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One brick wall is down!!!
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The Robinson / Robinson
double brick walls...

    Mine is one of those cases where both of my parents were Robinsons. My father's side was from maybe VA to NC to KY to IN. My mother's side was from NY to PA to OH to IN.
    I have some parts of our family tree back to the 1400's. Generation after generation of them. But the surname I carry... Not on your tin-type. On both sides I am at a brick wall on those two lines.
My mother's side is still a brick wall but getting chipped...
    The farthest back I can get on my mothers side is Steven
Grant Robinson (my gggrandfather) b. 9 Jan 1838 - d. 23 Feb 1918 Spouse was
Isabella Jane Minnick (former Amish) NOT AMISH, father, Joseph Minnich (with an "h" not a "k") was christened as a lutheran.  b. 15 Apr 1841 - d. 11 May 1926.
Steven was assumed born NY state. They were both
dis-owned by their parents for marrying out of their
religions. Their son Francis Marion Robinson b. 28 Oct 1858
York PA - d. 23 Feb 1929 Martin Co. IN. (my ggrand father)
said he was born in York County PA. I am trying to find the
parents of Steven Grant Robinson and Isabella Jane Minnick
or at least a record that they lived in York Co. The
Robinson parents were said to be in NY state and to have
been of some affluence. My mother (now 80) seems to think
his name may have been John Robinson and that he likely
stayed in NY state.
I had not found any York Co. record of any of them there but just recently I got an email from a kind person directing me to a site showing a family of "Minnich"s in the 1850 York PA census that could fit:
Joseph 46 M Carpenter
Eliza 43 F
Charles 22 M Carpenter
Lavinia 18 F
Wesley 11 M
Isabella 9 F
Joseph 7 M
Emanuel 5 M
Francis Marion Robinson moved to Ohio, married Emma Content
Stump then moved to Indiana. This is my mother's line.
Isabella Minnich is in the York County PA. 1860 census as Isabella Robinson living with her parents with her 2 year old son F.M. Robinson. No mention of her husband. Her parents moved to OH and were buried in Lucas County (Toledo) OH.

    My father was also a Robinson but possibly from England to VA to NC to KY to IN. My father's name was also Francis Robinson as were, I believe, some of his ancestors. Makes for a fun family tree... :-) I am also at a brick wall on that side. My g-grand father there was Paschal C. Robinson, died Abt 1891 Shelby Co. IN (buried about 3 miles from me). He was married to Jennie Washburn. I have a pretty full tree on the Washburns. His childhood home was at Florence at Boone Co. KY.
According to verbal family history his father was also a
P. Robinson, probably Paschal but unknown. He was said to be
a widower and that my g-grandfather was mostly raised by a
lady that was a former slave. My grandmother always said
that lady always addressed that P. Robinson as "Mr. P." Also
according to verbal family history (we all know how that can
be sometimes) he was supposedly a sheriff of some kind in
Boone Co. KY. The mother of Paschal C. Robinson might possibly
have been a Carpenter (name not trade).
I did find a Paschal C. Robinson who would have been
about the right age (5) in the 1850 Boone Co. census but he
was listed with the family of Francis Robinson (a carpenter
by trade). Since the census just counted people as to where
they lived I suspect the possibility he may have been
staying with an uncle? All sorts of possibilities there. I
do know that years ago my parents and 3 aunts went down to
Boone county KY and went to where "Mr. P."s house was and to
the cemetery where he was supposed to be buried. My mother
is the only one of them still living and she is foggy on the
details but did say that all of the verbal stories did fit
what they found. She doesn't remember where the cemetery is
and the home location is now a shopping center. My mother
also still has "somewhere" a very old newspaper article with
a picture of the former slave who was (justifiably) proud
that all of her own children had become college graduates.
    This brickwall was constructed of oral family history that was just plain WRONG!!!  It turns out that Paschal's father was the Francis Robinson shown in the 1850 Boone county census. Francis Frank Robinson (also known as Big F.F.) was his father. I now have a list of Paschal's siblings, some information on his mother's line and a pretty full history on his father's line. Francis Frank Robinson was the son of Benjamin Robinson and Catherine Parker of Spotsylvainia Co. PA. Benjamin also had a brother Francis Robinson who also moved to KY but to Harrison County. Benjamin Robinson was the son of Col. William Robinson and Agness Smith. William Robinson was the son of the Hon. John Robinson and Catherine Beverly. John Robinson became governor of the Virginia Colony when Gov. Gooch(?) returned to England. John Robinson was the son of Christopher Robinson, builder of Hewick Plantation in Middlesex Co. VA and even though he died in England he is buried at Hewick. I also have information on about 4 generations in England.
    What a great way to break through a brick wall.  :-)

    I would be tickled to death if I could find or receive information that would require me to redo this whole page.
    Now if I can break through on my mother's side I could just delete this page...

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