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The Doolittle Family


Sources: Edward Doolittle's Doolittle research and the research of Frank Doherty on families in the Beekman's Patent


Generation 1

Abraham Doolittle was born in 1620 in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, to Edward Doolittle and Elizabeth Baker. Seven of Edward and Elizabeth's ten children died before reaching adulthood. Abraham, his brother John, and possibly his brother Daniel survived. Abraham married first Joan Alling in 1640 in England; second, Abigail Moss, July 2, 1663, in New Haven, CT. Abraham died August 11, 1690 in Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT; Abigail twenty years later, November 5, 1710, in Wallingford.

Abraham and Abigail had seven children:

Samuel, b. July 7, 1665, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT, m. Mary Cornwall.

Joseph, b. February 12, 1666, New Haven, m. first Sarah Brown, second Elizabeth Holt.

Abigail, b. February 26, 1668, New Haven, m. William Frederick.

Ebenezer, b. July 6, 1672, Wallingford, CT, m. Hannah Hall. (Three Halls were among the original proprietors of Wallingford.)

Mary, b. March 4, 1674, Wallingford, m. Capt. Nathaniel Merriman.

Daniel, b. December 29, 1675, Wallingford, m. first Hannah Cornwall, second Mary Andrews. Hannah and Mary Cornwall were daughters of John Cornwall and Martha Peck.

Theophilus, b. July 26, 1678, m. first Thankful Hall, second Elizabeth How.


Generation 2

Samuel Doolittle moved from Wallingford to Middletown, CT around 1691. He married Mary Cornwall, probably about 1687. They had eleven children, all of whom lived to adulthood. Samuel died September 25, 1714 in Middletown; Mary survived him by almost thirty years, dying November 16, 1743, in Middletown, CT.

Children of Samuel and Mary:

Jonathan, b. August 21, 1689, Wallingford, m. Rebecca Ranney.

Samuel, b. August 31, 1691, Wallingford, m. Jane Wheeler.

Mary, b. November 24, 1693, Middletown, m. Solomon Goff.

Abraham, b. September 21, 1695, Middletown, m. his cousin, Martha Cornwall, daughter of William Cornwall and Mary Thompson.

Abigail, b. April 10, 1697, Middletown, m. William Mark.

Martha, b. April 6, 1698, Middletown, m. Daniel Hall.

Hannah, b. October 29, 1700, Middletown, m. Stephen Turner.

Thankful, b. June 3, 1702, m. Josiah Bacon.

Joseph, b. June 20, 1704, m. Mary Stickland.

Nathaniel, b. 15 Jan 1706/1707, m. Hannah Foster.

Esther, b. July 16, 1709, m. Stephen Wright.


Generation 3

Samuel Doolittle was born in Wallingford, CT in 1691. After his birth, the family moved to Middletown. There he met and married Jane Wheeler, daughter of Joseph Wheeler and Mary Powers. They lived in Wallingford where they had three children before moving to Stafford, CT, where four more children were born. In 1731, Samuel and Jane moved to Palmer, MA, where their youngest child, Moses, was born. Samuel died in Palmer July 17, 1736. Jane remarried Henry Wright, Jr., and after his death, Josiah Berry. She died in Worcester, MA, date unknown.

Samuel and Jane had eight children:

Joseph, b. May 4, 1715, Wallingford, m. Experience Bartlit.

Sarah, b. September 24, 1717, Wallingford, m. Jonas Galusha, later divorced. Sarah reportedly had an affair with Robert Stephens, and two children with him.

Samuel, b. February 28, 1720, Wallingford, m. Susanna.

Catherine, b. August 1, 1722, Stafford, CT, m. Phineas Spaulding.

Ephraim, b. October 29, 1725, Stafford, m. Sarah Morton.

Abigail, b. February 14, 1727/1728, Stafford, died before 1738.

Mary, b. February 16, 1729, m. Roger Stevens.

Moses, b. October 18, 1732, Palmer, MA, m. Mary Scott.


Generation 4

Samuel Doolittle, the third in this line of that name, was born in 1720 in Wallingford, CT. Soon after his birth, the family moved to Stafford, CT, and when he was eleven or twelve, they moved again, to Palmer, MA. (The reason for these moves is not known.) Like his father, Samuel moved several times. Samuel married Susanna, probably around 1748 in Palmer. By 1756, they were living in Beekman's Patent, Dutchess Co., NY. After 1767, they moved again, to Shaftsbury, Bennington Co., VT, where a number of other settlers from the Beekman's Patent also moved. Samuel died in 1792, in Shaftsbury. If Susanna survived him, she may have moved on to Otsego Co., NY with her son.

Samuel and Susanna had six children:

Sarah, b. 1749, m. Thomas Matteson.

Eunice, b. probably about 1752.

Samuel, b. 1755, m. Chloe.

Moses, b. 1758, m. Elizabeth Buck.

Ephraim, b. 1759, m. first Abigail, second Statira.


John, b. 1768, m. first Elizabeth, second Pauline Matteson.


Generation 5

Samuel was born in 1755, probably in Palmer, MA. The family moved to Beekman's Patent, Dutchess Co., NY in 1756. About 1767, they moved to Shaftsbury, VT, where he probably met and married Chloe. Chloe was born January 5, 1757, in NY, and may have been living on Beekman's Patent also, and among the families who moved to Shaftsbury. Samuel was in the Vermont militia in the American Revolution, under Captain Eli Noble. By 1790, the family was in Otsego Co., NY, among the early settlers there. Samuel died in 1813 in Springfield, Otsego Co., NY. Chloe lived to be ninety one, dying December 10, 1848. She and Samuel are buried in Giles Cemetery, Madison Co., NY.

Samuel and Chloe had ten children:


Susan, b. September 2, 1779, probably in Vermont, m. Seth Holmes. See the Holmes Genealogy.

Samuel, b. November 1, 1780, Shaftsbury, VT, m. Rebecca Lloyd.


David, b. December 4, 1785, Vermont, m. first Freelove Sweet, second Mary Hardy.


John, b. February 15, 1793, Brookfield, NY, m. Delia Way.

Betsy, b. Springfield, NY, m. Ansel Bristol.

Delia, b. September 1, 1799.




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