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This Bible Record was obtained from Anna Grady HARPER of Kinston, N.C.; in 1998, her mother, Verdie Rhodes GRADY, (1893-1976) copied the records from the original RHODES Bible---later family records seem to have been also added to the bible-owner of Bible is uknown at this time.--ssm
Surnames:RHODES, WESTBROOK, NOBLES of Lenoir and Jones Cos., N.C.

Zaccheus RHODES-born Nov. 13, 1847---died March 9, 1911
Mary E. J. RHODES-born July 20, 1853---died Dec. 31, 1921---married Aug. 8, 1867

A Record of their Parents and Grandparents

Zaccheous RHODES-Parents and Grandparents

Sisters and Brothers-
  • Ersula RHODES-born May 20, 1849
  • Margaret Ann RHODES-born Feb. 25, 1852
  • Zaccheus RHODES-born Nov. 13, 1847-- died March 9, 1911-- (my father, died of Bright's disease)

    Parents of Zaccheous RHODES-
  • Benjamin RHODES-born Aug. 1812--died 1853-of Tuckahoe, Jones Co., N.C.
  • Serenah WESTBROOK-born 1828--died 1862

    Sisters and Brothers of Benjamin RHODES-
  • William RHODES-surveyor and school teacher
  • Jacob RHODES-farmer
  • James J. RHODES-Baptist Preacher
  • Delilah RHODES & Eliza RHODES-twins

    Sisters and Brothers of Serenah WESTBROOK
  • Benjamin WESTBROOK-born Jan. 7th 1822
  • Samantha WESTBROOK-born March 17, 1833
  • William WESTBROOK-born Oct. 24, 1835
  • Eliza WESTBROOK-born Aug. 20, 1838
  • Faith Ann WESTBROOK-born Jan. 18, 1844

    Grandparents of Zacheous RHODES-
  • James RHODES
  • Harmon WESTBROOK- born July 18, 1799
  • wife-Dovey SANDERS-born March 30, 1800

    Mary Elizabeth James RHODES-Parents and Grandparents-their brother's and sister's from old Family Bible.

    Sister's and Brother's
    (by 1st wife-unknown)
  • Levi Jackson RHODES-born, Oct. 14, 1828
  • Susan Caroline RHODES-born Feb. 25, 1830
  • Brantley Felix RHODES-born, April 20, 1834

    (children of 2nd wife)
  • George Washington RHODES-born April 18, 1839
  • Benjamin Franklin RHODES-born May 18, 1840
  • James W. RHODES-born Feb. 6, 1842
  • Richard Hatch RHODES-born Oct. 26, 1843
  • John Henry Clay RHODES-born Dec. 28, 1844
  • Irving Lewis RHODES-born Aug. 26, 1847
  • Dock Oliver RHODES-born March 14, 1849
  • Mary Elizabeth James RHODES-born July 20, 1853--died Dec. 31, 1921-of pneumonia

    Mother and Father of Mary Elizabeth James RHODES
  • James J. RHODES-preacher
  • Winifred NOBLE

    Sisters and Brothers of James J. RHODES-
  • William RHODES
  • Benjamin RHODES
  • Jacob RHODES
  • Delilah RHODES
  • Eliza RHODES

    Sisters and Brothers of Winifred NOBLE
  • Patsy NOBLE-(TAYLOR)
  • Zilphia NOBLE-(WEST)-Arkansas
  • Richard NOBLE-Arkansas
  • Osborn NOBLE-Arkansas

    Grandparents of Mary Elizabeth James RHODES-
  • James J. RHODES
  • George and Pattie Davis NOBLE

    My Parents
  • Zaccheous RHODES and Mary Elizabeth James RHODES married: Aug. 8, 1867
  • Zaccheous RHODES died March 9, 1911
  • Mary E.J. RHODES died Dec. 31, 1921

  • Mary Susan RHODES-called Mollie-born Aug. 3, 1869---died Oct. 12, 1918
  • Jennie RHODES-born Sept. 3rd, 1871----died Oct. 1, 1871
  • Della Winneford RHODES, born Sept. 2nd 1872---died July 21, 1957
  • John Franklin RHODES, born Dec. 16, 1874---died Dec. 10, 1936
  • Elenor Olivia RHODES-born Sept. 24, 1876, called Lena---died Nov. 10,1955
  • Lucy Dorkes RHODES-born Jan. 18, 1878----died May 15, 1914
  • James Harmon RHODES-born Nov. 17, 1880-called Herman----died Jan. 23,1917
  • Maud Zee RHODES-born Dec. 15, 1882 ----died Dec. 8, 1931
  • Minnie Elizabeth RHODES-born Aug. 22, 1885-----died Oct. 23, 1951
  • Annie Lorena RHODES-born Nov. 25, 1887------died 1973
  • Zaccheus Clayton RHODES-born May 7, 1889-----died Oct. 7, 1890
  • Vernon Lake RHODES-born Oct. 4, 1893-----died March 16, 1894
  • Verdie Lillian RHODES-born Oct. 4, 1893

    Family Records of Verdie R. GRADY
    Brothers and Sisters-their children

  • Mary Susan RHODES-b.Aug. 3, 1869--married 1)Charlie HAYNES 2)QUINN
  • Della Winnefred RHODES-b. Sept.2,1872-married William Jacob LANGSTON lived in Kinston, N.C.-Lenoir Co.
  • John Franklin RHODES-b.Dec. 16, 1874-married Blanche Estella PITTMAN lived in New Bern, N.C.
  • Eleanor Olivia RHODES-b.Sept. 24,1876--married Isaac Sloan ROCHELLE lived in Kinston, N.C.
  • Lucy Dorcas RHODES-b.Jan.18,1878-married Benjamin F. HILL
  • James Harmon RHODES-b. Nov. 14, 1880-married Effie WOOLARD
  • Maude Zee RHODES-b.Dec. 15, 1882-married Emmett HASKINS lived in Kinston, N.C.
  • Minnie Elizabeth RHODES-b. Aug.22,1885--married 1)Carmer SUTTON & 2) Claro HEATH
  • Annie Lorena RHODES-b.Nov.25,1887--married J. Gilbert JONES lived in Spartanburg, S.C.
  • Verdie Lillian RHODES-b. Oct. 4, 1893---married Wilmer Clayton GRADY lived in Kinston, N.C.



    The following Bible comes from the estate of the late William Rhodes JONES, Jr. of Greensboro, N.C.; with kind permission of his family, Ms. Sharon M. JONES and children.
    (Transcribed by Sloan S.MASON)

    The following letter was in the bible:

    Spartanburg, S.C.
    Since William Rhodes JONES, my son, has expressed a desire for my father's (Zaccheus RHODES) mother's (WESTBROOK) Bible and is to have it rebound; I wish him to have it. And hope he will study it and proclaim its teachings. It is a good Bible, I read and compared it with others. I like the fact it has no pictures.
    Feb. 9, 1967
    Annie Rhodes JONES


    (on inside cover-several marks in pencil, unable to read)
    Zacious RHODES
    Euin? L. RHODES

    Holey Bible
    Book of Divine
    presheus treasheurs thou art mine
    (next blank page)

    Ms. Huillie SHAW?/SHOW?
    Sally "Sally" EUBANKS
    Huillie SHOW was Borned
    March the 1st day 1843 this Febury
    This 21 1866 Huille SHOW Huille SHOW

    (next blank page)

    Feb. 3, 1865
    I am here at his time but I don't
    no how long I shall stay

    Containing the Old and New Testaments
    Published by M'Carty & Davis, No. 171, Market Street.
    I. Ashmead & Co. Printers

    (Blank page in bible-unable to read most of it)

    franey maran Hoskins
    franey maran Hoskins
    Co. --- 67 Regt.
    January 13the 1865
    P Butram
    Returned H S
    At home Jones County
    H S at home Jones County, N.C.



    Harmon WESTBROOK was bornd in the year of our Lord July the 18-1799
    Dovy WESTBROOK was bornd in the year of our Lord March the 30 1800
    Benjamin WESTBROOK was bornd in the year of our Lord January the 7th, 1822
    Serenah WESTBROOK was bornd in the year of our Lord Febuary the 3rd, 1828
    Samanthan WESTBROOK was bornd in the year of our Lord March the 17th 1833
    William H. H. WESTBROOK was bornd in the year of our Lord October the 24th 1835
    Elzary WESTBROOK was born in the year of our Lord 1838 August 20th
    ---thy Ann Alsay WESTBROOK was born in the year of our Lord ----y 18th 1844


    Nancy WESTBROOK died in the Wife of John WESTBROOK, Sr. died in the year of our Lord 1843 July the 18th day.
    Dovy WESTBROOK wife of Harmon WESTBROOK died in the year of our Lord 1844 January the 19th.
    John WESTBROOK, Sr. died in the year of our Lord May 26th 1845
    Harmon WESTBROOK died the twelf of March 12 1848
    Benjamin RHODES was born August the ---- 1812



    Benjamin RHODES and Surenh WESTBROOK was mared October 28 1846
    H. D. SHAW and Mary E. JARMAN was marrid July 14th? 1867


    Lucy Dorcas WESTBROOK daughter of Harmon WESTBROOK & wife Hannah WESTBROOK was born in the year of Lord June 25th 1845
    Zacharias RHODES was born November the 13 1847
    --ly RHODES --- bornd May 20 1849
    -----t and was bornd --- twenty fift of --buary -- 1852
    Margat and was bornd the twenty fifth of febuary 25 1852



    -lnor- ---------- --s born in the year -- our lord 1830 -pril the 1st


    Poems found in Bible:
    "Leap Year Lyrics" by Eugene Field from the Chicago News circa 1864.
    "They Miss Me at Home" a Parody on "Do They Miss Me at Home." From the Prison Ship "Dragoon," off Hilton Head 1864.
    Signed on the back by Mollie S. RHODES, Kinston, N.C.

    Handwritten Notes and Names in Bible

    Zaccheus RHODES was bornd Novr 13th day A.D. 1847
    Mary E. J. RHODES was bornd July 20th day A.D. 1853
    Mary S. RHODES was bornd Aug 3rd day 1869
    Jinnie RHODES was bornd Sept 3rd day 1871 and died Octr 1st day 1871
    Ideller Wineford RHODES was bornd Sept 2nd day, 1872
    John F. RHODES was bornd Dec. 16th day 1874
    Elenor Olivia RHODES was bornd Sept 24th day 1876
    Lucey RHODES was bornd January 18th day 1878.

    Harmon WESTBROOK was bornd July the 18th day 1799
    Dovy WESTBROOK was bornd March the 30th day 1800
    Benjaman RHODES was born Aug 1812 (1822? Handwritten & circled-different writing)
    Serenah WESTBROOK was bornd Febr the 3 day 1828
    Ersuly RHODES was bornd May 20th day 1849
    Margat Ann RHODES was bornd Febr 25th day 1852

    (next note written on the back of a book order form with the blank date of 188-)
    Rosa --- Blanche
    Berta ---Mozelle
    Rosa May R-


    The following letter was found in the WESTBROOK BIBLE

    Craighead County, Ark., Jan. the 6th A.D. 1867
    Dear Unkle and Aunt and Cousins,
    I seat myself to right you a few lines to let you know that we are all as well as comon and the connection all so- so far as I no at this time--- and we hope that those few lines may find you all well and a doing well. I have nothing mutch to rite that is worth your attention-I received your kind letter on the 3rd of this inst. Dated Oct. the 28 and 30th 1866 which give us great satisfaction to hear from you all and hear of your all being well butt I was sory to hear of Unkles being unwell, the health of our country is good at this time.Times is hard hear now more so than was suspected by the Generality of the people. Corn is worth one dollar per bushel. Wheat two dollars per bushel Pork 8 cts per lb-you wanted to no where my Mother was she is hear with me this morning her family is all well Aunt Zilphy lives a bout 3 miles from us her family is all well so far as I no they are all living yet Cousin Ann WEST is Married she has bin Married a year ago last July she married A man by the name of David A. GUEST-I am mistaken about Unkle Needoms family Cousin Craven is ded he died in the army. My mother lives about 3 miles from me Unkel Richard's family is all scaterd mitely Unkle lives up in Missouri in Scott County near a litle place calld Burtran his postoffice is Charlston, Mississippi County he has 6 children up there with him and 2 of them is married, Marthy and Nancy. There is four of his children living hear in Arkansas-two of them is married Winey and Polly. The other 2 is George and Richard. Barnet and Martin lived in Tennessee the last I heard of them and Jane is there too, they are all well that lives hear but the most of the family and Unkle Richard him self is getting along mity bad. You rote that all your boys was maried but one and he was a going to get married the next week we give you all our best respects and disire you to rite to us as often as is convienent with you our post office is all the same. Jonesboro, Ark.
    Your nephew and cousin til deth
    Isaac T. NOBLE and Mary J. NOBLE
    To James J. RHODES
    To Winiford RHODES and cousins all.


    In the 1860 CENSUS, I found the following NOBLE family.
    1860 CENSUS
    Powell Township, Craighead County, Arkansas
    June 7, 1860
    Family 156/dwelling 156
  • Wm. A. NOBLES, age 47, M, birth: N.C., farmer-2000/910
  • Elizabeth NOBLES-age 50, F, birth: N.C.
  • Isaac T. NOBLES-age 22, M. birth: Tn.
  • Kisiah NOBLES-age 17, F, birth Tn.
  • Nancy A. NOBLES-age 13,F, birth: Tn.
  • Martha P. NOBLES-age 13, F., birth Tn.
  • George W. NOBLES-age 11, M, birth: Ark.
  • Winford NOBLES-age 7, F, birth Ark.
  • Rachel E. NOBLES-age 4, F, birth Ark.


    Bible Record of John Knox RHODES

    Interview and Bible Record copied by Jane PHILLIPS of Kinston, N.C. from the bible, owned by Bessie Pike RHODES of Jacksonville, N.C.-Jan. 4, 1999.

    Bible handed down from LOKEY/MARKETT families of Jones Co.,N.C.

    Printed: American Bible Society
    By D. & G. Bruce
    Printer: D. FANSHAW
    New York

    John Knox RHODES born August 3, 1901 at Silverdale, Craven Co.,N.C.
    Died January 26, 1989 in Jacksonville, N.C.
    Married Bessie PIKE of Duplin Co.,N.C.

    His father was:
    James Franklin RHODES, married Catherine Jane WELLS of Havelock, N.C.
    Daughter of William WELLS and Abigale GILLIKIN.
    James Franklin RHODES, was born Oct. 11, 1861 at Pollocksville, Jones Co.,N.C.
    Catherine Jane WELLS was born May 8, 1867?

    George Washington RHODES-was a teacher, principal at Bath & Newport
    Henry RHODES-lived at Wendell
    Abbie RHODES-married a RIGGS and lived at Fort Barnwell
    Annie RHODES-married a PITTMAN and lived at Bridgeton
    Benjamin Franklin RHODES-contractor, lived in Durham
    James Albert RHODES-lived at Bridgeton
    Mary RHODES-lived at New Bern
    Nancy RHODES-married a BUCK, lived in New Bern
    Luther RHODES
    John Knox RHODES-a teacher.

    His father was:
    Benjamin Franklin RHODES, who married Annie LOKEY
    Daughter of Leave LOKEY and Mary Ann MARKETT.
    John Franklin LOKEY, son of Leave LOKEY and Mary Ann MARKETT was born 11 Sept. in the year of our Lord 1845.
    His father was James J. RHODES and he married 1st-(unknown), 2nd- Winifred NOBLE.

    Bessie RHODES stated her family came from Oliver Xrds section of Duplin Co., near Pink Hill.
    Her great great Aunt was Martha HEATH. Martha was related to the BOYETTES. She was married to Dave CRAFT. Bessie had 2 great uncles that were named Columbus and Vance HEATH. She named other HEATH relatives:Ira HEATH, Polly DAVENPORT, Levi HEATH, and John Daniel HEATH.



    Original Bible owned by Mrs. Amos SIKES
    Abstracted by Sloan Mason with permission of Heritage Place at Lenoir Community College
    (copied exactly as record is written)

    Holy Bible
    Hubbard Brothers
    Bible Publishers
    (no date on title page)



    Jas. Becton TURNER, b. Jan. 12, 1833, Jones Co., N.C., marriage: 1855
    Rilly Wineford TURNER, b. Aug. 26, 1837, Jones Co., N.C.; marriage 1855

    Mary Lusenna Caroline TURNER, b. Dec. 27, 1859, Jones Co., N.C.-d. Aug. 28, 1861
    James B. TURNER, b. Oct. 27, 1862, Jones Co., N.C.-d. May 22, 1865
    Richard Matilda Wineford TURNER, b. Oct. 10, 1866, Jones Co., N.C.-d. Sept. 10, 1881
    Julia Alma M. D. TURNER, b. June 12, 1869; married Jan. 18, 1885-d. Aug. 18, 1945
    John James TURNER, b. Dec. 15, 1871; Jones Co., N.C.

    John W. D. ---nny HEATH, b. Dec. 11, 1885; Jones Co., N.C.
    Joel HEATH, b. Nov. 15, 1860?; Jones Co., N.C.-married Jan. 15, 1885-d. July 15, 1943


    Brantly F. RHODES, b. April 24, 1834, Jones Co., N.C.-married, Dec. 23, 1881-d. 1881?
    R. Winneford RHODES, b. Aug. 26, 1837, Jones Co., N.C.-married Dec. 23, 1881 This was Riley Wineford TURNER

    Levi B. (RHODES-crossed out) HEATH, b. Aug. 14, 1888, Jones Co., N.C.-d. June 9
    Edy Daruney HEATH, b. June 5, 1891, Jones Co., N.C.
    Caty C. HEATH, b. Sept. 28, 1895; Jones Co., N.C.
    Hanah W. HEATH, b. June 23, 1897, Jones Co., N.C.
    Toby H. HEATH, b. Aug. 8, 1901; Jones Co., N.C.
    Ann Nancy HEATH, b. Jan. 10, 1900; Jones Co., N.C.
    Columbus C. HEATH, b. Sept. 28, 1895; Jones Co., N.C.

    Marriage Certificate

    This Certifies that Brantley Felix RHODES and R. Winniford HEATH
    Were Solemnly united by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony
    At Jones County on the Twenty three day of December in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty One Conformably Ordinance of God And the Laws of the State.
    W. W. DENNY, Minister


    Levi Jacob RHODES, b. Oct. 14, 1828; Jones Co., N.C. (brother of Brantley F. RHODES)
    Susan C. RHODES, b. Feb. 25, 1830?; Jones Co., N.C. (sister of Brantley F. RHODES)

    Elizabeth KOONCE, b. Aug. 27, 1886?; Jones Co., N.C.
    D. Usher KOONCE, b. Dec. 15, 1861; Jones Co., N.C.

    Jimmie KING, b. Nov. 27, 1909?; Jones Co., N.C.

    Rosa K. HEATH, b. Aug. 10, 1907; New Hanover Co., N.C.

    Margaret Lee HEATH, b. Feb. 19, 1925; married Oct. 21, 1944

    Effie HOWARD, b. Sept. 11, 1920; Duplin Co., N.C.