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Ancestors & Descendants of Harry Robling



1.  Harry Robling was born on Jul 10 1884 in Pike County, IN. 1  He grew up on a farm and married Fannie Burkhart about 1913.4 The census data suggests that he stayed in Crawford & Pike counties all of his life.  He and Fannie had three children together before he died on Sept 18 1922 from causes I was unable to determine.  He was 38 years old. He was buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery in Petersburg, IN5 however, there is no headstone and his name only appears on a list that they have.  Earl was only two years old when his father died.

            Other events in the life of Harry Robling:

            Census: 1900 in Patoka Township, Crawford County, IN.2

            Census: 1910 in Logan, Pike County, IN.3

            Census: 1920 in Washington, Pike, IN.4


Harry Robling and Fannie Burkhart had the following children:

                      i.   Mary Robling was born on Jul 10 1912 in Pike County, IN.

                           ii.   Chloe (Cloe) Robling was born on Jun 13 1917 in Petersburg, Pike County, IN.  She died on Aug 2 2001 in Sikeston, MO. 

                          iii.   Earl Dee Robling was born on Apr 24 1920.  He died on Oct 9 1994 in Fresno, CA.


                1920 US Census excerpt:



 2.  Andrew Jackson Robling was born on Sep 18 1852 in Pike County, IN.6 He was a farmer and lived pretty much in Pike County, IN all of his life.1 He married his first wife, Mariah C. Willis on Nov 15 1874. 11 They had 14 children together.  Mariah died in 1900 and left Jack to tend to the 11 children still living at home.7 By 1910, he had married Mary Ellen Hedges. 8 At this time there were 5 kids plus a nephew and a stepson in Jack’s household. 8 Both of Jacks parents died before he was 25 years old and he lost his first sister at the age of 3.  Such tragedies may have fueled a strong desire for a large family.  He died on Feb 16 1931 at 79 years old.

            Other events in the life of Andrew Jackson Robling:

            Census: 1900 in Patoka Township, Crawford County, IN.7

            Census: 1910 in Logan, Pike County, IN.8

            Census: 1920 in Washington, Pike, IN.9

            Census: 1930 in Washington, Pike, IN.10


3. Mariah C. Willis was born on Apr 3 1858 in Pike County, IN.1 She married Andrew Jackson Robling in 1874 and started having babies about one every two years for the next 24 years. She died relatively young at the age of 42 on Apr 2 1900.  I can only image what her life was like but I think the numbers speak for themselves.


Andrew Jackson Robling and Mariah C. Willis had the following children:


                            i.   Elizabeth (Lizzie) Robling was born in Sep 1876 in Pike County, IN. 1

                           ii.   Martha Robling was born in Nov 1878 in Pike County, IN. 1

                          iii.   Pascova (Covey) Robling was born in Nov 1880 in Pike County, IN. 1

                          iv.   Walter Robling was born in Feb 1882 in Pike County, IN. 1

                           v.   John Rufus Robling was born on Mar 22 1888 in Pike Co, Indiana.  John married Fannie's sister, Carrie E. Burkhart. He died in 1948 and was buried in White Chapel Cemetery Pike County, IN. 1

          1              vi.   Harry Robling.

                         vii.   Gus Robling was born in May 1887 in Pike County, IN. 1

                        viii.   Bessie Robling was born in Nov 1889 in Pike County, IN. 1

                          ix.   Minnie Robling was born in May 1891 in Pike County, IN. 1

                           x.   Bettie Belle Robling was born in Jul 1893 in Pike County, IN. 1

                          xi.   Pearl Lucy Robling was born in Dec 1897 in Pike County, IN. 1

                         xii.   William S. Robling.

xiv.   Mary Grace Robling.


            1900 US Census excerpt for Jackson Robling which includes the following information: 


Relation to Head of household

Personal Description: race, sex, birthday,  age at last birthday, marital status, years of present marriage, mother of how many children, number of these children living.


Place of birth of this person, place of birth of this person’s father, place of birth of this person’s mother.

Citizenship: year of immigration to US, number of years in US, naturalization

Occupation: of each person 10 years or older,

months not employed

Education: attended school (in months), can read, can write, can speak English

Ownership of home: owned or rented, owned

free or mortgaged, farm or house




THIRD GENERATION – Harry’s Grandparents


4.  Rowan (Roan) Robling was born on Jul 10 1829 in Pike County, IN.1 I found it interesting that on the 1850 census he appears three times in three different places.  The first is on Jul 20 as a farm laborer in his uncle’s household, next on Jul 24 as head of household with his wife Rebecca Nolan, and lastly on Aug 16 with Rebecca in another township.  Roan must have had a big year: left his job then got married and soon after moved to his own farm. The Indiana Marriage Records Index 1845-1920 lists their anniversary as on July 28 1850.  According to the census he and Rebecca had already set up house by Jul 24th.  He died sometime before 1861 in his early 30’s when his youngest child was only a toddler.

            Other events in the life of Rowan Robling:

            Census: 1850 in Logan, Pike County, IN.12

            Census: 1860 in Madison, Pike County, IN.13


5. Rebecca Nolan was born on Oct 12 1828 or 1829 in Pike County, IN.1 Rebecca married Roan Robling on Jul 28 1850. They had five children, one of whom must have died at birth since it was not given a name.  After her husband’s death at around 1861 Rebecca was suddenly alone with four young children.  However, from the looks of things she did not remarry. Ten years later the 1870 census shows Rebecca as single and living with her teenage daughters Mary and Indiana. 15 Rebecca died on Jul 3 1875 in Washington, Pike, Indiana; she was 47 years old.   

            Other events in the life of Rebecca Nolan:

            Census: 1850 in Logan, Pike County, IN.12

            Census: 1860 in Madison, Pike County, IN.13

            Census: 1870 in Washington Township, Pike County, IN.15


Roan Robling and Rebecca Nolan had the following children:


          2                i.   Andrew Jackson Robling.

                           ii.   John Robling was born in Nov 1854.1

                          iii.   Infant Girl Robling.1

                          iv.   Mary Robling was born about 1857.1

                           v.   Indiana Robling was born in Sep 1859 1


6.  Jackson Willis was born about 1827 in North Carolina.16 He appears in the 1860 census as a farmer in Pike County, IN.  It is not certain when he came to Indiana from North Carolina or whether he came with his parents or as an adult.  He married Mahala Loveless on Apr 1 1849 in Pike County so we know he was settled in Indiana by then.  He and Mahala had 9 children.  He died in 1875 at the age of 48.

            Other events in the life of Jackson Willis

            Census: 1860 in Logan, Pike County, IN38

            Census: 1870 in Logan, Pike County, IN16


7.  Mahala Loveless was born about 1830 in Pike County, IN.16 She was married at 19 and had her first child that same year.  She had 9 children in 15 years.  She died at 44 years old on Dec 23 1874 in Pike County, IN. Her youngest child, George, was only 4 years old.


 Jackson Willis and Mahala Loveless had the following children:


                            i.   Joseph M. Willis was born in 1849.38

                           ii.   Elizabeth J. Willis was born in 1851. 38

                          iv.   John Willis was born in 1854. 38

          3               v.  Mariah C. Willis.

                          iv.   Mary Willis was born in 1860. 16

                         vii.   Jasper Willis was born in 1862. 16

                        viii.   Octavo Willis was born in 1865. 16

                          ix.   Martha Willis was born in 1867. 16

                           x.   George Willis was born in 1870. 16


FOURTH GENERATION – Harry’s Great-Grandparents


8.  Peter Jasper Robling Sr. was born on Jun 4 1791 in Rowan County, NC. 1  It appears that the whole extended family, he and his father’s, moved to Pike County, IN sometime before 1828 and settled on neighboring farms.17 After arriving in Indiana he married Sally Beck on Aug 27 1828.19 He died on Sep 17 1865 in Pike County at 74 years old. 17

                Other events in the life of Peter Jasper Robling Sr.

            Census: 1830 in Madison, Pike County, IN40

            Census: 1840 in Pike County, IN39

            Census: 1850 in Madison, Pike County, IN.17,18

            Census: 1860 in Logan, Pike County, IN.17


9.  Sally Sarah Beck was born on Mar 5 1809 in Franklin, TN.17,18 She married Peter Jasper Robling, 18 years her senior, on Aug 27 1828. 19 Sally had 10 children in 20 years.  She died at 54 on May 25 1863. 1


Peter Jasper Robling Sr. and Sarah Beck had the following children:


          4                i.   Rowan (Roan) Robling.

                           ii.   Jemima Robling was born on Nov 11 1830. 1

                          iii.   Peter Jackson Robling Jr. was born on Dec 15 1832 in Pike County, IN.  He appeared on the census in 1860 in Madison, Pike County, IN.20 He appeared on the census in 1880 in Jefferson Township, Pike Co.21 He died on Nov 24 1886. 1

                          iv.   Indiana Mariah Robling was born on Dec 18 1837.  She died on Aug 31 1888. 1

                           v.   Hannah Robling was born in1839 and died in 1846 at the age of seven. 1      

                          vi.   Mahala Robling was born about 1841.  She married William A. Loveless on Oct 30 1862. 1

                         vii.   George Robling was born on Nov 28 1843.  1

                        viii.   Simon Logan Robling was born in May 1845. 1

                          ix.   Henry Taylor Robling was born on May 31 1847. 1

                           x.   Mary Isabella Robling was born on Feb 5 1850.  She died on Sep 16 1943. 1


14.  Joseph Loveless was born on Dec 6 1798 in Maryland.16 By the time he was 26 he was farming in Pike County, IN. He was married to Elizabeth Beck on Mar 18 1824.22 He died about 1865 in Pike County, IN.16

            Other events in the life of Joseph Loveless:

            Census: 1850 in Logan, Pike County, IN.16


15.  Elizabeth Beck was born about 180523,24 and died about 1845. 25, 16 She is the aforementioned Sally Beck’s sister.  Joseph and Elizabeth’s daughter, William A. Loveless, later marries his first cousin, Sarah’s daughter, Mahala Robling.  Furthermore, Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Mariah Willis, later marries Sally’s grandson, Andrew Jackson Robling, Earl’s grandfather.  I am sure these cases are hardly rare, given the small size and closed nature of immigrant communities, but I sure had an interesting time figuring this out!


Joseph Loveless and Elizabeth Beck had the following children:


                            i.   John Loveless was born in 1825 in Pike Co, IN. 19

                           ii.   Joseph Henry Loveless  was born on Dec 10 1826 in Pike County, IN. 19

          7              iii.   Mahala Loveless.

                          iv.   Unknown Loveless   was born about 1833 in Pike County, IN. 19

                           v.   Elizabeth Loveless was born about 1836 in Pike County, IN. 19

                          vi.   William A. Loveless was born on Jun 5 1839 in Pike County, IN.  He married Mahala Robling on Oct 30 1862.  He died on Dec 10 1864 in Pike County. 19

                         vii.   Daniel Loveless  was born on Aug 12 1843 in Pike County, IN. 19


FIFTH GENERATION – Harry’s Great-Great-Grandparents


16.  Lewis Robling wasn’t hard to find because there are so many Lewis Roblings, at least one for every generation born in Rowan County, NC.  Then all these Lewis’s moved to Pike County, IN around the same time.  Therefore, this is the best information I could find on “our” Lewis Robling:  Lewis was born about 1767 in Rowan County, NC.1 It is possible that he was married 3 times and had 8 children.  I am pretty certain that his first wife was Polly Gibbson who he married in 1790.  In the 1830’s he migrated with his sons and their families to Pike County, IN where farm land was plenty and cheap. He died sometime after 1840 in Pike County, IN.

            Other fact in the life of Lewis Robling:

            Census: North Carolina census 1790-1890 in Rowan County.  A Lewis Robling is found in the 1812-1814 muster rolls listed as            

            Second Reg. MR for 1814 which perhaps means that if this is our Lewis then he may have participated in the war of 1812.

            Census: 1840 in Pike County, IN living next door to his son James Robling.


17.  Polly Gibbson was born between 1765 and 1775 in Rowan County, NC.  She died sometime after 1806.1


Lewis Robling and Polly Gibbson had the following children:


          8                i.   Peter Jasper Robling Sr.

                           ii.   John Robling was born Nov 29 1792 in Rowan County, NC. He married Elizabeth Traylor.  He died Feb 5 1872 in Pike County, IN. 1

                          iii.   Lewis Robling was born Nov 15 1794. 1

                          iv.   William Robling was born Nov 21 1796 in Rowan County.  He married Polly Miller.  He died in Oct 1853 in Pike County, IN. 1

                           v.   Elizabeth Robling was born in 1800. She was also known as “Sarah.” 1

                          vi.   James Robling was born in 1802.  He married Mary Hill. 1

                         vii.   Sarah Robling was born in 1804.  She died in 1810 in Rowan County, NC. 1

                          ix.   Mary Robling was born in 1806. 1


30.  Jacob Beck Jr. is the son of German immigrants.16 He was born about 1770 in Berks County, PA,26  20 years after his father had landed on American soil.  At 4 years old his family moved to Rowan County, NC (about 1767).29 Around 1792, in his mid-twenties, he married Mary of Rowan County. 30 By 1816 he had migrated to Gibson County, IN. 27 He died about 1828 in Pike County, IN. 28


31.  Mary was born between 1754-1780.16 It is most likely she was born towards the early side of this estimate otherwise she would have been a very young teen bride and mother, as young as 13! Legally girls couldn’t marry until they were 15.  She died some time between 1809-1867 in Pike County, IN.16 


Jacob Beck Jr. and Mary had the following children:


                            i.   John Beck born about 1793 in Rowan County, NC.  He moved to Gibson County, IN in 1812.19

        15               ii.   Elizabeth Beck.

          9              iii.   Sally Sarah Beck.


SIXTH GENERATION – Harry’s GGG-Grandparents


36.  Jakob (Jacob) Beck Sr. was born about 1739 in Germany. 16 He was only 11 when his family immigrated to the US in 1750.  His family lived in Pennsylvania between 1753 and 1767.16 About 1767-1768 he moved to Rowan County, NC with his parents.16 He married Mary Winkler about 1769 in Rowan County, NC. 16 About 1812 he took his family further west to seek cheaper farm land in Gibson County, IN. 16 He died in Aug 1826 probably in Gibson County or Pike County, IN.

            Here is an interesting story about Jacob’s time in North Carolina: “On November 7, 1775, (Jacob) was brought before the Committee of Safety in Rowan County to give an account of his political sentiments; he asked to be allowed to consider it until the next day and Capt. David Smith became surety for his appearance. Smith brought him before the Committee on November 10, and because of "Beck's notorious contempt of this committee and opposition to American measures," the Committee resolved to send him to jail. When Beck was again brought before the Committee, he "cheerfully signed" and swore to the test. On August 6, 1778, he swore allegiance to the Revolutionary government.

            On October 10, 1783, Beck received a North Carolina grant of 200 acres on Abbott's Creek adjoining Lewis Winkler and sold it to Christopher Cline for 150 British pounds on July 4, 1786. On September 8, 1786, he bought 200 acres on the South Fork of Swan's Creek from Samuel Barnes; he also received another grant and sold 200 acres to Godfrey Ratz on October 29, 1789, 200 acres to John Lopp on January 22, 1790, and 100 acres to John Lopp on February 6, 1793.”37


37.  Mary Winkler was born on Apr 6 1751 in Easton, Northampton County, PA.16 She died on Nov 12 1822 in Pike County, IN.16


Jacob Beck Sr. and Mary Winkler had the following children:


        18                i.   Jacob Beck Jr.

                           ii.   Anna Beck was born on Nov 10 1771 in Rowan County, NC. 19

                          iii.   Henry Beck was born in 1772 in Rowan County, NC. 19

                          iv.   Frederick Beck was born in 1775 in Berks County, PA. 19

                           v.   John C. Beck was born on Oct 17 1777 in Abbott's Creek, Rowan County, NC. 19

                          vi.   Lewis Beck was born in 1781 in Rowan County, NC. 19

                         vii.   Mary Beck was born about 1783 in Rowan County, NC. 19

                        viii.   Caroline Beck was born about 1785 in Rowan County, NC. 19

                          ix.   Elizabeth Beck was born about 1787 in Rowan County, NC. 19

                           x.   Susannah Beck was born about 1791 in Rowan County, NC. 19


SEVENTH GENERATION – Harry’s GGGG(4)-Grandparents


72.  Devault Beck is the father of all the Becks in America.  He was born about 1715 in Palatine, Germany.  He married Catherine in 1725. 19 In 1750 he and Catherine and their three children left Germany to come to the American Colonies. They arrived in Philadelphia aboard the ship “Phoenix”, under the command of Captain John Mason, on Aug 28, 1750.34 They settled in Pennsylvania in Hereford Township, Berks County and attended Zion’s Lutheran Church.36 In 1768 he and his wife were sponsors at the baptism of their grandson, John Phillip Beck.36 Soon after he moved to Abbott’s Creek in Rowan (now Davidson) County, NC. Devault wrote his will on Dec 17 1773 leaving his property to his wife Catherine and his six children.  He did not die soon afterwards however; since in 1786 he deeded property to his sons and to himself in Rowan County.36 

            Initially Devault supported Britain at the outbreak of the American Revolution, however later he found it more lucrative to support the revolutionaries and on August 6, 1778 he swore an oath of allegiance to the revolutionary government. On November 4, 1784, he received two land grants for 200 acres and 500 acres. On April 24, 1786, he sold 200 acres to his son John for 12 British pounds and 200 acres to his son George for 6 pounds. (I wonder why the difference in price?)  He also landed a cushy government job on February 12, 1785 when the county court appointed him to view and straighten the Virginia road.36 He died in 1795 in Rowan County, NC.34


73.  Catherine is a mystery. Her maiden name and any other information about her has yet to be uncovered.16 Devault Beck and Catherine had the following children:


        36                i.   Jakob (Jacob) Beck Sr.

                           ii.   Johann Philip Beck was born about 1741 in Germany.  He immigrated in 1750 to Pennsylvania. 16

                          iii.   Moserine (Margaret) Beck was born about 1743 in Germany.  She immigrated in 1750 to Pennsylvania. 16

                          iv.   Johannes (John) C. Beck was born on Jan 6 1761 in Berks County, PA. 16

                           v.   George Beck Sr. was born in 1762 in Berks County, PA. 16

                          vi.   Catherine Beck was born on Feb 6 1764 in Rowan County, NC, and died Aug 24 1852 in Davidson County, NC. 16


74.  Ludwig Lewis Winkler was born on Apr 15 1726 in Pfaltz, Germany.  He was married to Anna Christina Leutz about 1742.42 Ludwig died on Apr 13 1798 in Rowan County, NC. 42


75.  Anna Christina Leutz42 Ludwig Lewis Winkler and Anna Christina Leutz had the following children:


        37                i.   Mary Winkler.


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