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Ancestors and Descendants of Mable Mary Moery


FIRST GENERATION                                                                                                                                           

1.  Mabel Mary Moery (aka “Mackie”) was born on Jan 23 1893 in Crawford County, IN. She appeared on the census there in 1920.1 She was married to Ira Kiper McWilliams on Sep 14 1913. They divorced sometime before she moved out to California to be near her daughter and grandchildren in the early 1950’s. She died at 82 on Jul 5 1975 in San Clemente, CA.


Ira Kiper McWilliams and Mabel Mary Moery they had the following children:      


                            i.   Olive Mavis McWilliams was born on Jan 20 1915. She married Darrell Myer in 1935.  They had two children: Barbara (b.1936) and Jay (b.1937.)  They divorced sometime between 1937 and 1939.  In 1939 Olive married Earl Dee Robling.  They had two children: Earlene (b.1940) and JoMichelle (b.1944.)  In 1948 the whole family moved to Southern California to seek out better business opportunities and a better way of life. Olive died Aug 22 1985 in Dana Point, CA.56

                           ii.   Harold McWilliams was born on Mar 25 1928. He married Georgeanne Ogden and had three children. Harold died Nov 9 1998 in Shelbyville, IN.


        Ira McWilliams    Mabel Moery McWilliams    Olive Mavis McWilliams    Harold L. McWilliams


SECOND GENERATION – Mabel’s Parent’s


2.  William Moery was born in Dec 1865 in Wellsville, Ohio.2 He was married to Maria Crook on Dec 28 1890 in Schnellville, IN7 and by 1910 they had settled down on their farm in Patoka, IN.6 Eight years later William was one of the thousands of victims that the influenza epidemic claimed that year. He died at 53 on Jan 23 1918.

            Other events in the life of William S. Morey                        

            Census: 1880 Patoka Township, Crawford County, IN3

            Census: 1900 Patoka Township, Crawford County, IN4

            Census: 1910 Patoka Township, Crawford County, IN5


3.  Maria Crook was born on Oct 27 1870.  She died at 86 on Mar 30 1956.                                 


William S. Moery and Maria Crook had the following children:


          1                i.   Mabel Mary Moery.

                           ii.   Edward Raymond (Ray) Moery was born on Apr 2 1895 in DuBois County, IN.8  He was married to Gwen Roach and they had three children.  Ray was a teacher in Jacksonville, FL.9 He died at 96 on Nov 2 1991.

                          iii.   Lillian Ethel Moery was born on Sep 7 1897 in Crawford County, IN.  She married Orville Polen.  Later she was married to Harry Eschler.  Lillian didn’t have any children. She died at 96 on Nov 24 1993 in Orange County, CA.10 

                          iv.   Charles Ernest Moery was born on Feb 20 1900 in Crawford County, IN.  He died at 18 on Jan 18 1918 in Crawford County, IN.11 He died from the Influenza Virus during the great pandemic following WWI.

                           v.   Bessie Miranda (Bess) Moery was born on Mar 4 1908 in Crawford County, IN.  She married Edward Schnell.  Later she was married to Orville Cook. Bess didn’t have any children. She died relatively young at only 52 in 1960. She was ill with MS.


        Around 1970 Ray Moery wrote an informal family tree for the Moerys.  In it he shares some very interesting memories. A few are quoted in this genealogy.  Here are his reflections back onto when his father and brother died during the Influenza Pandemic of 1918:


          "Ernest died in early 1918 and at the age of 18, our father died one week later.  There are many details of those sad days, which mercifully, I have forgotten.  However, we can never forget that the snow was piled high and frozen over and that the bodies of these loved ones were taken on a sled on the most direct route to the church and cemetery.  No gates had to be opened and no fences "laid down" as the horse-drawn vehicle went right over them."  - The Moery (Mori) Story 1800-1970 by Edward Raymond Moery, private



    William Moery        Maria Crook-Moery        Mabel Moery        Ray Moery            Lillian Moery       Ernest Moery        Bess Moery


 THIRD GENERATION – Mabel’s Grandparents


4.  Jacob Moery was born in 1835 in Epsach, Switzerland.12 He immigrated on Apr 15 1865 to New York, NY USA13 Ray Moery writes in his genealogy: “When (Jacob and his family) arrived in New York, they were greeted by rumblings and activities such as they had never witnessed before.  They had known about our Civil War and had the news that it was over, however, from the commotion about them, they assumed that it must have broken out anew, and it took some time to make them understand that Mr. Lincoln had died on that day, April 15 1865, and that what they were witnessing was the reaction of a nation in shock, disbelief, and sorrow.

            By 1869 Jacob was a farmer in Goose Hollow, Crawford County, IN. 14,7,17  Ray also writes: “The Jacob Moery family first came to a little place in Goose Hollow, hard by the spot where the Wickliffe cemetery is now located.  Their house was built against the side of a hill that sloped down to Goose Creek, much as was the fashion in Switzerland, where Jacob had learned the carpenter's trade.  The reasons for such an arrangement were twofold.  First, level spots in Switzerland were hard to find, and second, the split-level arrangement lent itself ideally to the practice of keeping farm animals in the house, a practice widely used in Switzerland.”

            “[Jacob] got a farm three or four miles west of Wickliffe near the dividing line between Crawford and DuBois counties. This small farm in DuBois county is located along Hardscrabble Creek with a little bottom land along the stream and hillsides, mostly in timber, sloping down on either side.  Against the side of the hill sloping down from the east, Jacob built a white frame house, trimmed in blue, which was pretty much of a showcase among structures of the time.  Although it has changed hands several times, the house is still standing and is in a good state of repair.”

            “We can only make a guess why Jacob Moery and his family decided to come to America.  Of course, Uncle Rudolph, and perhaps other friends were already here and it wasn’t like setting out to find a new world.  Two daughters had died either at birth or soon thereafter, which would be enough to create a “sour taste” at the beginning of their family life. ...Rumblings of war with Austria might well have had an influence on Jacob’s decision to seek his fortune elsewhere.  Furthermore, he was a carpenter, and even though no one dreamed of such fabulous wages as five or six dollars per hour, the prospects for success must have looked better in a big new country than in Switzerland. …Last but not least, we can determine by subsequent events that the Moery men were not lacking in the spirit of adventure which took them to various parts of the country to establish their families and seek a way of life.” – The Moery (Mori) Story 1800-1970 by Edward Raymond Moery, private

            Jacob appeared on the census in 1880 in Patoka Township, Crawford County, IN.3 He died at 55 in 1890 in DuBois County, IN.15 He was married to Mary Ann Stucki.17


5.  Mary Ann Stucki was born in 1838 in Switzerland.17 She appeared on the census in 1880 in Patoka Township, Crawford County, IN.  Mary had 8 children and she died at 46 in 1884.17


Jacob Moery and Mary Ann Stucki had the following children:


                            i.   Charles Albert Moery17 was born in 1863 in Epsach, Switzerland.19 He immigrated in 1865 to New York, NY USA. Charles married Emma L. Wallace on Sep 4 1895. He died at 79 in 1942.

                           ii.   Johann Fridrich (Fred) Moery17 was born on Nov 20 1864 in Epsach, Switzerland.18  He immigrated in 1865 to New York, NY USA.19  Fred married Charlotte “Lottie” Roach about 1895.  He died at 80 in 1943.

          2              iii.   William S. Moery.

                          iv.   Edward Moery17 was born in 1867 in Ohio. He married Elizabeth “Lizzie” Stemply.  Edward died at 77 in 1944.

                           v.   Emma Moery17 was born in 1869 in Crawford County, IN.20 She married Charles Dillard on Jan 7 1894.  She died on Nov 14 1955 in Crawford.          

                          vi.   Godfrey Henry Moery.17 was born on Mar 31 1870 in Wickliffe, Crawford County, IN. 21 He died at 92 on Jul 20 1962 in Pontiac.22

                         vii.   Mary A. (Maria) Moery.17 was born 1876 in Indiana.  She never married.  Mary died relatively young at 51 in 1927.

viii.  Ernest Otto Moery.17 was born Jan 4 1880 in Indiana. He married Bessie Green. Otto registered for the WWI draft in 1918. He was the head of the United States Weather Bureau for 40 years in Terre Haute, IN. 24 He died on Jun 15 1966 in Muncie, IN and is buried in Fairview cemetery, Jasper, IN. 23, 25


All of the following pictures of the Moery family were taken around 1902.



                                                Charles AlbertMoery        Fred Moery          William Moery        Edward Moery



                                                Emma Moery Dillard    Henry Moery            Mary Moery                Otto Moery


Charles Albert Moery married Emma L. Wallace on Sep 4 1895. They had eight children: Willie, Albert, J. Edward, Mary Lou, Carter, Mamie, Charlene, and Joseph.17 Only two are pictured here:



Charles Albert          Emma Wallace Moery        Mary Lou "Louie" Moery            Edward Moery


Fred Moery married Lottie Roach about 1895.  They had one child, Geneva.17



Fred Moery      Lottie Roach-Moery    Geneva Moery


William S. Moery married Maria Crook.  They had five children: Mabel, Edward (Ray), Lillian, Ernest, and Bess.


Edward Moery married Elizabeth “Lizzie” Stemply.  They had six children: Pearl, Rilla, John, Edward, Christopher Lee, and Charles Fredrich.17 Only two of their children are pictured here:



Edward Moery      Elizabeth Stemply-Moery       Pearl Moery               Rilla Moery       


 Emma Moery married Charles Dillard (b. Jan 11 1870 d. Jan 27 1956) on Jan 7 1894.  They had 7 children: Fred, Fredonia, Otis, Silvia, Gladys, Golda, and Ruby.  All of the Dillard children were school teachers.17 Three of them are pictured here:



 Charles Dillard     Emma Moery-Dillard        Fred Dillard            Fredonia Dillard            Otis Dillard       


Godfrey Henry Moery married Lucy Ford in 1898.17



Henry Moery         Lucy Ford-Moery

Mary Moery never married and Otto Moery married Bessie Green and had one son Howard Moery.17 I was unable to locate pictures of Bessie or Howard.    


6.  Solomon Crook was born on Sep 29 1826 in Floyd, IN.  He was a farmer and was married three times.  First to Lucinda Fleming on Aug 8 1848. They had one daughter in Nov 1849 and she died in Dec presumably from complications of childbirth.  On Nov 7 1851 Solomon married Nancy Jacobs and they had two children.  Finally he married Mary Jane Morgan on Apr 8 1858. They had seven children, listed below.  All together he had 10 children.  Solomon died at 67 on Oct 22 1893 in Dubois, IN.

            Other events in the life of Solomon Crook

            Census: 1850 in Hall, Dubois County, IN

            Census: 1860 in Hall, Dubois County, IN

            Census: 1870 in Hall, Dubois County, IN

            Census: 1880 in Hall, Dubois County, IN


7.  Mary Jane Morgan was born on Jun 21 1836. She married Solomon Crook, who was 10 years older, on Apr 8 1858. She died on Mar 5 1910. 


Solomon Crook and Mary Jane Morgan had the following children:


                            i.   Lafayette Crook28 was born on Jul 21 1860. He married Sarah Lydia Lanman (b. Oct 6 1863, d. Dec 24 1950) on Apr 13 1884.  They had nine children Layfayette died in 1904 at the age of 44.

                           ii.   Manerva Jane Crook28 (aka “Nerve”) was born on Feb 8 1862. She married John Shelton Pruitt (b. Feb 26 1860 d. Sep 30 1935) on Oct 23 1884.  They had five children together.  Minerva died Jun 18 1935.

                          iii.   Maranda May Crook28 (aka “Randy”) was born on Jan 19 1864. She married Adam Adolph Hessemer (b. Sep 18 1857 d. Jun 9 1917) on Oct 7 1883.  They had two sons.  Maranda died on Jul 8 1943.

                          iv.   Charles Crook28 was born on Aug 7 1866. He married Elorza M. Grant (1869-1892) on Dec 1 1889.  However, Elorza died at 23 about a year after their daughter was born.  Soon after Charles married her little sister, Rebecca Grant, (1876-1943) and they had 12 children.  Charles died on Aug 26 1941.

                           v.   Robert Crook28 was born on Nov 16 1868.  He died only 4 years later on Nov 8 1872.

          3              vi.   Maria Crook.

                         vii.   Marietta Crook28 was born on Jan 20 1873. She died only 2 years later on Feb 17 1875. 



                                              Lafayette                Manerva                Maranda               Charlie                     Maria                        

                                                age 75                   age 73                      age 71                    age 69                   age 65

FOURTH GENERATION – Mabel’s Great-Grandparents


8.  Peter Mori Jr. was born in 1814 in Switzerland.17 He was married to Elisabeth Dasen in 1834 in Switzerland.17


9.  Elisabeth Dasen was born in 1816 in Switzerland.17


Peter Mori Jr. and Elisabeth Dasen had the following children:


          4                i.   Jacob Moery.

                           ii.   Peter Mori III was born in 1836 in Epsach, Switzerland. 17

                          iii.   Rudolph Mori II was born in 1839 in Epsach, Switzerland. 17

                          iv.   Johann Fredrich Mori was born in 1842 in Epsach, Switzerland. 17

                           v.   Karl Albrecht (Albert) Mori was born on Oct 2 1844 in Epsach, Switzerland.26 He came over to the US but returned to Switzerland. 17

                          vi.   Johann (John) Mori was born in 1847 in Epsach, Switzerland. 17

                         vii.   Samuel Mori was born in 1851 in Epsach, Switzerland. 17


12.  John Hickman Crook28 was born on Feb 23 1801 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.  He was married to Elizabeth Brown on Jun 17 1824 in Floyd County, IN.  He died on Apr 28 1889.

            Other events in the life of John Hickman Crook:

            Census: 1850 in Hall, Dubois, Indiana.29

            Census: 1860 in Hall, Dubois, Indiana. 30

            Census: 1870 in Hall, Dubois, Indiana. 31


13.  Elizabeth Brown28 was born on Dec 12 1805.  She died at 83 on Jan 19 1888.  She was buried in Jacobs Cemetery in Dubois County, Indiana.  John Hickman Crook and Elizabeth Brown had the following children:


          6                i.   Solomon Crook.

                           ii.   Jeremiah Crook was born on Jan 23 1829.  He married Rose Ann Brintlinger on Apr 24 1851 and they had three children.  Jeremiah died at 34 on Aug 16 1863 in the Civil War. 28

                          iii.   Elizabeth Crook was born on Dec 29 1831. She married Elijah Atkins on July 21 1851 in Dubois County, IN. They had five children.28

                          iv.   Martha Ann Crook was born in 1834. She married Jeremiah Jacobs on Nov 9 1851 in Dubois County, IN. 28

                           v.   Sarah Crook

                          vi.   Lucinda Crook was born Mar 28 1839. She married James Austin Brown in 1851.  She died in Indianapolis, IN on Nov 5 1928. 28

                         vii.   Amos Crook was born on Mar 2 1843. He died on Jun 13 1845. 28

                        viii.   Andrew Jackson Crook was born on May 27 1845. He married Mary Ellen Hilt on Nov 12 1865 and had 10 children. Andrew died on May 28 1913. 28

                   ix.   Mary Elizabeth Crook was born on Dec 13 1847. She married David McIntire on May 6 1869.  They had three children. She died in 1915. 28


FIFTH GENERATION – Mabel’s Great-Great-Grandparents


16.  Peter Mori Sr. was born on Sep 28 1788 in Epsach, Switzerland.17 He died at 43 in 1831 in Switzerland.17 He was married to Elisabeth Hoffman.17


17.  Elisabeth Hoffman was born in 1783 in Switzerland.17 She died at 73 in 1856 in Switzerland.17


Peter Mori Sr. and Elisabeth Hoffman had the following children:


          8                i.   Peter Mori Jr.

                           ii.   Johann Mori17 was born in Switzerland.  He did not marry. He died in Switzerland.

                          iii.   Bendicht Mori17 was born in Switzerland.  He did not marry. He died in Switzerland.

                          iv.   Rudolph Mori17 was born in 1821 in Switzerland.  He was the first Mori to immigrate to the USA in 1862.  Rudolph married Marie Gutman (1812-1873) and they had 6 children: Maria (1841-1884), Elisabeth “Elsie” (1842-1868), Carolina “Lina” (1846-1916), Ernst (1851-1932), and John Fredrick (1852-1934.) He died at 70 in 1891 in Crawford County, IN.

                           v.   Nicklaus Mori17 was born in Switzerland.  He died in Switzerland.


24.  Jeremiah Crook I32 was born in 1770 in Dinwiddie County, VA.33 He married Elizabeth Hickman on Jul 21 1798 in Madison County, KY.  He died in 1853 in Dubois County, IN. 33


25.  Elizabeth Hickman34 was born about 1780 in Clark or Bourbon County, KY. 34 She married Jeremiah Crook on July 26 1798 in Madison Co, KY. 34 The couple later moved to Floyd County, IN, where most of their 14 children were born, and where Elizabeth died in 1858. 34 There is a story that Elizabeth was disowned by her father because he thought Jeremiah was not a suitable husband. Elizabeth's uncle helped the couple to elope. But the names of father and uncle were not written down.34


 Jeremiah Crook and Elizabeth Hickman had the following children:


                            i.   William Crook was born between 1800-1810.  He married Delilah Creswell.34

                           ii.   Mary (Polly) Crook was born between 1800-1810. She married Henry Edwards.34

12                      iii.   John Hickman Crook.

                          iv.   James Crook was born in 1803. 34 He married Helen Maria Tuley (b. 1811 d. 1869).36 James was a brick mason.35 He died in 1870. 36

                           v.   George Crook was born about 1806. He married Susan Butler. 34

                          vi.   Jesse Crook was born about 1807. He married Elizabeth. 34

                         vii.   Sarah Crook was born between 1800-1810. 34 She married John Cronk (b. 1793-1849) on Mar 13 1828. 37

                        viii.   Martha or Maria Crook was born between 1800-1810. 34 She married Jacob Lidikay (b. 1809) on Mar 15 1832.38

                          ix.   Wiley Crook was born about 1813. He married Sarah Ann Hangar. 34

                           x.   Joseph Crook was born in 1815. He married Mary Howard. 34

                          xi.   Nancy Crook was born between 1815-1820. She married Isaac Clipp, a carpenter, (b. 1817) on Feb 12 1839. They had two daughters. 39

                         xii.   Rebecca Crook was born about 1818. She married David Hangar. 34

                        xiii.   Margaret Crook was born about 1823. She married William Nance. 34

                        xiv.   David Crook was born between 1820-1821. 34

SIXTH GENERATION – Mabel’s GGG-Grandparents


32.  Johann Mori.  He was married to Anne Struchen.17


33.  Anne Struchen.  Johann Mori and Anne Struchen had the following children:


        16                i.   Peter Mori Sr.


48.  Soloman Crook III was born in 1741 in Dinwiddie County, VA. 40 He died in 1776 in Dinwiddie County, VA. 40


49.  Jossina Gaston40 was born about 1740 in Dinwiddie County, VA. 41 She died in 1777 in Dinwiddie County, VA. 41 


Soloman Crook III and Jossina Gaston had the following children:


                            i.   William Crook was born in 1765 in Dinwiddie County, VA.  He died in 1817 in Chester County, VA. 40

                           ii.   Solomon Crook IV was born in 1766 in Dinwiddie County, VA.  He died in 1769 in Dinwiddie County, VA. 40

        24              iii.   Jeremiah Crook I.

                          iv.   William Wylie Crook was born on Oct 7 1773 in Dinwiddie County, VA. He died on Oct 8 1846 in Fayette County, TN. 40


SEVENTH GENERATION – Mabel’s GGGG(4)-Grandparents


96.  Soloman Crook II40, 42 was born in 1710 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, VA. 40, 43 He died in 1780 in Dinwiddie County, VA.40, 41 He was christened in Ferry Chapel, Prince George County, VA.43 He was married to Martha Wiley.


97.  Martha Wiley40 was born about 1720.41 She died in 1780 in Chester County, SC.41


Soloman Crook II and Martha Wiley had the following children:


                            i.   Martha Crook was born in 1740 in Dinwiddie County, VA. 40

        48               ii.   Soloman Crook III.

                          iii.   James Crook was born on June 29 1746 in Dinwiddie County, VA.  He died in 1825 in Spartanburg County, VA.40

                          iv.   William Crook was born in 1748 in Dinwiddie County, VA.  He died in 1800 in Chester County, VA.40

                           v.   John Crook was born in 1755 in Dinwiddie County, VA.40

                          vi.   Joseph Crook was born in 1758 in Dinwiddie County, VA.40


EIGHTH GENERATION – Mabel’s GGGGG(5)-Grandparents


192.  George Crook I was born in 1683 in Dinwiddie County, VA. 40 He was married to Elizabeth in 1708. We first find a record of him on the 1704 tax list of Prince George County, VA and he apparently inherited his father's land (Solomon I). George has a number of land transactions in Prince George County, Virginia, in which his wife, Elizabeth, relinquished her dower. Records indicate they lived on the frontier in what is now Dinwiddie County. They came back to Prince George County on Sept 11 1731 and baptized five of their children. 44 He died in 1745 in Dinwiddie County, VA. 40


193.  Elizabeth was born bxt 1681-1695. 44 


George Crook I and Elizabeth had the following children:


        96                i.   Soloman Crook II.

                           ii.   George Crook II was born about 1712 In Prince George County, VA. He married Mary Irby.  George died in 1785.44

                          iii.   Martha Crook was born Apr 9 1715 in Prince George County, VA44

                          iv.      Mary Crook was born on 28 Mar 28 1717 In Prince George County, VA44

                           v.      Tabitha Crook was born on Feb 8 1718/19 in Prince George County, VA44

                          vi.   Joseph Crook was born on Aug 28 1722 in Prince George County, VA44 He married Elizabeth Buck.  Joseph died in 1795.44

                         vii.   James Crook was born on Jan 27 1724/25 in Prince George County, VA44 He married Elizabeth Bignal. 44


NINTH GENERATION – Mabel’s GGGGGG(6)-Grandparents


384. Soloman Crook I was born about 1667 or 1670.  By 1692 he was a resident of Elizabeth City, VA. He died about 1700 in Charles City, VA.45 Soloman Crook I had the following children:


            192      vii.       George Crook I.


TENTH GENERATION – Mabel’s GGGGGGG(7)-Grandparent’s


768.  Thomas Crook45 was born about 1645. 46 He was a plantation owner in Charles City County (now Prince George County), Virginia. 48 Thomas Crook married a woman named Ann. He was active in land and court records of Charles City County, VA for many years. Thomas Crook is listed in a land transaction of 1665 as a neighboring land owner in the vicinity of "Old Towne" (an Indian village) adjacent to "Merchants Hope", about eight miles south of James River below and southeast of present day Petersburg. 49

            In Westover, Nov 17 1662, Thomas sold land to William Tomlinson. On April 20 1663, Anthony Wyatt obtained a judgment of 518 pounds against Thomas due in tobacco for levies and fees. On Oct 18 1664, Rice Hoe was ordered to defend a claim by Thomas, and on September 15 1665, Thomas was security for Thomas Chappell for cattle belonging to Chappell's child. He was released and new security obtained. 49 He died after 1688. 47


769.  Ann50 By far the most interesting bit of data in the records concerns Thomas Crook's wife, Ann. In Westover on Feb 25 1663-64, Richard Baker brought suit against Thomas Crook and his wife Ann alleging that Ann had gossiped about Baker's wife. It was brought before a twelve man jury and they came to a decision. The verdict was "We find for the plaintiff as his wife has been much abused in her reputation. Upon which verdict it is the judgment of the court that according to account for her scandalous abuses, the defendant Ann Crook be three times ducked and her husband pay costs. 49


Thomas Crook and Ann had the following children:


      384                i.   Soloman Crook I.

                           ii.   Robert Crook.51 




1536.  Dr. William Crook52 was born in 1612 in Bigin, Hertfordshire, England.  He immigrated in 1635 to Virginia from England. 53 He was licensed at the Port of London to "go beyond the seas". His passage payment (on the ship "Thomas and John" with 80 others) of 50 acres of land is recorded in Elizabeth City, County of Virginia in 1636. 54 He died in 1723 in Charleston, SC.55


1537.  Elizabeth Matthews. 55 Dr. William Crook and Elizabeth Matthews had the following children:


      768                i.   Thomas Crook.



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