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Murder in Peabody

On Memorial Day in 1886, my great great grandfather's sister, Ellen (Whelton) Crowley, was killed by her husband, Patrick, in their home in Peabody, Essex Co., Massachusetts. The following newspaper clippings are from the Salem Evening News' coverage of the case. The dates are those upon which the article appeared in the paper.

You'll notice that the date after the murder, June 1, when the story would no doubt have been big breaking news,is missing. The paper for this date was missing when the microfilm was made (just my luck, eh?).

Note: The clippings are in .gif format and may take some time to load for those of you (like me) on slower dial-up connections. My apologies if they are difficult to read. I did the best I could with scans of copies of old microfilm.

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