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sent by John T. RHODES

Durant Hatch RHODES, Sr. & son D. H. "Willie" RHODES
Durant H. RHODES, Sr. b. 3 July 1832
son of Anthony Hatch RHODES & Betsy SIMMONS

Durant Hatch RHODES, Sr. was married 4 times:
1) Zilphia JUSTICE
  • Anthony RHODES-died young
    2) Eliza SANDLIN
  • Augustas Beauregard RHODES
  • Durant Hatch RHODES, Jr.-"Willie"
    3)Sarah Sandlin JARMAN (sister of Eliza Sandlin)-Sarah was widow of Thomas JARMAN
    4) Malissa Bloomfield LITTLETON, b. 5 May 1860
  • Anthony RHODES, b. 1 Mary 1878
  • Zilphia RHODES, b. 8 Spet. 1880
  • Solomon RHODES, b. 6 March 1884
  • Ivey RHODES, b. 5 Jan. 1890
  • Johnnie RHODES, b. 24 Jan. 1898

    Old D. H. RHODES Homeplace
    Rhodes Plantation
    Spring Point, west side of New River, Onslow Co., N.C.
    6 miles south of Verona, N.C.
    bought land in 1852

    Durant Hatch RHODES, Jr.-"Willie" & wife Annie ELLIS
    Children: Fred, Durant (baby) & Hannah
    "Willie" was child of Durant Hatch Rhodes, Sr. & 2nd wife Eliza SANDLIN

    Beauregard RHODES' Store
    Front Street, Wilmington, N.C.
    Founded, abt. 1901
    Beauregard Rhodes, child of Durant Hatch Rhodes, Sr. & 2nd wife Eliza SANDLIN
    b. 1862, married Georgiana FARR
    (one of the men in the picture)

    Picture on Left:
    Anthony RHODES, b. 1 March 1878, married Della HINES
    Zilphia RHODES, b. 8 Sept. 1880, married Leander HUMPHREY
    Children of Durant H. RHODES, Sr. & 4th wife Malissa Bloomfield LITTLETON
    Picture on Right
    Malissa "Dolly" Bloomfield LITTLETON, b 5 May 1860
    4th wife of Durant Hatch RHODES
    child: probably Anthony Rhodes, 1st born

    Colquitt LITTLETON
    Father of Malissa (Dolly) Littleton RHODES
    Malissa was raised by Solomon & Rena GILLETT
    while her father was away in Civil War

    BB Mary RHODES, b. 4 Dec. 1893
    daughter of Durant H. RHODES, Sr. & Malissa LITTLETON
    Left-age 12-Right: ca. 1912
    Bottom: Husband: Frank ROBINSON, b. 4 Nov. 1883

    Top-Left: Solomon RHODES & wife Cora Florence JARMAN
    b. 6 March 1884----b. 7 Feb. 1886
    Solomon RHODES-son of D. H. RHODES, Sr. & Malissa LITTLETON
    Florence JARMAN-dau. of Moses JARMAN & Hester Matilda SHIVARS

    Right: Alice GUTHRIE & her mother Hester GUTHRIE & brother: Jim GUTHRIE
    Alice GUTHRIE-2nd wife of Solomon RHODES-(no issue)

    bottom left: Effie Nacy RHODES & Nellie Isabelle RHODES
    L-Effie, b. 4 May 1910-R-Nellie, b. 12 April 1908
    daughters of Solomon RHODES & Florence JARMAN

    bottom rt.: Effie RHODES-age 12/14
    Effie RHODES married Victor BELL

    Top L-Elsie, Nellie, Hazel RHODES
    daughters of Solomon RHODES
    ca. 1934
    Elsie Bertha RHODES marrid Harold FONVILLE
    Nellie RHODES married Arthur ROCHELLE
    Hazel Matilda RHODES married Billy REECE

    Top rt-Mabry Moses RHODES
    b. 31 Oct. 1912
    eldest son of Solomon RHODES & Florence JARMAN
    Mabry RHODES married Blanche FISHER

    L-James Solomon RHODES, b. 17 Nov. 1914-R: John Richard RHODES, "Dick"-b. 7 Sept. 1919
    sons of Solomon RHODES & Florence JARMAN
    James RHODES married Eva HAMILTON
    Dick RHODES married Ruth FISHER

    (L-R)Solomon RHODES & daughters: Nellie, Hazel, Effie, Solomon, Cora, Elsie & Daisy-late 1940's

    Top-L: Ivey RHODES, b. 5 Jan. 1890
    home on Spring Pt, New River
    Ivy married Eppie DIXON
    This was his father's (D. H. RHODES) Homeplace
    Taken by US Government in 1941
    Part of Camp Lejeune
    all of D. H. RHODES plantation was taken.

    (wagon) L- Ivey RHODES, son of Durant RHODES, Sr.
    R-Durant RHODES, son of "Willie" Durant RHODES, Jr.

    bottom L-Johnnie RHODES & Maudell WELLS
    Wedding Day: 1919 on New River
    Johnnie was youngest child of D. H. RHODES & Malissa LITTLETON
    b. 24 Jan. 1898

    bottom R-Olen K. RHODES & wife Jennie HARRIS
    Onslow Co., N.C.
    Olen, son of "Willie" D. H. RHODES, Jr., b. 1905

    Special thanks to: John T. RHODES for the pictures above:

    "Old Onslow Times" Old Memories, Records & Tradition of Onslow including some Carteret, Jones, Duplin, Pender & New Hanover Counties.

    John RHODES
    P.O. Box 4072
    Surf City, N.C. 28445

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