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McCullar Ancestry

presented by

Joy (Tanksley) Arter

at the

McCullar Cousins Reunion

May 10, 2013

Bokoshe, Oklahoma

Phonic Spelling -- McCullough, McColor, McCully, McColer, McCullers

Starts with the Great Great Great Grandparents of Alonzo McCullar's Grandchildren -- John Jackson's Family

Grandparents -Generation #1

William McCullough, Sr. born 1763 in Ireland. Married: Unknown

Parents-Generation #2

William McCullough, Jr. -born 1792 in North Carolina. Married: Jane Unknown n

Children of William and Unknown or Generation #1's children

1. Benjamin McCullar: born 1791 in N. Carolina died 1863. Married Susanah Pace, sister to Nancy Annie Pace.

2. George McCullar: born 1792, N. Carolina died 1891 to 1900. Married Nancy Annie Pace

3. Thomas McColer: born 1793. Married Unknown

4. William McCullough: born 1794 died before 1850. Married Jane Unknown, born 1795

5. John McColer: born 1810, Married Unknown

Generation #2's children

John Jackson's Parents and siblings: :

#4 above: William MCCullough: born 1794 died before 1850. Married Jane Unknown, born 1795


1. Thomas: born 1820 in Georgia died 1872 Montgomery Cty, AR. Married #Sarah Ann Amerson

        Their daughter Amanda Evelyn McCuilar married Oliver Ship Oees. Both are buried at New Home Cemetery, Spiro, OK. Their son Andrew "Andy" Oees married Margaret Ellen Patton. She died 1963 and is buried at Saskatchewan, Canada. Their Granddaughter Essie Mae Dees born 1909 at Wilburton, OK married Olafur Olafson. She died 2003 and he died 1958, they are both buried at Manitoba, Canada.

2. George W: born 1827 in Georgia. Married Mary Jane Unknown n

3. John Jackson: born 1829 in Georgia. Married #1 Martha McColor #2 Harriett Ellender

Great Great Grandfather of Alonzo McCullar's grandchildren

4. William A.: born? in Georgia. Married Susan Langston n

5. Benjamin: born 25 May 1830 in Georgia. Married Mary Ellender, Harriett's sister

6. Penelope Lucinda: born 1831 in Georgia. Married Thomas Martin, who drowned in Mississippi River

Generation #3

        Great Great Grand Parents of Alonzo McCullar's grandchildren

John Jackson aka J.J. McCullar: born 1829 in Georgia. Married #1 Martha McColor #2 Harriett Ellender

Children by Martha:

1. James C. McCullar: born 1854 and died 1875 5

2. Nancy: born 1855 - Probably the Little Girl Lannie McCullar mentions of dying of burns.

3. William Thomas Breckinridge: born 1856 and died 1938 Married Sarah Spicer

4. Palmyra Jane: born 1860 died about 1898 Married #1 John Cooper and #2 Marion Lewis Spicer

5. Perry C: born 1861 and died 1931 Married Martha Baggs

6. Greenberry Dallas: born 1865 and died 1931 Married #1 J.E. Moss #2 Julie French #3 Mary Ellen Shaddon

7. Feriber: born 1866 and died 1897 Married Godfrey Stancil

8. Jane J. Born 1869 Died? Married James R. Wheeler

Children by Harriet:

1. George Wiley: born 1871 died 1957 Married #1 Maggie Carnes #2 Adeline Moore #3 Briena Gentry

                Briena's Father was Dave Gentry. He was the one who told J.J. that Hariett planned to kill them

2. Helen aka Ellen: born 1872 died? Married #1 ? Upton #2 William Dickson n

3. Elmirey: born 1875 died young

4. John Jewel born 1876 Died 1964 Married #1 Oppie Stafford #2 Melissie Spoon -Buster's Parents

5. Mary T. born 1877 died? Married A. Hanna

6. Fay, a son: born 1880 died? Probably son that fell off the coupling pole and was stabbed by a spur on a stump and died.

7. Howard: born 1881 died 1965 Married Hattie May Jordan

8. Benjamin Warren Born 1886 died 1967 Married Laura Gainer

9. Sarah Elizabeth born 1891 died 1974 Married Louis Alexander Terry

            They moved to the state of Washington within three years of their marriage and raised their two children there. The children stayed in Washington state. They returned to Spiro.

Generation #4

William Thomas Breckenridge McCullar married Sarah Spicer r

Great Grandparents of Alonzo McCullar's Grandchildren


1. William Alonzo: born 1878 died 1963 Married Arminta "Minnie" Delcina Herring

2. Ida A: born 1880 died 1961 Married Elias Butler

3. Sarah A: born 1884. Married Perry Terry

4. Cordelia aka Delia: born 1886 died 1966 Married Andrew Goforth

5. Walter: born 1888 died 1945 Married Winnie Harding

6. Lela M: born 1893 died 1982 never married

7. Hattie Viola: born 1895 died 1981 Married Luther Kincade

8. Schuler: born 1897 died 1981 never married

9. Jesse: Born 1899 died 1981 Married Nellie May Whitfield

Generation #5

William Alonzo McCullar: 1878-1963 married Arminta "Minnie" Delcina Herring 1882-1983


1. Erie D.: born 1899 died 1976 married James Burgess s

2. Clara Angeline: born 1901 died 1978 married Elisha Whitfield

3. Beulah: born 1904 died 2001 married Charles Partain

4. Mina Minerva: born 1906 and died buried at Antlers, OK

5. Ruth: born 1908 died 2006 married Charles Broome

6. Odie Mae: born 1909 and died buried at Old Bokoshe Cemetery

7. Maude: born 1911 died 1993 married lawrence Kennedy

8. Carrie Deletha: born 1914 died 1994 married Pete Mclemore

9. Jimmie Thelma: born 1916 died 2001 married Robert Nixon

10. Harland Dee: born 1918 died 1990 married Grace Smith

11. Opal Inez: born 1920 died 1994 married Vernon Eugene "Cotton" Tanksley


Martha's Parents were William McCullough born 1795 and Abigail Unknown

Harriett's Parents were Richard Ellender and Catherine Edwards.

John Jackson's parents and Grandparents as well as Martha's parents are undocumented. This is taken from old census records that do not list children's names. They are listed by ages instead. We do know that J.J.'s Uncles were born in North Carolina. They served in the War of 1812 and was granted bounty land for serving in Georgia and moved. They were too old for the Civil War but John Jackson and his brother's served in the Civil War and probably his cousins also, as the family back to 1820 were owners of slaves. Before the Civil War the government was granting free homesteads in Louisiana and Arkansas and they applied for government land and obtained it. The Uncles and their children then moved to Arkansas and Louisiana along with John Jackson and his brothers.

I have not enough information to know who were the sisters and aunts.

If the courthouses did not burn in Georgia during the civil war, a trip to research for wills, if they exist will give us the final documents we need to know to fill in the gaps.

Joy Tanksley 03/27/2013

Revised: September 09, 2017