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CD & Books available on the Roby, Robie, Roby Family

The new CD on the Robey/Robie/Roby Family is available. This CD has the updated information from William G Robey's book Robey/Robie/Roby The Family History From Early England to America. If you are interested in getting a copy of Bill's new CD print off a copy of the order form here and be the first in your family to get one.

Reviewed by the
Federation of Genealogical Societies
FORUM Magazine

Spring 2004 Issue

by Paul Milner

Families Chronicles:
Families, 1455-2002

By William G. Robey Jr. Published by he author at 1005 Elkhart Street, Oxon Hill, MD 20745. $52.50 plus p&h

Mr. Robey published a book on the Robey family in 1994 with 21,000 names. Further research expanded that list to over 78,000 names. Publishing on CD-ROM makes this information readily available to other members of the family association.

The data is presented in the New England Modified Register Format and begins with John Roby, born in 1455 in Castle Donington, Leicestershire, England. The list of descendants includes Henry Robie, the progenitor of the American line coming to Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1639. He later moved to Salem, then Exeter, then Hampton.

To protect against identity theft, birth and marriage dates for descendants still alive and under 50 years of age are excluded. Some sources are extracted and included within the text, but most are just listed at the end of the file. This means that often sources for specific facts are not provided making verification by others difficult.

The program is Folio Views powered by NextPage. This offers for browsing, a table of contents and a search feature. The search can be on any word or combination of words. So I could easily search the database for any individual or all events that had occurred in Buda (Bureau County, Illinois). There are a number of hanging files at the end of the disc for the Roby families that have yet to be attached to the family tree. This is an example of what can be done by family associations when the volume of data grows very large.

Paul Milner
Park Ridge, Illinois

Reviewed by Heritage Quest

March/April 2003 Issue

by Merrill E. Gillette

Families Chronicles:
Families, 1455-2002

This CD contains all the information that was published in book form in 1994, but also contains an additional 60,000 linked names of the descendants of John Roby (1455). The CD has the usual introductory remarks followed by a section which gives a good history of the Robey family as far as can be determined as well as that of a house that was long in the possession of the Robey family. Following the history is the known descendency of John Roby well into 2002. Those whose births occurred within the last fifty years are named but no personal information is revealed. Thus birth and marriage dates are not given being replaced by the phrase "details excluded."

While the sources of the information are provided in a list near the end of the data on the CD the individual sources used for each person are not shown. This reviewer would be more comfortable in being able to determine the sources used for each individual.

Overall, this is a good presentation of the material researched by Mr. Robey and other members of the Robey family. Mr. Robey has in many instances tried to show all the arguments for a particular relationship and frequently allows the user to makeup his own mind. He carefully details the reasons for selecting a particular line. Searches of the material are available via the programming used, via Folio Views (Powered by Next Page). For those of the Robey descent this is an invaluable compilation of data and should be in each family's collection of information.

System requirements: IBM compatible; CD drive.

Billy F. Robey has written a new book entitled
If you ever wanted to know what our Roby, Robey, Robie families were like in Castle Donington this book will answer many of your questions. Using all known documentation Billy has put together a wonderful book explaning the early family history in Castle Donington. When I got this book I literally could not put it down until I read it from cover to cover.

Early English History
For further information check here to order your copy.

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