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Husband: John WHEELER
Born: 1591 Place: Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Died: ABT 29 AUG 1670 Place: Newbury, , MA
Married: Place:
Buried: Place:
Father: Dominick WHEELER
Mother: Mercy JELLY
Other Spouses:
Wife: Agnes YEOMANS
Born: ABT 1591 Place:
Died: Place:
Buried: Place:
Other Spouses:

Child 1 (M): Henry WHEELER
Born: Place:
Died: Place:
Buried: Place:
Spouses: Abigail ALLEN
Common ancestor with President Herbert HOOVER and President Gerald R. FORD

John Wheeler. Born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England about 1589.[551],[550] St. Edmund's. Died on August 29, 1670 in Newbury, MA.[551]

John Wheeler sailed for America on March 24, 1634 aboard the ship "Mary and John" with his wife and six children, leaving four of his children in England.[551] His occupation has been reported as a barber.[590] His first year in New England was spent at Ipswch, MA, after which he moved to Salisbury, MA. as one of the original settlers. He held lands there as late as 1666 despite the fact that he moved to Newbury many years before that date.[551] He appears as a witness there in 1651 in the trail of a William Snelling who was fined for cursing as follows, "a plague on their heels and a pox on their toes"![591] He was one of a group of Newbury residents who petitioned the General Court in 1654 for a pardon for one of their townsmen, Robert Pike who had given offence to the court.[592] In a deed of 1666, he is noted as living in Newbury and sold ten acres of land in Salisbury for 30.[593]

Interestingly, John Wheeler is an ancestor of four United States presidents, James Garfield and George Bush (through son Henry), Herbert Hoover (through son David) and Gerald Ford (through daughter Ann).[324]

His will dated March 28, 1668 makes the following bequests: to son David - 10 of debt that he owed to his father to son Edward of Salisbury England - 10 to son Adam of the same city - 40s to son Thomas - 40s to son William in England - 40s to daughter Mercy - 40s to daughter Elizabeth Button - 4 to daughter Anne Chase - 4 to daughter-in-law Susannah Wheeler - 4 20s to son George's children, Ephraim and Samuel (minors) - 4 apiece to son Roger's daughter, Mary - 3 to Roger's son, Joseph - 40s to daughter Elizabeth's children, Thomas, Mary and Elizabeth - 40s apiece to daughter-in-law Susanne, son George's wife - the land which he gave to George to son Henry - all the remainder of the estate.[551]

He married Agnes Yeoman, on December 1, 1611 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.[550]

They had the following children: i. Edward[551] ii. John iii. Adam[551] iv. William[551] v. David[594] (~1625-) vi. Mercy[551] vii. Elizabeth[595] 669 viii. Ann (~1620-1687) ix. Roger[551] (-1661) x. George[596] (-1668) xi. Thomas[551] 656 xii. Henry (~1637-<1696)

1313 Agnes Yeoman. Born about 1590. Died on August 15, 1662 in Newbury, MA.[551]

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