The Chamberlins of Hull, Quebec
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Chamberlins of Hull, Quebec

1 Nathaniel CHAMBERLIN
Birth: 5 May 1746, Northfield, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 10 Dec 1801
Father: Richard CHAMBERLIN (1714-1784)
Mother: Abigail WRIGHT (1719-)

He was living in Newbury Twp., Vermont, USA in 1800. Was a Revolutionary War Soldier, he set out with a company headed by Philemon Wright to Hull, Quebec, Canada. Nathaniel died en route but his widow and children continued on.

Spouse: Mehitable ELLIOTT
Birth: 17 Sep 1753, Rockingham, Chester Township, New Hampshire
Death: 22 Apr 1836, Hull, Quebec, Canada
Marr: 30 Apr 1771, Newbury, Orange County, Vermont, USA

Children: Edmund (1772-1830)
Abigail (1775-1843)
Richard (1777-1821)
Ephraim (1779-1815)
Mehetible (1781-1815)
Benjamin (1783-1845)
Asenath (1785-1821)
Nathaniel (1788-)
Elizabeth (1790-1859)
Nancy (1792-1817)
Hannah (1794-1838)

1.1 Edmund CHAMBERLIN1
Birth: 1 Nov 1772, prob. Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont,1
Death: 17 Mar 18301

The original genealogy of the Old Chamberlain Association of America carried this line forward. Nothing further is known, per David Conrad Chamberlin's FGR. However, he is mentioned, with his brother Ephraim, as having been a participant with Philemon Wright & company, in the 1806 Royal land grant in Hull in 1806.1

Spouse: Jane EDEY1
Birth: 11 Jun 1780, Randolph, Vermont, USA1,2
Father: Luther EDEY (1754-)
Mother: Mary EVANS (1756-1842)
Marr: 1813, prob. Hull Twp., York Co., Quebec

Children: George Washington (1814-1879)
Mary (>1814-)

1.1.1 George Washington CHAMBERLAIN2
Birth: 1814
Death: 1879

The name of this son, and his wife Emily Kidder, from GenForum Chamberlain postings, dated 25 Oct 1998; 7 Jan 2001; 4 Aug 2001; also Chamberlain Message Board posting dated 3 Jan 2000, by Beth Cotter, sources not stated. She says "quite a few of my Chamberlains come from the Roxbury, Oxford and Northfield areas of Mass."

G.W.C.'s mother was Jane Edey, who married Edmund Chamberlin. Until fairly recently, little was known about her origins, except that her brother Moses came to Hull from Randolph, VT in 1805, and that she, her brother Samuel and their mother followed in 1806. (Moses married Edmund's sister Betsy). Thanks to research by John Henry Edey, P.M.O. Evans and Angus McLean Gilday, we now believe their parents may have been Luther and Mary Edey. As this is ongoing research, a brief resume is included, subject to correction/addition as more is learned. (Herry Edey, of Edmonton, is a great great grandson of Moses Edey & Elizabeth Chamberlin, so fourth cousin to all my generation of "Chamberlin Cousins"). AMG 1986 April.

Spouse: Emily KIDDER
Birth: 1837, Quebec, Canada2
Death: 1885, Colorado, USA2
Marr: 8 Jun 1853, Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada

1.1.2 Mary CHAMBERLIN2
Birth: aft 1814

Data for Mary, her husband, and family, from Beth Cotter's GEDCOM file.

Spouse: Jeremiah MULLIN2
Birth: 1 Jan 1824, Goulburn, Ontario, Canada
Death: 19052

Children: Edmund (Died as Child) (1844-~1860)
James (ca1855-) Edmund MULLIN2
Birth: 1 Jan 1844
Death: abt 1860

Cause of death: drowning. James MULLIN
Birth: ca 1855

Spouse: Melinda GRAVES
Birth: ca 1864
Father: Richard GRAVES
Mother: Ellen MOORE
Marr: 12 Apr 1879, Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada

1.2 Abigail CHAMBERLIN3
Birth: 8 Jan 1775, Newbury, Vermont, USA3
Death: 23 Dec 18433

She has been confused with Eunice Abigail, daughter of Abiel & Elinor (Johnson) Chamberlain, who was born 14 Jan 1774.

CAA News, Vol. 9, #1, pp. 3-4, lists all children by Nathaniel & Mehitable and gives specific birth, marriage & death dates for Abigail, although sources not cited, unfortunately. WFT5-#3975 gives her birthdate as 14 Jan 1774, Family Bible lists her death date as 23 Oct 1843, IGI lists children with birth data as shown; records are confused with regard to birth dates/places for these children.

DCC's FGR states that the CAA News "says that Abigail first married Joshua Ricker, but it was a cousin, Eunice Abigail Chamberlain, who married this man (see LN4747). The CAA goes on to state that she married 2) William Hudson, c1820, that he was the son of Elisha & Susanna (Brigham) Hudson, b. c1770, and had previously married Anna Moss. In any case, this information is most confusing and probably wrong."

Spouse: William HUDSON3
Birth: ca 17703
Death: 18203
Marr: 18203

1.3 Richard CHAMBERLIN1
Birth: 26 Feb 17771
Death: 29 Nov 18211

1.4 Ephraim CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: 11 Apr 1779, prob. Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont, USA1
Death: 13 Dec 1815, prob. Hull, Quebec, Canada1

Resided in Hull, Quebec, Canada, across the river from Ottawa.1

Spouse: Mary WRIGHT1
Birth: 5 Dec 1791, Woburn, Massachusetts, USA1
Death: 11 Mar 1821, Hull, Quebec, Canada1
Father: Philemon WRIGHT
Mother: Abigail WYMAN
Marr: abt 1803, prob. Vermont1

Children: Mary M. (~1808-)
Christiana M. (~1812-)
Abigail (1806-1885)

1.4.1 Mary M. CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: abt 1808, perhaps Vermont or Lower Canada1

Spouse: Christopher WEBB1

1.4.2 Christiana M. CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: abt 1812, perhaps Vermont or Lower Canada1

1.4.3 Abigail CHAMBERLAIN4,3
Birth: 1806, Lower Canada3
Death: 18853

William AYLWIN M Male Scottish 69 Q <Quebec> Farmer
Abigail AYLWIN M Female Scottish 71 Q <Quebec>
Mary L. BRIGHAM Female Scottish 20 Q <Quebec>
Alicia BRIGHAM Female Scottish 24 Q <Quebec>

Source Information:
Census Place Hull, Ottawa, Quebec
Family History Library Film 1375861
NA Film Number C-13225
District 97
Sub-district Z
Division 2
Page Number 25
Household Number 104

Data for Abigail Chamberlin from Message Board post [for Canada, Quebec, Outaouais], by Jan Verhaal, dated 23 May 1999, in correspondence with Debby Was.3

Spouse: William AYLWIN4,3
Birth: 26 Jun 1811, Quebec, Canada5,6

Children: Louisa Abigail (1832-)
Thomas C. (1833-ca1906)
Ephraim Chamberlain (1837-1918)
Charles Felix (1838-)
Mary (1841-1923)
William Connelly (1842-)
Frances (ca1844-)
Amelia F. (1844-1918)
James Edward (1845-1915)
Emma Eliza (ca1848-)
Alicia Anna (1852-1926) Louisa Abigail AYLWIN*3
Birth: 1832, Quebec, Canada5,6
Reli: Episcopal6

Christ. C. BRIGHAM M Male English 57 Q <Quebec> Farmer Episcopal
Alicia BRIGHAM M Female English 50 Q <Quebec> Episcopal
Florence A. BRIGHAM Female English 21 Q <Quebec> School Teacher Episcopal
Christiana MORRISON Female English 45 Q <Quebec> Episcopal
William WRIGHT Male English 7 Q <Quebec> Episcopal
Norman E. WRIGHT Male English 6 Q <Quebec> Episcopal

Source Information:
Census Place Hull, Ottawa, Quebec
Family History Library Film 1375861
NA Film Number C-13225
District 97
Sub-district Y
Division 1
Page Number 35
Household Number 176

Spouse: Charles Lennox BRIGHAM5
Birth: ca 1824, Quebec, Canada6

Children: Florence Amelia (1859-)
Mary Louisa

Other spouses: Charles Waters CHAMBERLIN Florence Amelia BAYHAM5
Birth: 3 Oct 1859, Quebec, Canada5,7
Occ: school teacher (1881)6
Reli: Episcopal6

1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District: QU WRIGHT (#200)
Subdistrict: Hull (City/Cit) L-1 Page 14

24 134 Lafrancise Micheal M Head M Nov 29 1862 38
25 134 Lafrancise Florence F Wife M Oct 3 1859 41
26 134 Lafrancise Mary F Daughter S Jan 10 1900 1

Spouse: Michel LAFRANCHISE
Birth: 29 Nov 1862, Quebec, Canada7
Father: Michel LAFRANCHISE
Mother: Mary CURVAN
Marr: 4 Jul 1895, Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada

Children: Mary (1900-) Mary LAFRANCHISE7
Birth: 10 Jan 1900, Quebec, Canada7 Mary Louisa BRIGHAM5
覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Louisa Abigail AYLWIN* (See above)

Spouse: Charles Waters CHAMBERLIN
Birth: 18285

Children: Georgiana (1865-) Georgiana CHAMBERLIN5
Birth: 19 Aug 1865, Chelsea, Quebec, Canada5 Thomas C. AYLWIN3
Birth: 1833, Lower Canada3
Death: ca 1906, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA3

Spouse: Elizabeth Mary OLMSTEAD5
Birth: 30 Mar 1840, Canada5 Ephraim Chamberlain AYLWIN3
Birth: 15 Feb 1837, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada3,7
Death: Aug 1918, Tees, Alberta, Canada3

1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District: TT ALBERTA (#202)
Subdistrict: Ponoka Q(3) Page 22

15 254 Awlin Ephrim B M Head M Feb 15 1837 64
16 254 Awlin Elena D F Wife M Dec 1 1864 36
17 254 Awlin Archie W M Son S Oct 12 1892 8
18 254 Awlin Jessie F Daughter S Jan 1 1895 6
19 254 Awlin George W M Son S Sep 26 1897 3

Spouse: Elaine D. WILLET3,7
Birth: 1 Dec 18647

Children: Charles (-<1901)
Archie Wright (1892-1967)
Jessie (1895-)
George (1897-1959) Charles AYLWIN3,5
Death: bef 19017 Archie Wright AYLWIN3,7,8
Birth: 12 Oct 18927
Death: 14 Jun 1967, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada3,8

Spouse: Mollie HARRIS8
Marr: 27 Dec 1930, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada8 Jessie AYLWIN3
Birth: 1 Jan 18957

Spouse: Charles SCANLAN3 George AYLWIN3
Birth: 26 Feb 18979
Death: 28 Dec 1959, San Jose, California, USA3

Spouse: Ethel CARLSON3
Marr: 19443 Charles Felix AYLWIN3
Birth: 18383 Mary AYLWIN3
Birth: 1841, Quebec, Canada3,6
Death: 19235
Reli: Apostolic6

Norman READ M Male Irish 43 Quebec Farmer ---
N. Cary C. READ M Female Irish 40 Quebec Apostolic
Bertha READ Female Irish 9 Quebec ---
Norman READ Male Irish 6 Quebec ---
Maud M. READ Female Irish 5 Quebec ---
Charles READ Male Irish 2 Quebec ---

1881 Federal Census of Canada
Census Place Hull, Ottawa, Quebec
Family History Library Film 1375861
NA Film Number C-13225
District 97
Sub-district Z
Division 1
Page Number 119
Household Number 508

Spouse: Norman REID5
Birth: 1838, Quebec, Canada6
Marr: 18715

Children: Bertha (1872-)
Norman (1875-)
Maud M. (1876-)
Charles (1879-) Bertha REID6
Birth: 1872, Quebec, Canada6 Norman REID6
Birth: 1875, Quebec, Canada6 Maud M. REID6
Birth: 1876, Quebec, Canada6 Charles REID6
Birth: 1879, Quebec, Canada6 William Connelly AYLWIN3
Birth: 18423 Frances AYLWIN3
Birth: ca 18443 Amelia F. AYLWIN3,10
Birth: 30 Jun 1844, Quebec, Canada3,10,7
Death: 17 Aug 191810
Burial: Forest Home Cemetery, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada10
Reli: Apostolic6

1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District: TT ALBERTA (#202)
Subdistrict: Ponoka Q(3) Page 21

21 1 237 Lucas Samuel B M Head M Jul 15 1844 56
21 2 237 Lucas Amelia F F Wife M Jun 30 1844 56
21 3 237 Lucas Mary F F Daughter S Sep 26 1884 16
21 4 237 Lucas Clara A F Daughter S Mar 6 1886 15
21 5 237 Lucas Adelaid L F Daughter S Apr 17 1888 13

Paul A. LUCAS M Male English 75 USA Farmer Apostolic
Emma C. LUCAS M Female English 65 USA Apostolic
Francis A. LUCAS Male English 24 Q <Quebec> Farmer Apostolic
Caroline SOUTHGATE Female English 22 Q <Quebec> Apostolic
Samuel B. LUCAS M Male English 37 Q <Quebec> Prov. Land Survayer Apostolic
Amelia F. LUCAS M Female English 36 Q <Quebec> Apostolic
Emma A. LUCAS Female English 8 Q <Quebec> Apostolic
Thomas W. LUCAS Male English 6 Q <Quebec> Apostolic
Howard A. LUCAS Male English 2 Q <Quebec> Apostolic

1881 Federal Census of Canada
Census Place: Hull, Ottawa, Quebec
Family History Library Film: 1375861
NA Film Number: C-13225
District: 97
Sub-district: Z
Division: 2
Page Number: 12
Household Number: 44

Spouse: Samuel B. LUCAS10
Birth: 15 Jan 1844, Quebec, Canada10,7
Death: 13 Feb 190710
Father: Paul A. LUCAS (ca1806-)
Mother: Emma C. UNKNOWN (ca1816-)

Children: Emma A. (ca1873-)
Thomas W. (1875-1937)
Howard A. (1879-1907)
Harry A. (1883-1897)
Mary F. (1884-)
Clara A. (1886-)
Adelaide L. (1888-) Emma A. LUCAS
Birth: ca 1873, Quebec, Canada6 Thomas W. LUCAS6
Birth: 19 Jan 1875, Quebec, Canada6,10
Death: 22 Sep 1937, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada10
Burial: Forest Home Cemetery, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada10 Howard A. LUCAS
Birth: 27 Feb 1879, Quebec, Canada6,10
Death: 30 Dec 1907, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada10
Burial: Forest Home Cemetery, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada10 Harry A. LUCAS10
Birth: 27 Apr 188310
Death: 19 Feb 1897, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada
Burial: Forest Home Cemetery, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada10 Mary F. LUCAS7
Birth: 26 Sep 1884, Alberta, Canada7 Clara A. LUCAS7
Birth: 6 Mar 1886, Alberta, Canada7 Adelaide L. LUCAS7
Birth: 17 Apr 1888, Alberta, Canada7 James Edward AYLWIN3
Birth: 6 Aug 1845, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada3
Death: 1915, Ponoka, Canada3

Spouse: Elizabeth HOLBROOKE3

Children: William E.
Eva Gertrude
Mary (ca1846-)
Thomas C. William E. AYLWIN3
Birth: Ponoka, Alberta, Canada3

Spouse:  Ida TUCKER3 Abigail AYLWIN

Spouse: Godfrey PIKE3
Marr: 19183 Nellie AYLWIN
覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Eva Gertrude AYLWIN

Spouse: C. E. CHAPMAN3 Mary AYLWIN
Birth: ca 1846, Lower Canada3 Thomas C. AYLWIN
覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Emma Eliza AYLWIN3
Birth: ca 18483 Alicia Anna AYLWIN3
Birth: 11 Aug 1852, South Hull, Quebec, Canada3,7
Death: 17 Jan 1926, South Hull, Quebec, Canada3
Burial: Bellevue Cemetery, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada11

1911 Federal Census of Canada
District: QU Wright (#11)
Sub-District: Hull South page 12

14 97 McConnell William H M Head M Jul 1856 54
15 97 McConnell Alicia Anna F Wife M Aug 1852 58
16 97 McConnell Alicia Louisa F Daughter S Jul 1883 27
17 97 McConnell William C C M Son S Aug 1888 22
18 97 McConnell Vera Adeline F Daughter S Apr 1890 21
19 97 McConnell Miles Conrad M Son S Sep 1893 17
20 97 McConnell Mary Olive F Daughter S Jul 1898 12
21 97 Souliere Alexander M Domestic S May 1877 33

1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District: QU WRIGHT (#200)
Subdistrict: Hull M-2 Page 2

36 19 McConnell William M Head M Jul 29 1856 44
37 19 McConnell Alice A. F Wife M Aug 11 1852 48
38 19 McConnell Louise F Daughter S Jul 15 1883 17
39 19 McConnell Florence F Daughter S Jun 6 1885 15
40 19 McConnell William M Son S Aug 4 1888 12
41 19 McConnell Vera F Daughter S Apr 6 1890 10
42 19 McConnell Miles M Son S Sep 18 1892 8
43 19 McConnell Mary F Daughter S Jul 21 1897 3
44 19 Soulila ???? M Domestic M About 45

Daugthers married:
M.R. Potter, Ruben C. Alexander and George E. Radmoore. I don稚 know which is which though.

Spouse: William Henry McCONNELL
Birth: 29 Jul 1856, Hull, Quebec, Canada11,7
Death: 6 Dec 1939, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada11
Father: William Henry McCONNELL
Mother: Olive MOORE
Marr: 26 Sep 1882, Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada

Children: Louise Alicia (1883-)
Florence A. (1885->1953)
William Conrad C. (1888-1919)
Vera Adeline (1890-)
Conrad Miles (1892-1960)
Mary Olive (1897-) Louise Alicia McCONNELL3,7,12
Birth: 15 Jul 1883, Quebec, Canada7 Florence A. McCONNELL3
Birth: 6 Jun 1885, Quebec, Canada7
Death: aft 19533

Spouse: William E. BELL3
Birth: 18813
Death: 19533
Marr: bef 19263 William Conrad C. McCONNELL3,11
Birth: 4 Aug 1888, Quebec, Canada3,7
Death: 7 Feb 1919, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada3,11
Burial: Bellevue Cemetery, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada11 Vera Adeline McCONNELL3,7,12
Birth: 6 Apr 1890, Quebec, Canada7

Spouse: Ruben C. ALEXANDER3
Marr: bef 19263 Conrad Miles McCONNELL3,7
Birth: 18 Sep 1892, Quebec, Canada3,7
Death: 1 Apr 1960, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada3,11
Burial: Bellevue Cemetery, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada11

Spouse: Mary Valeria TAIT3
Birth: ca 18993
Death: 15 Mar 1972, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada3,11
Marr: 19 Oct 1924, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada3 Mary Olive McCONNELL3,7,12
Birth: 21 Jul 1897, Quebec, Canada7

1.5 Mehetible CHAMBERLIN1
Birth: 20 Apr 1781, prob. Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont,1
Death: 18153

Spouse: Simon HEATH3

1.6a Benjamin CHAMBERLAIN*1
Birth: 13 Jun 1783, prob. Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont, USA1
Death: 5 Dec 18451

He came to the Hull Settlement from the States about 1805. IGI record lists marriage. The original mss genealogy of the old Chamberlain Association of America, carried this line forward, per David Conrad Chamberlain's FGR. Nothing further known.3

Spouse: Hannah BENEDICT1
Birth: 6 Jul 17911
Death: 7 Sep 1812, Alymer, Quebec, Canada1
Father: Samuel BENEDICT
Mother: Mary DIBBLE
Marr: 6 Feb 1807, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada1

Children: Mahitable (>1807-)
Nathanial (>1807-)

Other spouses: Elizabeth CHASE

1.6a.1 Mahitable CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: aft Feb 18071

Spouse: Ira MASON1
Marr: 17 Oct 1838, Hull, Quebec, Canada

1.6a.2 Nathanial CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: aft Feb 18071

Spouse: Mary A. SHERMAN1

1.6b Benjamin CHAMBERLAIN* (See above)

Spouse: Elizabeth CHASE1

Children: Hannah (>1800-)
Polly (>1800-)
Betsy (>1800-)
Louisa (>1800-)
Azonath (>1800-)
Abigail (>1800-)
Richard (1777-1821)

1.6b.1 Hannah CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: aft 18001


1.6b.2 Polly CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: aft 18001

Spouse: Hiram JOHNSON

1.6b.3 Betsy CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: aft 18001

Spouse: Moses EDEY1
Father: Moses EDEY (1781-1829)
Mother: Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN (1790-1859)

1.6b.4 Louisa CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: aft 18001
Death: Westmeath, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada

She burned to death at Westmeath.1

1.6b.5 Azonath CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: aft 18001

Spouse: George CLARK1

1.6b.6 Abigail CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: aft 18001

She died young.1

1.6b.7a Richard CHAMBERLAIN*
Birth: 2 Feb 1777, prob. Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont
Death: 29 Nov 1821

"He went away" according to Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa by Anson A. Gard, 1906.

Spouse: Nancy McCONNEL1

Other spouses: Elizabeth RITCHIE1

1.7 Asenath CHAMBERLIN3
Birth: 29 Oct 1785, prob. Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont,3
Death: 13 Jul 1821, prob. Aylmer, Quebec, Canada3

This family resided in Alymer, Canada.
Ref. GenForum posting by Betty Bigg, dated 29 Jun 1999.
IGI lists marriage year.
Betty Bigg is evidently related somehow to Catherine J. (Biggs) Borgmeyer - see notes for Harvey Parker, Jr.

Spouse: Harvey PARKER3
Marr: 18053

Children: Harvey (1814-)

1.7.1 Harvey PARKER3
Birth: 18143

Data from Catherine (Biggs) Borgmeyer's WCGS lineage.

The line of descent is: Harvey Parker Jr., Alfred J. Parker (1855-1930), Douglas H. Parker (1883-1940) who m. a Fisher; Mary E. Fisher who m. a Biggs; Catherine J. Biggs who m. a Borgmeyer.

Spouse: Helen LAFURGY
Marr: 24 Jan 1839

1.8 Nathaniel CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: 9 Feb 1788, prob. Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont, USA1

The original mss genealogy of the old Chamberlain Association of America, carried this line forward. Nothing further known. Data from David Conrad Chamberlain's FGR for this family.

Chamberlain Chain, Vol. 26, p. 27, query submitted by Barbara Ferguson, supplied names of Nathaniel Chamberlain's children, previously unknown except for Edmund. She also supplied names of spouse & ch. of son Ephraim, b. Oct 1816, and wishes to correspond with descendants.

Ref. Chamberlin Message Board postings, dated 14 Jul 1999; 6 Sep 2000, by Barbara Ferguson, who is "looking for name of Ephraim's mother who married Nathaniel Chamberlin in Quebec, Canada." Probably the same Barbara as listed above. Ref. JBP's response, dated 10 Sep 2002, discussing the Chamberlain lineage, and speculation concerning the identity of Nathaniel's wife Lydia, whom he evidently married c1813 - early 1814, probably in Quebec, but possibly in England or elsewhere. JBP advised search of military and land records.

Spouse: Lydia UNKNOWN1
Birth: Canada

Children: Melessa\Millisia (1814-1890)
Ephraim Elliott (1816-1887)
Edmund (1817-1894)
Nancy (1819-)
Lydia (1821-)
Nathaniel (1824-)
Rosanna (1837-)
Teresa (1846-)

1.8.1 Melessa\Millisia CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: 6 Nov 18141
Death: 12 Apr 1890, Vermontville, Eaton Co., Michigan, USA1

Ellis CAMPBELL Self M Male W 69 LOWER CAN Retired CAN CAN
Malusa CAMPBELL Wife M Female W 64 CAN House Keeper VT CAN

Source Information:
Census Place Vermontville, Eaton, Michigan
Family History Library Film 1254577
NA Film Number T9-0577
Page Number 83D

Corrected spelling is probably Mellisa or Melissa. Also spelled Melessa in Chamberlain Key, Vol. IV, No. 4, p. 91, Query #127, submitted by WCGS, Carmen Coleman Keys. She provides birth, marriage and death date. See also family tree for this family, in Chamberlain Key, Vol. IV, No. 2, p. 34. See also posting by Carmen Keys, dated 7 Mar 1999, in correspondence with Debby Was:

"My ancestor, Melissa chamberlin b. in 1814 married Ellis Campbell in Hull, Bytown Quebec, CAN. Melissa and Ellis moved to MI where they both died.... My Melissa's father was Nathaniel, mother Lydia. We think they came to the Hull area from newbury VT. Not much is known aout Nathaniel, b. 1788 but his father, Nathaniel b 1746 married Mehitable elliot. Nathaniel (b 1746) and Mehitable are buried in Hull, Quebec."3

Spouse: Ellis CAMPBELL1
Birth: ca 1811, Canada
Death: Michigan, USA1
Marr: 31 Dec 1833, Hull, Quebec, Canada1

Children: Thomas (1836-1917) Thomas CAMPBELL1
Birth: 8 Jun 1836, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada1
Death: 16 Jan 1917, Vermontville, Eaton Co., Michigan, USA1

Data from IGI record, which lists one daughter, Florence J.

Spouse: Ann Eliza DIKEMAN1
Birth: 25 Dec 1847, Rutland Co., Vermont, USA1
Death: 19 May 1920, Vermontville, Eaton Co., Michigan, USA1
Father: Martin DIKEMAN
Mother: Mary Ann WORCESTER
Marr: 8 Mar 18731

1.8.2 Ephraim Elliott CHAMBERLIN1
Birth: Oct 1816, Canada1
Death: 18871

This individual is listed, with wife & children, in IGI record AFN:PD5P-D1, which states, probably incorrectly, that he was born in England. Marriage date shown as Aug. 1841. Surname uses Chamberlin spelling throughout.

Spouse: Elizabeth WRIGHT1
Birth: 12 Aug 1816, Canada1
Death: 18831
Marr: Aug 18411

Children: John Edward (1842-)
William M. (1844-1921)
Benjamin Ethelbert (1848-1931)
Ephraim Henry (1852-)
Anna Eliza (1855-)
Lydia Adeline (1857-) John Edward CHAMBERLIN1
Birth: 23 May 18421

IGI lists him as T. E. Chamberlin, born in Canada.

His daughter???:

002240-87 (Carleton Co) Edward DORAN, 28, laborer, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o William DORAN & Sarah CROW married Helen CHAMBERLAIN, 23, Gatineau, Ottawa, d/o John CHAMBERLAIN & Jane HOLMES? NOLAN?. Wit John DORAN and Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, both of Ottawa. October 18, 1887 at Ottawa. (RC) William M. CHAMBERLIN1
Birth: 14 Jun 1844, Ontario, Canada1
Death: 12 Mar 1921, Crosby, Crow Wing Co., Minnesota1
Burial: 15 Mar 1921, Lakewood Cemetery, Crosby, Minnesota, USA1

Wm. CHAMBERLIN Self M Male W 35 CAN Farmer CAN CAN
Flora L. CHAMBERLIN Wife M Female W 33 OH Keeping House CT OH
Mary A. CHAMBERLIN Dau S Female W 12 MN At Home CAN OH
William E. CHAMBERLIN Son S Male W 10 MN At Home CAN OH
Hellen E. CHAMBERLIN Dau S Female W 6 MN CAN OH

Source Information:
Census Place Prior, Big Stone, Minnesota
Family History Library Film 1254615
NA Film Number T9-0615
Page Number 209B

James B. Parker lists William and Flora Chamberlin as having 9 children:

Mary A.
William Ephraim
Wesley E.
Helen Elizabeth
Guy L.
George Blain
Della Ethel
Cora Estella
Leroy W.

Spouse: Flora L. MOORE1
Birth: 6 Sep 1849, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio1
Death: 16 May 1933, Clark, Aitkin Co., Minnesota1
Father: John Wesley MOORE
Mother: Elizabeth A. GOLPIN
Marr: 27 Jan 1867, Minnesota, USA1

Children: Mary A. (1867-1940)
William Ephraim (1869-1951)
Wesley E. (Died as Infant) (1872-1872)
Helen Elizabeth (1873-1956)
Guy L. (ca1876-)
George Blain (ca1879-) Mary A. CHAMBERLIN3
Birth: 14 Nov 1867, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA3
Death: 10 Jul 1940, Minnesota, USA3 William Ephraim CHAMBERLIN3
Birth: 28 Oct 1869, Excelsior, Hennepin Co., Minnesota, USA3
Death: 8 Jun 1951, Crosby, Crow Wing Co., Minnesota, USA3
Burial: Lakewood Cemetery, Crosby, Crow Wing Co., Minnesota, USA3 Wesley E. CHAMBERLIN3
Birth: 22 Feb 1872, Excelsior, Hennepin Co., Minnesota, USA3
Death: 20 Jul 1872, Excelsior, Hennepin Co., Minnesota, USA3
Burial: Jul 1872, Excelsior, Hennepin Co., Minnesota, USA3 Helen Elizabeth CHAMBERLIN3
Birth: 3 Nov 1873, Excelsior, Hennepin Co., Minnesota, USA3
Death: 18 Dec 1956, Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co., California, USA3
Burial: Pajaro Memorial Cemetery, Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co., California, USA3

Spouse: Isaac Newton LAKE3
Birth: 11 Oct 1861, Northfield, Rice Co., Minnesota, USA3
Death: 7 Jun 1916, Billings, Yellowstone Co., Montana, USA3 Guy L. CHAMBERLIN3
Birth: ca 1876, Minnesota, USA13 George Blain CHAMBERLIN13
Birth: ca 1879, Minnesota, USA13 Benjamin Ethelbert CHAMBERLIN1,14
Birth: 27 Apr 1848, Quebec, Canada
Death: 7 Mar 1931, Coombes, British Columbia, Canada14
Burial: Knox United Church, Parksville, British Columbia, Canada14
Occ: Farmer
Reli: Presbyterian

1911 Federal Census of Canada
District: SK Humboldt (#87)
Sub-district: Township 29 in ranges 20 page 1

23 10 Chamberlain Ben M Head M May 1847 64
24 10 Chamberlain Mary F Wife M Aug 1854 57
25 10 Chamberlain Howard M Son S Apr 1882 28
26 10 Chamberlain Edith F Daughter S May 1901 10

1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District: ON NIPISSING (#92)
Subdistrict: Hagar, Loughrin, Awrey & Hawley C(1) Page 3
Details: Schedule 1 Microfilm T-6483

36 32 Chamberlain Beny M Head M Apr 27 1848 52
37 32 Chamberlain Mary J. F Wife M Sep 10 1854 46
38 32 Chamberlain Cephas M Son S Sep 8 1880 20
39 32 Chamberlain Howard M Son S Apr 27 1882 18
40 32 Chamberlain Charles M Son S Oct 21 1885 15
41 32 Chamberlain Harold M Son S Aug 7 1888 12
42 32 Chamberlain Alfred M Son S Aug 3 1891 9

Thomas FRASER M Male Irish 72 Ireland Cultivateur C. Presbyterian
Marguerite FRASER M Female Irish 73 Ireland Weslyan Methodist
John FRASER Male Irish 43 Ecosse Cultivateur C. Presbyterian
Herbert BURNS Male Irish 15 Nova Scotia C. Presbyterian
Olive BURNS Female Irish 10 O. <Ontario> C. Presbyterian
Benjamin CHAMBERLIN M Male Scottish 33 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur C. Presbyterian
Mary CHAMBERLIN M Female Irish 26 O. <Ontario> C. Presbyterian
Josephus CHAMBERLIN Male Scottish 4 Q <Quebec> C. Presbyterian

Source Information:
Census Place Wakefield, Ottawa, Quebec (1881)
Family History Library Film 1375861
NA Film Number C-13225
District 97
Sub-district FF
Division 1

Page Number 6
Household Number 26

They left Ontario and bought a farm at Tate, Sask. 10 miles west of Seamons, Sask. After his wife's death Benjamin moved to Coombes, B.C. and built a sawmill and home there. It burnt down and he rebuilt it one more time, only to have it burn again, along with his home. . Benjamin lost most of the family history and possessions in the fire. 14

Benjamin Ethelbert Chamberlin was granted a parcel of land from the Canadian government between 1870 and 1930.

NE 20-28-22 Meridian W2.


Liber: 789
Folio: 244
File Reel Number: C-6575
Names: Benjamin Ethelbert Chamberlin15

Spouse: Mary Jemima FRASER
Birth: 10 Sep 1854, North Gower, Ontario, Canada16,7,6
Death: 1922, Tate, Saskatchewan, Canada14
Father: John FRASER (1809-)
Mother: Margaret WHITE (1813-)
Marr: 1872, Carp, Ontario, Canada17,16

Children: Joseph (ca1877-)
Cephas Ethelbert (1880-)
Howard Fraser (1882-1957)
Charles Benjamin (1885-1962)
Harold Ross (1888-1917)
Alfred Hilton (1891-1941)
Edith Pearl (Adopted) (1901-) Joseph CHAMBERLIN6
Birth: ca 1877, Quebec, Canada6 Cephas Ethelbert CHAMBERLIN14
Birth: 8 Sep 1880, Quebec, Canada

1911 Federal Census of Canada
Distirct: SK Humboldt (#87)
Township 29 in ranges 20 page 3

30 38 Chamberlain Cephas M Head M Dec 1884 27
31 38 Chamberlain Jane F Wife M Mar 1886 25
32 38 Chamberlain Mildred F Daughter S Mar 1907 4
33 38 Chamberlain Elsie F Daughter S Jul 1909

Their son Cephas had a farm at Seamons14

Spouse: Jane UNKNOWN12
Birth: Mar 188612
Marr: bef 1907

Children: Mildred (1907-)
Elsie (1909-)
Edwin Mildred CHAMBERLIN12
Birth: Mar 190712 Elsie CHAMBERLIN12
Birth: Jul 190912 Erwin CHAMBERLIN14
覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Edwin CHAMBERLIN14
覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Howard Fraser CHAMBERLIN14
Birth: 27 Apr 1882, New Liskeard, Quebec, Canada14
Death: 13 Feb 1957, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Burial: Murrayville Cemetery, Langley, British Columbia, Canada14,18

1911 Federal Census of Canada
District: SK Humboldt (#87)
Township 29 in ranges 20 page 1

23 10 Chamberlain Ben M Head M May 1847 64
24 10 Chamberlain Mary F Wife M Aug 1854 57
25 10 Chamberlain Howard M Son S Apr 1882 28
26 10 Chamberlain Edith F Daughter S May 1901 10

Howard Fraser was working as a logger in the summer months up near Prince Rupert, B.C. and in the winter he had a trap line and prospected for gold and other metals. One day he was holding someone else's team of horses (they hauled logs with horses back then) and they ran him down, breaking his back. So they shipped him down to New Westminister, B.C. to the Royal Columbian Hospital. It happened to be that my grandmother Dora (26) was a volunteer at the hospital writing letters for the invalids. Love happened and when he was recovered, they married and then headed north again to Prince Rupert because he could not find work here.
Howard and Dora's three girls ran wild with the children of the Indian village there on the cove, picking berries for pie and jam. The ladies at the village felt so sorry for the little girls with no mother and treated them so well. The old chief Maquinna, would visit grandfather often. Grandpa who spoke the trade language, Chinook, and became a trusted friend who would translate the letters the government send the native villages and would help the chief write the replies in English. The girls all learned the native language and spoke it as well as they spoke English. Then the war (WW 2) came and grandfather was made a Rocky Mountain Ranger, for the home front. The way communication was done on the west coast here was by wireless. This was morse code and it went from light to light, to a main wireless station and again from light to light, all the way from California to Alaska. Example: To Howard Chamberlin, Nootka. Baby girl born Victoria. The message would pass from lightkeeper to lightkeeper to Nootka and then stop there. Each lightkeeper was issued binoculers and a gun. In time they noticed a Japanese submarine, then a small aircraft carrier that had a little plane. The plane would circle the light close enough you could make out the pilots face. No doubt he was Japanese. They watched and waited. Then one day just before dusk it started lobbing shells at the Estevan Point Wireless station, one light north of Nootka. He sent the message south and then put his kids down in the rocks out of harms way, thinking he'd be next. Luckily no one was hurt and communications were only temporary interupted as the wireless operaters ran like hell but the poor natives in the village behind were long gone. If the gods were that angry, they were going to be scarce. It took some convincing before they were going to come back and be sitting ducks. The rest of the war was pretty quiet.... for Howard his 65 th. birthday came and went. He was froze to the light for the rest of the war. He could not leave and he knew the area to well too replace him.
Howard retired to Langly, BC on a small acerage in 1950. He had a heart attack and was in hospital. Then on the day before he died he headed out for home walking. They busted him and took him back and he died that night in hospital. The family was not impressed that they didn't just leave him alone and let him go home.

Spouse: Dora Anna WORSDELL14
Birth: ca 190214
Death: 19 Dec 1959, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada8
Marr: 12 Dec 1928, Nanimo, British Columbia, Canada14 Charles Benjamin CHAMBERLIN14
Birth: 20 Oct 1885, Ontario, Canada
Death: 15 Jan 1962, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada14

Charlie worked with his brother, Howard, logging, prospecting, trapping and later lighthousekeeping.

Charles Benjamin was granted two packets of land from the Canadian government between 1870 and 1930.

SE 20-28-22 Meridian W2


Liber: 816
Folio: 394
File Reel Number: C-6590
Names: Charles Benjamin Chamberlin

SE 14-50-24 Meridian W4


Liber: 110
Folio: 135
File Reel number: C-6021
Names: Charles B Chamberlin15

Spouse: Florence A. ROWBOTHAM14
Birth: ca 18938
Death: 9 Mar 1949, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada8
Marr: 3 Jun 1927, Nanimo, British Columbia, Canada8 Harold Ross CHAMBERLIN
Birth: 7 Aug 1888, Kingston, Ontario, Canada21
Death: 1917, Vimy Ridge, France
Reli: Presbyterian

Harold Ross Chamberlin was a soldier in World War I and his attestation papers can be found online.

Regimental number: 908132
Reference: RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 1604 - 2721

Harold Ross Chamberlin was granted a parcel of land from the Canadian government between 1917 and 1930.

NE 4-29-22 meridian W2.


Liber: 768
Folio: 207
File Reel Number: C-6552
Names: Haroled Ross Chamberlin the late15 Alfred Hilton CHAMBERLIN
Birth: 3 Aug 1891, near Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada
Death: 22 Jun 1941, Armstrong, Ontario, Canada
Occ: brakeman CNR (1939)22

1911 Federal Census of Canada
District: SK Humboldt (#90)
Township 28 in range 20 west of the 2nd M page 4

45 49 Ordway Olo? M Head M Jan 1854 57
46 Ordway Mary E. F Wife M
47 Ordway Stanley M Son S Apr 1903 18?
48 Chamberlain A. H. M Lodger S Aug 1899 20?
49 Woo Lee Ou M Lodger S Oct 1886 25
50 Douglas Wm. M Lodger S Nov 1882 38?

Spouse: Muriel GRAWBARGER
Birth: 24 Aug 1890, Petawawa Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario, Canada
Death: 1 Jan 1970, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada23
Father: James GRAWBARGER (1864->1937)
Mother: Hannah GROBERGER (1854-1899)
Marr: 1912, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Edith Pearl CHAMBERLIN14,12
Birth: May 190112

1911 Federal Census of Canada
District: SK Humboldt (#87)
Township 29 in ranges 20 page 1

23 10 Chamberlain Ben M Head M May 1847 64
24 10 Chamberlain Mary F Wife M Aug 1854 57
25 10 Chamberlain Howard M Son S Apr 1882 28
26 10 Chamberlain Edith F Daughter S May 1901 10

I also have another child for Benjamin & Mary Jemimi. An adopted daughter named Pearl. I remember her husband Uncle Jimmy Rogers and his second wife Amy, who visited us as long as he could drive. I'll update this as soon as I can locate her death record but it would seem that this Pearl, who my aunt was named after was the light of this family's eye. After all the boys came this little sweetie named Pearl. She married Uncle Jimmy and was pregnant with her first baby. I guess Uncle Jimmy worked as a butcher and he would come home with these white bloody aprons. Then someone told her that to get the blood out you had to soak them with kerosene first. So she did and blew herself up. Uncle Jimmy went running in the kitchen , with fire everywhere and tried to find her but he couldn't. When he came out of the house his skin on his face and arms were dragging the ground, he was so badly burnt. It turned out she was under the table, where the blast had sent her which is why he couldn't find her. With the whole kitchen on fire he was only able to check area's he could reach, which is so tragic. I remember his face looking weathered but never knew that it was burns until the other day. In fact I knew there was a sister but had never heard more than she was married to Uncle Jimmy and had died in a house fire. 14

Spouse: Jimmy RODGERS14 Ephraim Henry CHAMBERLIN1
Birth: 25 Mar 1852, Minnesota, USA1 Anna Eliza CHAMBERLIN1
Birth: 31 Jul 1855, Minnesota, USA1 Lydia Adeline CHAMBERLIN1
Birth: 20 Oct 1857, Minnesota, USA1

1.8.3 Edmund CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: 18 Dec 1817, Quebec, Canada1
Death: 12 Nov 1894, prob. Wakefield, Ottawa Co., Quebec, Canada1

Edmund CHAMBERLIN M Male Scottish 63 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur C. Presbyterian
Amanda CHAMBERLIN M Female Scottish 53 Q <Quebec> C. Presbyterian
Augusta CHAMBERLIN Female Scottish 29 Q <Quebec> C. Presbyterian
William CHAMBERLIN Male Scottish 19 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur Son C. Presbyterian
Ruffus CHAMBERLIN Male Scottish 17 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur Son C. Presbyterian
Mary CHAMBERLIN Female Scottish 13 Q <Quebec> C. Presbyterian

Source Information:
Census Place Wakefield, Ottawa, Quebec
Family History Library Film 1375861
NA Film Number C-13225
District 97
Sub-district FF
Division 1
Page Number 4
Household Number 14

Data on Edmund Chamberlain and his family from Chamberlain Chain, Vol. 26, query p. 27, Editor's response to William Atheling Dale. Surname changed to Chamberlin to conform with his lineage. Marriage not listed in IGI record. Initially presumed by JBP to be the father of Emerson and Benjamin Chamberlin, who are living in close proximity to Edmund at the time of the 1881 census, but only Emerson is his son, whereas Benjamin is the son of Edmund's brother, Ephraim.This family is listed as ethnic Scottish in census records, which suggests that Edmund's parents or grandparents came from Scotland. However, JBP suggested that Edmund might instead be related to the Chamberlain family, descendants of Richard(1) Chamberlain of Braintree, MA, which migrated from New England to the area of Hull & Gatineau in Quebec, across the river from Ottawa. This turned out to be indeed correct, as shown in this lineage.31

Spouse: Amanda CHURCH1
Birth: 11 Jul 1829, Quebec, Canada1,7
Death: 1902, prob. Wakefield, Ottawa Co., Quebec, Canada1

Children: Samuel Emerson (1846->1901)
Frances Ellen (1848-)
Addison Pearson (1851-)
Augusta Amanda (1854-)
Martha Lydia (1854-)
Hannah Church (1855-)
Horace Edmund (1857-1918)
Florence Alice (1859-)
William Henry (1861-)
Rufus Gardner (1864-)
Mary Louisa (1867-) Samuel Emerson CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 6 Sep 1846, Quebec, Canada3,7
Death: aft 1901, perhaps in Wakefield, Ottawa Co.m Canada3

1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District: QU WRIGHT (#200)
Subdistrict: Wakefield & Denholm X-3 Page 16

7 149 Chamberlin G. Emerson M Head M Sep 6 1847 54
8 149 Chamberlin Catherine F Wife S Feb 29 1840 61
9 149 Chamberlin C. Guardines? M Son S Sep 27 1880 21
10 149 Chamberlin N. Ida F Daughter S Apr 26 1878 23

Emerson CHAMBERLIN M Male Scottish 34 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur C. Presbyterian
Catharine CHAMBERLIN M Female Irish 40 Q <Quebec> C. Presbyterian
Arthur CHAMBERLIN Male Scottish 7 Q <Quebec> C. Presbyterian
Ida CHAMBERLIN Female Scottish 3 Q <Quebec> C. Presbyterian
Gardner CHAMBERLIN Male Scottish 1 Q <Quebec> C. Presbyterian
John BROWN Male Scottish 17 Q <Quebec> C. Presbyterian
Jane BROWN Female Scottish 13 Q <Quebec> C. Presbyterian

Source Information:
Census Place Wakefield, Ottawa, Quebec
Family History Library Film 1375861
NA Film Number C-13225
District 97
Sub-district FF
Division 1
Page Number 4

Household Number 15

He was called "Emerson." Ref. 1881 Canadian Census data for this family as listed below. Living next door are Emerson's parents' family. An IGI record lists Emerson Chamberlain, b. c1847, who married Catherine, b. c1841, both "of Wakefield, Pontiac, Quebec." No other information is given. A OneWorld Tree in lists a Samuel Emerson Chamberlain, b. c1846, son of Edmund, as does an Family3

Spouse: Catherine UNKNOWN3
Birth: 29 Feb 1840, Quebec, Canada3,7
Death: aft 1901, perhaps in Wakefield, Ottawa Co.m Canada3
Marr: bef 18743

Children: Arthur (ca1874-)
Ida (1877-)
Gardner Church (1879-1963) Arthur CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: ca 1874, Quebec, Canada3

1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District: ON OTTAWA (City/Cit) (#100)
Subdistrict: Central (Ward/Quartier) B-1 Page 1

17 5 Chamberlain Arthur M Head M May 8 1873 27
18 5 Chamberlain Mary F Wife M Jan 1 1874 26
19 5 Docherty Addison M Lodger S Nov 16 1872 28
20 5 Wall John M Lodger S Aug 3 1863 38

Spouse:  Mary UNKNOWN7
Birth: 1 Jan 18747 Ida CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 26 Apr 1877, Quebec, Canada3,7 Gardner Church CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 17 Apr 1879, Chelsea, Quebec, Canada3
Death: 15 Dec 1963, Wakefield, Ontario, Canada3 Frances Ellen CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 18483 Addison Pearson CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 21 Jul 1851, Quebec, Canada3,6,7
Burial: Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada32

1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District: ON OTTAWA (City/Cit) (#100)
Subdistrict: Dalhousie (Ward/Quartier) C-6 Page 3

39 31 Chamberlian Addison M Head M Jul 21 1898 52
40 31 Chamberlian Hattie F Wife M Aug 20 1854 46
41 31 Chamberlian Edmond M Son S Sep 1 1876 24
42 31 Chamberlian Mable F Daughter S Apr 27 1881 19
43 31 Chamberlian Jessie F Daughter S Jan 16 1884 17
44 31 Chamberlian Elsie F Daughter S Oct 4 1885 15
45 31 Chamberlian Alice F Daughter S Apr 25 1888 13

Addison CHAMBERLAIN M Male English 30 Q <Quebec> Laborer Protestant
Hattie CHAMBERLAIN M Female Scottish 26 Q <Quebec> Protestant
Donald Edmund CHAMBERLAIN Male English 4 O <Ontario> Protestant
Horace Edwin CHAMBERLAIN M Male English 25 Q <Quebec> Protestant
Annie CHAMBERLAIN M Female Scottish 29 Q <Quebec> Protestant

Source Information:
Census Place Victoria Ward, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario
Family History Library Film 1375866
NA Film Number C-13230
District 105
Sub-district B
Division 2
Page Number 11
Household Number 58

Spouse: Hattie McVEAN6
Birth: 20 Aug 1854, Quebec, Canada6,7
Father: Archibald McVEAN
Mother: Annie UNKNOWN
Marr: 18 Aug 1875, Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada

Children: Donald Edmund (1876-)
Mable (1881-)
Jessie (1884-)
Elsie (1885-)
Alice (1888-) Donald Edmund CHAMBERLAIN
Birth: 1 Sep 1876, Ontario, Canada6,7 Mable CHAMBERLAIN7
Birth: 27 Apr 18817 Jessie CHAMBERLAIN7
Birth: 16 Jan 18847 Elsie CHAMBERLAIN7
Birth: 4 Oct 18857 Alice CHAMBERLAIN7
Birth: 25 Apr 18887 Augusta Amanda CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 17 Jul 1854, Quebec6,3,7 Martha Lydia CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 18543 Hannah Church CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 18553 Horace Edmund CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 8 Aug 1857, Quebec, Canada3,6
Death: 15 Jun 19183

1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District: QU WRIGHT (#200)
Subdistrict: Wakefield & Denholm X-3 Page 16

11 150 Chamberlin Horace M Head M Aug 8 1857 44
12 150 Chamberlin Maria F Wife M Nov 15 1870 31
13 150 Chamberlin C. Amanda F Daughter S Oct 18 1883 18
14 150 Chamberlin Selden C. M Son S Feb 11 1884 17
15 150 Chamberlin Bessy M F Daughter S May 26 1887 14
16 150 Chamberlin Laura A. F Daughter S Jan 25 1888 13
17 150 Chamberlin Francis R. F Daughter S Feb 24 1898 3
18 150 Chamberlin J Burras M Son S Jun 23 1900
19 150 Chamberlin Amanda F Mother W Jul 11 1829 72
20 150 Chamberlin Amanda C. F Sister W Jul 17 1854 47

Spouse: Annie McVEAN3
Birth: 1852, Quebec, Canada3,6

Children: Amanda Catherine (1883-1976)
Seldon Church (1884-1968)
Bessie McVean (1887-)
Laura Annie (1888-)
Francis R. (1898-)
J. Burras (1900-) Amanda Catherine CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 18 Oct 18833,7
Death: 19763 Seldon Church CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 11 Feb 18843,7
Death: 19683

Seldon Church Chamberlin was granted two parcels of land by the Canadian government between 1870 and 1930.

SE 31-14-6 Meridian W3

Liber: 785
Folio: 304
File reel number: C-6565
Names: Chamberlin Selden Church

SW 32-14-6 meridian W3


Liber: 473
Folio: 80
File reel number: C-6317
Names: Chamberlin Selden Church
15 Bessie McVean CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 26 May 18873,7 Laura Annie CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 25 Jan 18883,7 Francis R. CHAMBERLAIN7
Birth: 24 Feb 18987 J. Burras CHAMBERLAIN7
Birth: 23 Jun 19007 Florence Alice CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 18593 William Henry CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 1861, Quebec, Canada3 Rufus Gardner CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 24 Aug 18643,7,12
Burial: Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada32

1911 Federal Census of Canada
District: BC Vancouver (#2)
Sub-District: Vancouver City pages 29 & 30

46 291 Chamberlain Rufus Gardiner M Head M Aug 1862 48
47 291 Chamberlain Mary Emma F Wife M Feb 1866 45
48 291 Chamberlain Milton Church M Son S Oct 1887 23
49 291 Chamberlain Olive Edna F Daughter S Dec 1890 20
50 291 Chamberlain Florence Augusta F Daughter S Nov 1892 18
1 291 Chamberlain Clifford Wm. M Son S Dec 1896 14
2 291 Chamberlain Ethel Louisa F Daughter S Dec 1900 10

1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District: ON OTTAWA (City/Cit) (#100)
Subdistrict: Wellington (Ward/Quartier) G-9 Page 7

14 66 Chamberlain Rufus M Head M Aug 24 1863 37
15 66 Chamberlain Mary E F Wife M Feb 28 1865 36
16 66 Chamberlain George E M Son S Dec 19 1885 15
17 66 Chamberlain Milton C M Son S Oct 28 1887 13
18 66 Chamberlain Olive E F Daughter S Dec 29 1889 11
19 66 Chamberlain Florance A F Daughter S Nov 28 1892 8
20 66 Chamberlain Clifford H M Son S Dec 30 1896 4
21 66 Chamberlain Ethel L F Daughter S Dec 26 1900 3/12

Spouse: Mary Emma UNKNOWN7,12
Birth: 28 Feb 18657

Children: George E. (1885-)
Milton Church (1887-1950)
Olive Edna (1889-1972)
Florence Augusta (1892-)
Clifford William (1896-)
Ethel Louisa (1900-) George E. CHAMBERLAIN7
Birth: 19 Dec 1885 Ontario, Canada7 Milton Church CHAMBERLAIN7
Birth: 28 Oct 1887 Ontario, Canada7,12
Death: 28 Nov 1950, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada8

Spouse: Elvie Winnifred RAYMOND8
Birth: ca 1890
Death: 14 Nov 1974, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada8
Marr: 26 Apr 1916, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada8 Olive Edna CHAMBERLAIN7,12
Birth: 29 Dec 1889 Ontario, Canada 7,12
Death: 24 Mar 1972, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada8

Spouse: Lancelot William N. HARVEY8
Birth: 10 Jun 1893, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada8
Death: 28 Dec 1980, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada8
Marr: 24 Aug 1921, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada8 Florence Augusta CHAMBERLAIN7,12
Birth: 28 Nov 1892 Ontario, Canada7,12 Clifford William CHAMBERLAIN12
Birth: 30 Dec 1896 Ontario, Canada7 Ethel Louisa CHAMBERLAIN7,12
Birth: 26 Dec 1900 Ontario, Canada7 Mary Louisa CHAMBERLAIN3
Birth: 1867 Quebec, Canada3

Spouse: Charles FRASER
Birth: ca 1849
Father: Robert FRASER
Mother: Louisa HURDMAN
Marr: 1 Aug 1898

1.8.4 Nancy CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: 18191

1.8.5 Lydia CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: 18211

1.8.6  Nathaniel CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: 18241

1.8.7 Rosanna CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: 18371

1.8.8 Teresa CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: 18461

1.9a Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN*1
Birth: 7 Jun 1790, prob. Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont1
Death: 21 Jun 1859, Belleville, Alabama, USA1

Also called Betsy in the Family Bible.

History of Newbury, VT, p. 509, says " ... Elizabeth married a Mr. Johnson, an Englishman. After their marriage they removed to Canada, where he died in 1824, leaving several children. After his death, Elizabeth returned to Newbury and educated her children. In 1852 she went south to live with her children, where she died seven years later." Only two children are mentioned in The History of Newbury: 1) William, who first became a teacher and then a merchant. In 1901, he is retired and living at at Pensacola, Florida. 2) Sophia Johnson, married Dr. S. S. Forbes, of Pensacola, Florida. Elizabeth died 21 Jan 1859, Bellville, Alabama. Source also cited as: Wright-Chamberlin Genealogy, p. 375.

Ref. Chamberlain Key, Vol. VIII, No. 3, pp. 76-77, Query #2003-28, submitted by Norma Kingdon, whose grgrgranmother was Elizabeth Chamberlain who m. Moses Edey. Ref. detailed response by Welton Chamberlain printed in this issue of the Key, which lists ancestral lineage.

Spouse: William JOHNSON1
Death: abt 18241

Children: William

Other spouses: Moses EDEY

1.9a.1 William JOHNSON1
He first became a teacher and then a merchant. In 1901, he is retired and living at Pensacola, Florida1

1.9a.2 Sophia JOHNSON1

Spouse: Dr. S.S. FORBES1

1.9b Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN* (See above)

Spouse: Moses EDEY1
Birth: 18 Sep 1781, Newbury, Vermont, USA2
Death: 18291
Father: Luther EDEY (1754-)
Mother: Mary EVANS (1756-1842)
Marr: 1805

Children: Moses

Birth: 15 Jun 1792, prob. Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont1
Death: 22 Jun 1817, prob. Hull, Quebec, Canada1

She was the first wife of Tiberius Wright. Family Bible says she died 22 Jun 1817, and DCC's FGR lists her death as 22 Jun 1813, but this seems incorrect, since there was a child born in 1814. IGI lists marriage data, indicating marriage at Gonguel, Hull Twp., York Co., Prov. Lower Canada.1

Spouse: Tiberius WRIGHT1
Birth: 13 Jul 1788, Woburn, Massachusetts, USA1
Death: 29 Apr 1841, Hull, Quebec, Canada1
Father: Philemon WRIGHT
Mother: Abigail WYMAN
Marr: 9 Apr 1810, Gonguel, Hull Twp., York Co., Prov. Lower Canada1

Children: Louisa (1811-)
Tiberius (1813-)
Jonathon Wyman (1814-<1879)

1.10.1 Louisa WRIGHT1
Birth: 22 Sep 1811, Hull, Quebec, Canada1

1.10.2  Tiberius WRIGHT1
Birth: 20 Aug 1813, Hull, Quebec, Canada1

1.10.3 Jonathon Wyman WRIGHT1
Birth: 23 Dec 1814, Onslow, Quebec, Canada1
Death: bef 18791

Christened 28 Jul 1835, Onslow, Quebec, Canada. Data from IGI record, which lists 6 children.1

Spouse: Mary Catherine Frances SMITH1
Birth: 18181
Death: 4 Apr 1879, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada1
Father: Ralph SMITH
Mother: Elizabeth UNKNOWN
Marr: 11 Jan 1838, Goulbourn, Ontario, Canada1

1.11 Hannah CHAMBERLAIN1
Birth: 14 Jun 1794, prob. Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont1
Death: 24 Jun 18381

IGI lists marriage year as 1819, as does DCC.1

Spouse: Ruggles WRIGHT1
Birth: 1 Oct 1793, Woburn, Massachusetts, USA1
Death: 18 Aug 1863, Hull, Quebec, Canada1
Father: Philemon WRIGHT
Mother: Abigail WYMAN
Marr: 18191


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The imformation that I have is that Jane was born June 11, 1780 in Randolph, Vermont. He parents are believed to be, Luther Edey (b. mar.7,1754) and Mary Evens (Evans) (b.Apr. 12, 1756 and d. nov. 23, 1842 in Hull, Quebec). Jane married Edmund Chamberlin(b. 1772 d. 1830). They had a daughter Mary Chamberlin and a son George Washington Chamberlin. Mary married Jeremiah Mullin(b.1824 d.1905). George married Emily Kidder(b.1837 d.1885). Jane's brother Moses (my Grandmother's Great-Grandfather)(b.sept 18, 1781 in Newbury, Vermont) married Edmund's sister Elizabeth Chamberlin (b.jul,7, 1788 d.1873).
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Our file number: 2004/2005-29557

Dear Robin Dudgeon:

In reply to your e-mail inquiry of 23 December concerning Alfred Hilton Chamberlin and further to Mary Munk痴 reply of 15 December, I wish to inform you that a search of the Winnipeg city directory of 1939 indicate that Alfred H. Chamberlin was a brakeman for Canadian National Railway. Perhaps, there might be some information about the pension claim dispute in his service file.

Canadian National employee痴 records in the western provinces are held in Library and Archives Canada regional office in Winnipeg. Information on how and where to access the records, can be found on our Canadian Genealogy Centre Web site under Sources by Topic: Employment: Railways.


Diane Martineau
Canadian Genealogy Centre
Reference and Genealogy Division
Library and Archives Canada
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