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North Carolina

ROCHELLE, Benjamin-Enlisted: 1 Sept. 1864 at Camp Holmes, N.C.-Residence: Duplin Co. - Private-Co. A, 38th Inf. Regiment-Confederate (this was my gggrandfather-son of Benjamin and Susannah James ROCHELLE of New Hanover Co.; b.1823-d.10 June 1893--Prisoner of War at Point Lookout, MD.-captured at Appomatox on 3 April 1865-Released 17 Junee 1865-Complexion: Dark, Hair: Dark, Eyes: Brown, Height: 6 ft. 1/4 inches tall. Source: Payroll Papers at the National Archives)

ROCHELLE, A. Hiram-Enlisted: 1 March 1863 in Wayne Co.,N.C.-age 40, Residence: Wake Co.-Transferred RC-Private-Confederate (son of Alsey A. ROCHELLE & Martha LYNN of Wake Co.,N.C.) Also known as Alsey High ROCHELLE. -I Co., 47th Reg. N.C. State Troops. A Limb was lost: right upper arm. Source: "Maimed Confederate Veterans, 1866-1867" by Betty J. Baker.

ROCHELLE, George W.-Enlisted:01 March 1863 in Wayne Co., N.C.-age 42, Residence:Wake Co.,-I Co. 47th Inf. Reg-died 22 Jan. 1865 in Richmond, Va.-Private-Confederate (George Wahsington ROCHELLE, b.8 Aug. 1824-d. 1 Jan. 1856-son of Alsey A. & Milley Hall ROCHELLE)

ROCHELLE, Thomas B.-Residence:Mecklenburg Co.,N.C.-Transferred H. Co. 11th Infantry Reg.-Private-Confederate

ROCHELLE, Quincy V. B.-Enlisted 25 June 1861 in Duplin Co.,N.C.-age 27-Residence: New Hanover Co., N.C.-Transferred RC-Private-Confederate (son of Amos & Sarah Lanier ROCHELLE-Wounded in action at Locus Grove, Va. on 27 Nov. 1863 & admitted to a hospital at Richmond, Va. with "shell wound under ball of right great toe" furloughed for 60 dayss on 5 Jan. 1864. Retired to the Invalid Corps on 19 Jan. 1865 and assigned for light duty to the Post Surgeon at Raleigh, N.C. on 15 Feb. 1865-I. Co. 9th Reg.-Source:"N.C. State Troops-1861-1865"-p.86.)

ROCHELLE, M. S.-Enlisted 5 April 1862 in Onslow Co., N.C.-B Co. 3rd Cavalry Reg. N.C.-Private-Confederate (Martin S. ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1838; son of Amos ROCHELLE & Sarah LANIER)

ROCHELLE, Thomas B.-Enlisted 10 May 1862 in Onslow Co.,N.C.-Transferred H. Co. 11th Bethel, Inf. Reg.-Private-Confederate (Thomas Benson ROCHELLE, son of Annie ROCHELLE of New Hanover Co., N.C.-applied for Pension on 2 July 1917 at age 71, resident of Maple Hill, N.C.; Co. B. 3rd Cavalry, enlisted June 1862, appeared also was E. G. ROCHELLE who resides at Burgaw, N.C.-Source: N.C. State Archives)

ROCHELLE, John T.-Enlisted 27 May 1861 in New Hanover Co., N.C.-age 19-Residence: Duplin Co.,N.C.-K. Co. 1st Reg. VO-Private-Confederate (son of Benjamin Hawkins ROCHELLE & Elizabeth KNOWLES-John Thomas ROCHELLE, b. 18 Sept. 1841-d. 4 Jan. 1925) C.S.A.-Wounded at Mechanicsville, Va. on 26 June 1862 and at Chancellorsville, Va. 2 May 1863 and captured on 12 May 1864 near Spotslvania Court House, Va. and confined at Point Lookout Maryland until released after taking the Oath of Allegiance and joining the U.S. Service on 6 June 1864. Assigned K Co., 1st Reg. U.S. Volunteer Infantry-Source:"N.C. State Troops-1861-1865" -p.95

ROCHELLE, Napoleon B.-Enlisted 27 May 1861 in New Hanover Co.,N.C.-age 25-Residence: Onslow Co., N.C.-D. Co. 3rd Inf. Reg.-died of wounds on 27 Sept. 1862-Private-Confederate

ROCHELLE, Blaney J.-Enlisted 01 June 1861 in New Hanover Co.,N.C.-age 30-Residence: New Hanover Co.-K. Co. 3rd Inf. Reg.-died of wounds at Richmond, Va.-16 May 1863 -Private-Confederate (Blaney J. ROCHELLE, b. 1 Feb. 1830-d. 17 May 1863; son of Amos & Sarah Lanier ROCHELLE) Died of wounds he received at Chancellorsville, Va. on 3 May 1863-taken to Banner Hospital, Richmond, Va. and died 17 May 1863. Source:"Daily Journal" Wilmington, N.C. Newspaper

ROCHELLE, Edward G.-Enlisted 01 Feb. 1862 in New Hanover Co., N.C.-age 18-Residence: New Hanover Co.-farmer-K. Co. 3rd Inf. Reg.-discharged disability on 20 May 1862-Private- Confederate (Edward Green ROCHELLE, b. 25 July 1843, was the son of Jacob ROCHELLE & Lucinda Eliza BURTON) He enlisted the 2nd time as a private on 1 March 1863 in the 41st Reg. Co. A. 3rd Calvary and was at Scott's Hill for 3 years. He was sick in the hospital May & June 1864 & returned. Forfietied bounty by absence without leave since April 1864. He was detailed since 21 Oct. 1864 for 22 days. Without a horse for 9 days. Family history says he enlisted the second time to take his dad's place (Jacob ROCHELLE) Source: National Archives

ROCHELL, E. G.-Enlisted 01 March 1863 in New Hanover Co., N.C.-A. Co. 3rd Cavalry Reg.- Private-Confederate (same as above)

ROCHELLE, Ephraim J.-Enlisted 02 May 1862 in New Hanover Co.,N.C.-age 34-Residence: New Hanover Co., N.C.-K. Co. 3rd Inf. Reg.-Private-Confederate (son of Annie ROCHELLE) Pension Application: 1 July 1901-Onslow Co.,N.C. by Jn. W. BURTON, C.S.C-personally appeared E.J. ROCHELLE, age 76, a resident of Cyprus Post Office. He enlisted in Co. K, 3rd Reg. N.C. State Troops on the 10th day of May 1862. He served at Malvern Hill, and in Wilderness High, May 5, 1864 in Va. and was wounded at Malvern Hill in the left leg & thigh. He was wouned in the left hand causing a loss of 2 fingers and rendered his hand usless; at Wilderness High. His wound causes rheumatism in the legs, hips and thigh. Signed: by E.J. ROCHELLE--Widow's Application for Pension: On the 20th day of Jan. 1909, personally appeared before me M. M. CAPPS, Penie ROCHELLE, age 80 years and a resident of Cyprus Post Office. She is the widow of the late E. J. ROCHELLE who enlisted in Co. K. 3rd Reg. N.C. State Troops. Signed: Penie (her mark) ROCHELLE, M.M. CAPPS, approved. Source: N.C. State Archives

ROCHELLE, Isaac-Enlisted 01 June 1861 in New Hanover Co.,N.C.-age 21-Residence: New Hanover Co., N.C.-K. Co. 3rd Inf. Reg.-died 10 Aug. 1862-Private-Confederate (Son of Isaac ROCHELLE and Sabrah PADGETT) Enlisted at Dogwood Grove by David WILLIAMS. Sept. & Oct. 1861 was absent from the Muster Roll and sick in Fredricksburg, Va. On 27 June 1862, he was in Moore Hospital, #24 in Richmond, Va.: complaint: Vulmus Sclopeticium-Died 10 August 1862 of gunshot wound received in the Battle of Mechanicsville on 24 June 1862. On the Roll of Honor: New Hanover Co.,N.C.-entrance 1 June 1861, age 21 died 8 Aug. 1862. Family legend states his father Isaac ROCHELLE drove his wagon to Richmond and brought his son back to Maple Hill which was the Holly Shelter Disctrict of New Hanover Co., N.C.

ROCHELLE, Robert H.-Enlisted 01 June 1861 in New Hanover Co.,N.C.-age 20-Residence: New Hanover Co., N.C.-K. Co. 3rd Inf. Reg.-killed Malvern Hill, Va. on 1 July 1862-Private- Confederate (son of Annie ROCHELLE) Enlisted with his cousins: Isaac, Blaney, Edward Green, & brother Ephraim J. ROCHELLE-Wounded 1 July 1862 at Malvern Hill and died. Source: N.C. State Archives

ROCHELLE, Zachery Avery-Enlisted 30 Sept. 1864 in Duplin Co., N.C.- A. Co. 71st Reg. N.C. State Troops, Private-Confederate (son of Benjamin Hawkins ROCHELLE and Elizabeth KNOWLES) Pension Application- 1 July 1907, age 60, resident of Rose Hill, N.C.-enlisted 30 Sept. 1864; is disabled and in poor health-occupation: carpenter. Source: N.C. State Archives

RACHEL, Edward G.-Enlisted 01 March 1863 in Rowan Co.,N.C.-F. Co. 7th Inf. Reg.-Private- Confederate

RACHEL, Eli A.-Enlisted 01 March 1862 in Davidson Co., N.C.-F. Co. 7th Inf. Reg.-discharged 14 Dec. 1863-Private-Confederate

RACHELS, James-Enlisted 27 October 1864 at Camp Holmes, N.C.-age 23-A. Co. 46th Inf. Reg.-Private-Confederate

RACHELS, John A.-Enlisted 06 May 1862 in Richmond Co.,N.C.-age 28-Residence: Richmond Co.,N.C.-D. Co. 46th Inf. Reg.-died of disease at Wilmington, N.C. on 28 April 1862 -pneumonia-Private-Confederate (Son of Sterling/Starling RACHELS of Richmond Co., N.C.-Source:"Our Native Heath, Richmond Co.,N.C. 1779-1899" by Myrtle BRIDGES")

RACHELS, Starling-Enlisted 03 March 1862 at McLaurin's, N.C.-age 42-Residence: Richmond Co., N.C.-farmer-D. Co. 46th Inf. Reg.- killed at Wilderness, Va. on 5 May 1864-Private-Confederate (Probably son of Sterling ROCHELLE/RACHELS who appeared in the Richmond Co. Tax lists as early as 177-(Source:"Our Native Heath, Richmond Co.,N.C. 1779-1899" by Myrtle BRIDGES")

RACHELS, William M.-Enlisted 06 May 1862 in Richmond Co.,N.C.-age 21-Residence: Richmond Co., N.C.-D. Co. 46th Inf. Reg.-Private-Confederate (Son of Sterling/Starling RACHELS of Richmond Co., N.C.-Source:"Our Native Heath, Richmond Co.,N.C. 1779-1899" by Myrtle BRIDGES")