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The following family history was written by the late Walter Pete RHODES of Jacksonville, N.C.; a direct descendant of Levi Jackson RHODES.

Levi J. RHODES was born in the Pollocksville District of Jones Co., N.C. Traditionally, his mother was Cherokee Indian, but his has not been documented. The Indian has shown up in a number of his descendants. The one picture of him that I have found does show a lot of the Indian features, but it is after he is an old man. His mother died when he was about four years old, in childbirth with his brother Brantley RHODES. when the War between the States began, Levi and Anna Jane Heath RHODES were living in Cypress Creek Township, Comfort; Jones Co., N.C.; on a farm they were operating as share croppers. On 3 Feb. 1863, Co. K, 4th Cavalry, N.C. State Troops-CSA- made camp on Reedy Branch. At the age of 34 he enlisted in this regiment on 19 March 1863. For 3 months, Co. K patrolled the rivers and roads in Jones Co., Craven Co. and Carteret Co. On the 4th of May 1863 the patrol he was with was involved in a skirmish in Carteret Co., with Union Forces. Two men were killed and twelve captured; Levi RHODES was one of the captured men. He was taken to Ft. Monroe, Va.; where he was held untill traded back in a prisoner exchange on 28 May 1863. He was reported present and accounted for until discharged in Nov. of 1864. While he was away at war, his wife Anna Jane was a very respected mid-wife and uneducated nurse. Traditionally, she saved everything she earned and buried it under a large elm tree until Levi came home. They pooled everything they had and bought the plantation they had been sharecropping on, for $600 for 338 acres on 12 Feb. 1869. They filed in court for a homestead exemption on this farm. On 1 Oct. 1868 he paid $150 to J. W. HUFFMAN for 60 acres of land on Nims Branch; and on the 11th of Dec. 1871 he sold this same peice of land to his brother Brantley F. RHODES for $60. Most of the plantation is still in the hands of some of his descendants, HOUSTONS & QUINNS. It is said that about 1898, Levi decided to plow under a certain piece of ground, that was said to be an Indian Burial ground to plant watermelons. When the melons were ready for harvest, he pulled one and sat down and ate some of it. After eating the melon, he got sick and never recovered and passed away shortly after. Levi and Anna Jane are buried at the RHODES Cemetery on the plantation that they both loved so much. It is said that sometimes late at night you can hear Levi out in the fields yelling at the mules, or checking on the crops. I spent a lot of time on the old farm, doing research, and looking for the old Co.K Camp Grounds; but never did run into Levi or hear him calling.

As stated earlier, Levi Jackson RHODES was born 14 Oct.1828 to Rev. James J. RHODES and his 1st wife who was possibly Josephine SHAW. He married Anna Jane HEATH about 1852. She was the daughter of John HEATH and Lovina TURNER of Jones County. Lovinia HEATH, names Anna Jane RHODES in her will which was written 15 Oct. 1881 and probated in Jones Co., on 9 Sept. 1882.

Soldier's Application for Pension
State of N.C.
County of Jones
On this 5th Day of July A.D. 1902, personally appeared before me, S. E. KOONCE, C. S. C., in and for the State and county aforesaid, Levi J. RHODES, age 74 years, and a resident at Comfort post ofice in said County and State, and hwo being duly sorn make the following declaration in order to obtain the pension under the provisions of an act entitled "An Act for the relief of certain soldiers of the late war between the States" ratified March 11th, 1889, and act amendatory thereto: That he is the identical Levi J. RHODES who enlisted in Co. K, 5th Cavalry Reg. N.C. State Troops.
Nature and extent of wounds: Old and decreped, unable to do much manual labor.
Sworn and subscribed before me this 7th day of July 1902, S. E. KOONCE,
Signed: Levi J. (His X mark) RHODES
Also personally appeared: W. B. HARGETT, who resides at Tuckahoe, Jones Co., and sayes he is acquainted with Levi J. RHODES, etc. Signed W. B. HARGET, Witness.
Physicians examination: I have examined Levi J. RHODES & find him suffering with rheumatism & general ---- he is unable ---- manual labor.
Signed: H. G. MONK, Physician. 5 July 1902

(Does not state whether a pension was granted)

This is a picture of Anna Jane Heath RHODES

Levi Jackson RHODES and Anna Jane HEATH had the following children:
  • Barbara F. RHODES, b.10 April 1853-d.30 July 1909. She married Waitsall QUINN on 14 July 1871 in Jones Co.
  • Robert Lee RHODES, b. March 1858-married Arilla Ann Catherine MARSHBURN.
  • Alchon Lester RHODES, b.9 Jan.1860-d.28 Jan.1931; married Easter Caroline QUINN.
  • Laura Denise RHODES, b. abt. 1862-married John BANKS.

    Robert Lee RHODES, b. March 1858 married Arilla Ann Catherine MARSHBURN. Their son Robert Guy RHODES marrid Rosamond Lee SANDERSON. Their daughter Avis Lee Rhodes HALL of Angier, N.C. recently sent 2 pictures: The first is of her grandparents Robert L. & Catherine M. RHODES and the second one she thinks is of Robert's mother, Anna Jane Heath RHODES. If you can help identify her; please contact me at: Sloan Mason.

    Robert Lee & Catherine Marshburn RHODES & (possibly) Anna Jane Heath RHODES; wife of Levi J. RHODES

    (more will be added)

    Rev. James J. RHODES


    John Henry Clay RHODES