Amelia ROGERS    Dau    Um    21        West Hackney
Emily ROGERS    Dau    Um    16        West Hackney
Henry John Salter    Grandson        3        West Hackney
Jane ROGERS    Visitor    -    53        Hoxton

2 Fairleigh Rd Hackney    RG10/314

Erastus ROGERS    Head    M    58    Provisions Merchant    Artillery Ground Middlesex
Ann ROGERS    Wife    M    47        St Ann’s Blackfriar
Erastus ROGERS    Son    Um    24    Merchants clerk    West Hackney
Ann ROGERS    Dau    Um    22        West Hackney
Sarah ROGERS    Dau    Um    16    Scholar    West Hackney
George ROGERS    Son        12    Scholar    West Hackney
Harriet Long    Servant    Um    30    General domestic servant    Horton Oxford

55 Sandringham Rd Hackney    RG10/315

Richard ROGERS    Lodger    Um    21    Warehouseman     (?)     Bucks

81 Kingsland (High St)    RG10/315

Eliza A ROGERS    Servant    um    19    Cook    Hackney

60 Englefield Rd Hackney    RG10/317

George W ROGERS    Head    M    30    Wine/Beer merchant (employing 4 men)    City Middlesex
Julia ROGERS    Wife    M    30        Clerkenwell
Rebecca Dines    Servant        15    General Domestic    Hoxton

11 Upton Grove Hackney    RG10/317

Eliza ROGERS    Serv    Um    20    Domestic servant    Wapping

16 Empire Rd Hackney    RG10/319

Mary ROGERS    Head    M    49    Annuitant    Kinsale Ireland
Charles ROGERS    Son    Um    27    Clerk    Hitchin Herts

29 Ufton(?) Rd Hackney    RG10/319

Garline Child     Head    Wid    43 (f)    Annuitant    Strand
George Child    Son    Um    23    printer    St George
Henry Child    Son    Um    19    Artist    St John
Jessie Child    Dau    Um    17    Milliner    Franborn
Arthur Child    Son        12    Artist    Lambeth
Alvira Child    Dau        9    Scholar    Hampstead
Henry Child    Son        8    Scholar    Grays Inn
Susan ROGERS    Mother    Wid    76    Annuitant    Manchester
Mary George    Visitor    Um    23    Bookfolder    Stepney


53 Kent Rd Southwark    RG10/599

John ROGERS    Head    M    34    Brushmaker    Spitalfields Middlesex
Emma ROGERS    Wife    M    30        Kent St Southwark
Lizzie ROGERS    Dau        7mths        Kent St Southwark

16/18 Mint St Southwark    RG10/598

Richard ROGERS        25        labourer    (no other details)

207 High St Southwark    RG10/598

Joseph ROGERS    Shopman    Um    19    Greengrocers shopman    Wandsworth

11 Georges Place Southwark    RG10/598

George ROGERS    Head    M    41    Warehouseman    Brighton Sussex
Ann ROGERS    Wife    M    41        Brighton Sussex
Alice ROGERS    Dau        4        St George Southwark

93 Gt Guildfort St Southwark    RG10/597

James RODGERS    Head    M    31    Boilermaker    Colchester
Delia RODGERS    Wife    M    33        London
Elizabeth RODGERS    Dau        10    School    London
Matilda RODGERS    Dau        8    School    London

11 Emmerson Place Southwark    RG10/597

Mary RODGERS    Lodger    Um    19    Collar maker    Lambeth

61 King St Southwark    RG10/597

Frank ROGERS    Head    M    34    Harness maker employing 2 men and 1 boy    Arington(?) Isle of Wight
Elizabeth ROGERS    Wife    M    43        Southwark
George Gorson(?)    Son in law    Um    18    Harness maker    Bermondsey
Walter Gorson(?)    Son in law    Um    15    Clerk    Bermondsey
Arthur Claire(?)    Grandson        3        Bermondsey
Harriet Beecham    Servant    Um    15    Domestic servant    Bermondsey

1 Park St Southwark    RG10/597

Elizabeth ROGERS    Servant    Um    25    Domestic servant    Goudhurst Kent

18 Red Cross St Southwark    Rg10/597

Christian ROGER    Head    M    31    Baker employing 1 man    Germany
Elizabeth ROGER    Wife    M    25        Bermondsey
Elizabeth ROGER    Dau        11 mths        Middlesex

92 Union St Southwark    RG10/596

Daniel ROGERS    Head    -    54    Cabinet maker    Buckinghamshire

46 Castle St Southwark    RG10/596

Ann ROGERS    Head    Wid    56    Lodging house keeper    Cambridgeshire
Thomas ROGERS    Son    Um    36    Boiler fitter    Cambridgeshire
Edward ROGERS    Son    M    30    General labourer    Cambridgeshire
Mary ROGERS    Daughter in law    M    29        Cambridgeshire
Edward ROGERS    Grandson        5        Cambridgeshire
Herbert ROGERS    Grandson        4        Cambridgeshire

Mugridge Cottage Castle St Southwark    RG10/596

Mary ROGERS    Head    Wid    51     Charwoman    Southwark
William ROGERS    Son    Um    20    Confectioner    Southwark
Emma ROGERS    Dau        12        Southwark

61 Bermondsey St(?) St George Southwark    RG10/600

James ROGERS    Head    M    36    Hairdresser    Shoreditch
Sarah ROGERS    Wife    M    35        St Georges
Eliza ROGERS    Dau        7        St Georges
James ROGERS    Son        3        St Georges
William ROGERS    Son        8mths        St Georges

122 Swan St St George Southwark    Rg10/600

William J ROGERS    Head    m    25    Hairdresser    Hoxton
Rosenia(?)  ROGERS    Wife    M    30        Newcastle(?) Staffs
Stephen J ROGERS    Son        1        St Georges

116 Old Kent Rd St George Southwark    RG10/601

Henry ROGERS    Serv    Um    23    Watchmaker jobber    Hitchin Herts

4 Buchenham(?) St St George Southwark    RG10/601

Thomas ROGERS    Head    M    37    Footman    Plaxtol Kent
Ann ROGERS    Wife    M    33        Deal Kent
John ROGERS    Son        3        Southwark

Institute for Deaf and Dumb – Old Kent Rd Southwark    RG10/601

George Francis ROGERS    Scholar        10    Deaf from birth    Salisbury Wilts

103 Red Cross St Southwark    RG10/602

George ROGERS    Lodger     Um    44    Labourer    Surrey
Charles ROGERS    Lodger    Um    52    Servant    Surrey

76 Friar St Southwark    RG10/604

William J ROGERS    Head    M    48    News(?)agent    St George
Eliza ROGERS    Wife    M    46        London
William ROGERS    Son        13    Scholar    St George
Elizabeth ROGERS    Dau        10    Scholar    St George
Charles F ROGERS    Son        8    Scholar    St George
Frances Hart    Servant    Um    16    Servant    Manchester

85 Friar St Southwark    RG10/604

George ROGERS    Head    M    58    House Agent    St Albans
Mary ROGERS    Mother    Wid    81        Middlesex

5 Marten St Southwark    RG10/604

Eliza ROGERS    Head    Wid    40        Southwark
George ROGERS    Son    Um    19    Carman    Southwark
John ROGERS    Son        12    Scholar    Southwark
James ROGERS    Son        6    Scholar    Southwark

6 Bois(?) Rd Southwark    RG10/604

Betsey ROGERS    Serv    Um    13    Servant    Exeter Devon
26 Newington Causeway  St George Southwark    RG10/605
Eliza ROGERS    Serv    Wid    58    Domestic servant    Blackheath Kent

Borough School Southwark    RG10/605

Mary Ann ROGERS    Serv    Um    30    Domestic servant    St Andrews London

34 Market St St George Southwark     RG10/605

Frederick ROGERS    Head    M    41    Newsagent    Southwark
Eliza ROGERS    Wife    M    45        Nottingham
Eliza ROGERS    Dau    Um    16        Southwark
Lucy ROGERS    Dau        5        Southwark

23 Kell St St George Southwark    RG10/605

William ROGERS    Head    M    30    Shoemaker    Newington
Julia ROGERS    Wife    M    28        Newington
Julia ROGERS    Dau        9    Scholar    Newington
Ellen ROGERS    Dau        7    Scholar    Newington
Sarah ROGERS    Dau        4        Newington

St Georges Circus St Georges RdSchool for the Indigent Blind RG10/606
Elizabeth ROGERS Pupil Um 17 Pupil Rochester Kent

22 Pitt St St George RG10/607
John L RODGERS Head M 50 Master tiresmith employing 2 men Peckham Surrey
Emily M RODGERS Wife M 50  Rotherhithe Surrey

39 Hayles St St George RG10/607
G. ROGERS Head M 36 Pit sawyer Wiltshire
Elizabeth ROGERS Wife M 32 Laundress Bristol
Sarah A ROGERS Dau  13 Nurse maid London
Ann ROGERS Dau  2  London
Ruth ROGERS Dau  8mths  London

11 Elliot Place       St George RG10/607
Joseph ROGERS Head M 41 Copperplate printer
Sarah ROGERS Wife M 40
Emily ROGERS Dau Um 17 Numerical printer Middlesex
Henry ROGERS Son Um 15 Messenger Middlesex
Elizabeth ROGERS Dau  12  Surrey
Jane ROGERS Dau  8  Surrey
George ROGERS Son  5  Surrey
Louise ROGERS Dau  2  Surrey

1 Elliotts PlaceSt George RG10/607

William ROGERS Head M 39 Engine driver/stoker Middlesex
Mary ROGERS Wife M 38  Chelsea
Mary ROGERS Dau  15  Middlesex
William ROGERS Son  14  Middlesex
Edwin ROGERS Son  12  Lambeth
Alice ROGERS Dau  10  Lambeth
Charlotte ROGERS Dau  8  Lambeth
Joseph ROGERS Son  18mths  Southwark

91 St Georges RdSt George RG10/607

John ROGERS Head M 27 Clerk London
Elizabeth ROGERS Wife M 24  London

48 Webber RowSt George RG10/608

John ROGERS Head M 26 Bootmaker Westminster
Martha ROGERS Wife M 21 Bootmakers wife Westminster
William ROGERS Son  3  Westminster
Hellen ROGERS Dau  1  Westminster

4 Duke St St George Southwark RG10/608

John ROGERS Head M 45 House decorator St George in the East
Mary A ROGERS Wife M 43  Harlford? Hants
Fanny ROGERS Dau Um 19 Ostrich feather maker St James Westminster
Louisa ROGERS Dau Um 18 Ostrich feather maker St Anns Soho

283 Kent St St Mary Newington RG10/610

Charles ROGERS Head M 41 Fishmonger Portsmouth
Elizabeth ROGERS Wife M 39  Spitalfields
George ROGERS Son  4  Hackney

209 Dover St St Mary Newington RG10/610

Sarah Ann ROGERS Serv Um 12 Domestic servant Bethnal Green

83 Dover St St Mary Newington RG10/610

George ROGERS Lodger Um 60 Commercial clerk wines Strand Middlesex

2 Lawson St St Mary Newington RG10/610

Henry ROGERS Boarder M 40 Police constable Margate Kent

23 Gt Bland St St Mary Newington  RG10/610

John R ROGERS Head M 26 Prison warder Shadwell Middlesex
Maria ROGERS Wife M 26  Horsham Sussex
Annette ROGERS Dau  2  Brighton Sussex

15 Falmouth St St Mary Newington RG10/610

William L ROGERS Lodger Um 22 Law student Modbury Devonshire
Edward C ROGERS Lodger Um 20 Medical student Modbury Devonshire

27 Falmouth St St Mary Newington RG10/610

John ROGERS Head M 27 Traveller-tobacco trade Bisley Gloucester
Elizabeth ROGERS Wife M 28  Leeds Yorkshire
Janet A ROGERS Dau  2  Newington
John E ROGERS Son  1  Newington
Jacob Witts Father in law Wid 64 Retired Clothier Bisley Gloucester

24 Trinity Square St Mary Newington RG10/611

Herbert ROGERS Lodger Um 23 Teacher (A.M) Bishop Starford Herts

6 Trinity Square St Mary Newington RG10/611

Sarah Ann ROGERS Head Wid 64 ?bandage maker Surrey
William Henry ROGERS Son M 38 Agent Surrey
Salomi? ROGERS Daughter in law M 38 Corset maker Derby

165-173 Newington Causeway New Kent Rd Newington RG10/611

Harriet A ROGERS Assistant Um 28 Drapers Assistant Farnham Surrey

131 Newington Causeway New Kent Rd Newington RG10/611

Geo W ROGERS Head M 28 Clerk at brushmakers Marylebone Middlesex
Susan C ROGERS Wife M 28 Housekeeper Marylebone Middlesex
Anne Collins Serv Um 21 General Servant Newington

125 Newington Causeway New Kent Rd Newington RG10/611

Margaret E ROGERS Assistant Um 20 Drapers assistant BishopStratford Herts

142 Falmouth Rd Newington RG10/612

Sarah A ROGERS Lodger Um 54 Formerly laundress Lambeth

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