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Mary Elizabeth James RHODES

and Husband

Zacheous RHODES

Mary Elizabeth James RHODES was the last child born to Reverand James J. RHODES and his 2nd wife Winifred RHODES. She was born on 20 July 1853 in Jones County, N.C. and living with her parents in the Pollocksville area.
It is too bad we do not know much about her life growing up. We do know she was called "Bettie." But, below is a picture of Mary Elizabeth James RHODES with her brother. We do not know which brother this is. If anyone can identify him, please contact me at Sloan Mason.

With the Civil War upon them and most of her brothers gone or dead; life must have been very hard. Her cousin Zacheous RHODES apparently was a frequent visitor.
Zacheous RHODES was the son of Benjamin RHODES and Serena WESTBROOK of Jones Co. Benjamin RHODES was a brother of Reverand James J. RHODES. Benjamin RHODES died about 1862. According to family history; Zacheous was bond out to learn a trade to a very disagreeable man. Zacheous ran away back to his Uncle James J. RHODES house and asked if he could live with him. During this time a romance emerged between Mary Elizabeth James RHODES, "Bettie" and Zacheous RHODES. It was not unusual for cousins to marry at this time. Since, "Bettie" was so young and the Civil War was going on Zach enlisted also in Co. F, 67th Regiment, N.C. State Troops on 28 Feb. 1864. He returned at the end of the Civil War and married his love; Mary Elizabeth James RHODES. So, on 8 August 1867 at the home of Rev. James J. RHODES; Zachariah RHODES and Mary E. RHODES were joined together as husband and wife by Nathan MCDANIEL, J. P. She was 14 years old and he was about 20 years of age.

Below are pictures of Zacheous RHODES and his wife Mary Elizabeth James RHODES

Above is a copy of their marriage record, recorded in Jones Co., N.C.

By 1870 Zacheous and Bettie were living in the Beaver Creek area of Jones County with their daughter Mary RHODES; and by 1880 they had moved again to the Woodington area of Lenoir Co. with their 5 additional children. They had a total of 13 children by the time they had moved to Kinston; 3 of which had died by the 1900 census. A list of their children is below.