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Francis Robinson
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I made this page gray as everything is in shades of gray.
People who see only in black or white are not thinking, just reacting...

   The young tend to see things as black or white...  With graying
tends to come the understanding that most things in life come in
various shades of gray and very little is really all black or all
white. No political party nor any religion (or lack of) has all the
    Shades of gray requires thinking and balance. Black or white
requires only an opinion...
Francis Robinson

 Those who know me know that I am quite frugal, that I demand tolerance and the use of common sense from those around me.
 There are a few things that will raise my ire quickly. One is bigotry in any form. Racial, religious or honest life choices.
 Another is the tiny minded junior nazis that think that they should decide how other people live down to tiny details. Somehow these people are drawn to positions where they can usurp power. A common place for them to show up is on planning and zoning commissions. Most are wanna-be snobs and as a vessel of worth tend to have the depth of a cookie sheet. They claim to be working for the community but really only function to gain the power to control other people. Anybody they can, any way they can. Only the power really matters.

    People who will pay to walk don't want to step in anything with their $200 white walking shoes.   :-)
    "Country" is "in" but most don't want to get "too" close.
Francis Robinson  2001

    Justice does not exist for the sake of the law. The law exist for the sake of justice.
    When the law becomes more important than justice all mankind takes a giant step backward into the dark abyss
Francis Robinson  6-5-1997

    This page may be quoted freely as long as credit is given...

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