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The HORTON Family of S.C.
closely related to BLAIR FAMILY
(Horton history written by James MCCOLL)


William Crowe HORTON was born in Chesterfield District, S.C. on March 6, 1844. He was the son of William Batts HORTON (1808-1874)and Moriah Jane GARLAND (1814-1874) He grew up across Lynches Creek from Red Oak Camp Plantation; the Kershaw District home of Lovick William Rochelle BLAIR 91821-1882). It is believed that the ROCHELLES and HORTONS may have been related. Both families came down from Wake Co., N.C. to settle as neighbors in S.C. after the Revolutionary War.
Below are pictures of Moriah Jane GARLAND

Below are pictures of her son William Crowe HORTON (1844-1921)

William Crowe HORTON enlisted in the Confederate Army at Chesterfield Courthouse in December 1861. He served as a teamster and ambulance driver in Co. F, 26th, S.C. Infantry; until the end of the war. He was present at Appomatox Courthouse when General LEE surrendered to General GRANT.
In 1868; W. C. HORTON married Louisa BARFIELD (1842-April 29, 1882). Lousia's parents are not known. There is a strong resemblance to L.W.R. BLAIR and his mother in later years; there may be a family connection. (this is not proven) It is believed that Louisa's mother may have been a member of the GARLAND family. She was raised in the home of Aaron and Martha Garland SEGARS in Chesterfield District, which was in close proximity to the homes of the HORTONS and BLAIRS. The maternal grandfather of Wm. Crowe HORTON was Jesse GARLAND (1787-1870). Jesse was the eldest brother of Martha Garland SEGARS.
Below are all pictures identified from (left to right) as Rochella BLAIR, daughter of Lovick William Rochelle Blair and wife Sarah Workman. 2nd from left with a cross necklace has been identified as Mary E. Blair Yarborough. 3rd from left is possibly of Lousia BARFIELD
& one with her husband William Crowe HORTON
If you can identify any of the pictures please contact Sloan Mason

Below is a picture of Wm Crowe HORTON'S grandparents:
Jesse GARLAND (1787-1870) & Mary CROW (1794-1878)

By the 1880's, William Crowe HORTON and Louisa BARFIELD owned a farm located on present day Timrod Rd., just above the town of Bethune, S.C. Their house was once the overseers home for Lynchwood Plantation. Lynchwood had been the plantation home of Lovick YOUNG. However, in the 1850's his heirs sold Lynchwood to L.W.R. BLAIR and relocated to Florida. The house was badly damaged by the Charleston earthquake of 1886. From then on the house had to be propped up with poles.
In his later years, William Crowe HORTON obtained land in Rapids Parish, La. near the town of Boyce. He had been preceeded there by several of his siblings and other relations. Many of their graves can be found at Hemphill Star Cemetery. W. C. HORTON died from chronic septisemia in the Baptist Hospital in Alexandria, La. on 18 July 1921. He and Louisa are both buried at Timrod Baptist Church Cemetery in Kershaw Co., S.C.
William Crowe HORTON and Lousisa BARFIELD were the parents of 5 children:
  • Thomas Franklin HORTON (1869-1939)
  • Mack Hurriah HORTON (1870-1957)
  • Illa Minerva HORTON (1875-1950)
  • Edith Louise HORTON (1879-1903)
  • Martha Pauleen HORTON (1880-1968)

    Below are pictures of this family (left-right)
    Thomas Franklin HORTON (1869-1939) & wife Sallie Horton HORTON (children:Sydney, Ola, Hampton)
    Mack Hurriah HORTON (1870-1957) & wife Lina Moriah SHIRLEY (1880-1966) & son Holoson (b. 1899)
    Mack Hurriah HORTON family; with new addition: Coleman HORTON, b. 1901
    Ila Minerva HORTON (13 Aug. 1875-28 Feb. 1950)
    Edith Louise HORTON (1879-1903)

    Ila Minerva HORTON was a very talented seamstress. She not only made her families clothing but also produced quilts; some of which are in the possession of her descendants today. On October 31, 1898, Illa married Lawrence Walter COPELAND. He was born on May 9, 1869 on teh Copeland Farm just outside of Bethune; on the present day Mecklenburg Rd. near Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. Pleasant Hill Church was founded in 1853 by his grandfather, Ella COPELAND (1802-1881). Ella COPELAND was the youngest son of Ripley COPELAND (1761-1843) and Rachel TUCKER (1762-1846). Ripley COPELAND served as a private in the N.C. line during the Revolutionary War. He saw action at the Battles of Monmoth (28 June 1778) and Stoney Point (15 July 1779) and was present at Valley Forge. He was born in the Broadway section of Chatham County, N.C. He was the son of Nicholas COPELAND and Dorothy RICKETTS. He married Rachel TUCKER on the sabbath after the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. They eventally settled in Sumter District, S.C.; near Manville in present day Lee Co., S.C. The Chatham Co. COPELANDS can trace their roots back to Isle of Wight Co., Va.
    Walter and Ila COPELAND were the parents of seven children:
    Jack COPELAND (1902-1973) Harold COPELAND (1913)
    In addition to being a life long farmer, L. W. COPELAND engaged in several occupations during the course of his life. He was a school teacher at the time he married Ila. His brother Jake was elected S.C. State Superintendent of Education in 1906, but died before taking office. Walter owned several lots in the town of Bethune. On one he operated a store; which burned in 1914. He also served as magistrate Judge at one time; and as a mail carrier before his death. Walter COPELAND died one 10 Dec. 1918 of pneumonia.
    Ila COPELAND outlived her husband by 31 years. Her oldest grandchild, Wilbur Daniel "Pete" COPELAND was killed in action on 14 April 1945 in Walthrope, Germany. Ila never got over his death. She died on 28 Feb. 1950. Both are buried at the Pleasent Hill Church Cemetery.

    Below are pictures of this family
    Left to right
    Walter & Ila Horton COPELAND & Alta
    Ila & Walter COPELAND & Thomas
    Walter COPELAND & sons: Jack & William E.

    (the complete family-back to front)
    Walter COPLEAND, Thomas, William E., Ila Horton COPELAND, Alta, Jack, Walter, Wayne & Vesta COPELAND

    Jack & Alta COPELAND

    Wayne COPELAND (in chair) & Boyd COPELAND

    Alta Copeland MCCOLL was the eldest of L. W. & Ila COPELAND'S seven children. She was born in a house that once stood near Pleasant Hill Church, on 25 July 1900. She was the valedictorian of the Bethune High School in 1916. She received her AB degree from Coker College in 1920. She married James Ellen MCCOLL (1893-1968) of Marlboro Co., S.C.; at her mother's home in Bethune on 14 Sept. 1927. She was the first Director of the Marion co. Welfare Department. She died in Florence, S.C. and is buried beside her husband at Rosehill Cemetery in Marion, S.C.

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    A special thanks to the following people for pictures and information on these families.
    James MCCOLL
    Lon OUTEN
    Dr. William BLAIR
    Esther MCCASKILL
    Joseph MATHESON
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