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A Do It Yourself
Genealogical Kit

1659 - 1820

My name is Billy F. Robey. I have written a “DO IT YOURSELF GENEALOGICAL KIT”; EARLY MARYLAND RECORDS OF ROBY, ROBEY, etc. FAMILIES, 1659 –1820 BOOK (explained in the following narrative).

Since 1995, members of the Robey/Robie/Roby Family Association have referred to me as the Family Historian for the Maryland Branch of the Roby, Robey, etc. family in America. Since 1994, I wrote almost all of the corrections to the Robey, Roby, Robie book that were published in the Family Association Newsletters. From 1986 through the year 2001, I collected full copies of every Roby, Robey, etc. related document that I found during my research in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, D.C., and Ohio.

This book is necessary because of the many errors in all of the early Roby, etc. family history books that were published before the information revolution began. These errors have been compiled into the most recent publications “ROBEY, ROBY, ROBIE, The Family History from Early England to America” by William Grafton Robey, Jr., 1994, Heritage Books, Inc. Many of these same early errors have recently been continued in the 2002 CD edition of the same title.

My book contains clear, concise instructions that provide the novice or amateur researcher with the knowledge and tools necessary to become a family novice, amateur or professional genealogist. As a minimum, it should allow novice researchers to correct ancestor connections in all previously published books on the Maryland branch of the family. I like to call it a“Do-it-Yourself” proof kit for anyone to use in solving errors or omissions in the Roby, etc. and inter-related Maryland families from 1662 through 1820.

The last document I bought from the Hall of Records in Annapolis, MD cost me $20. You can have my research-oriented book of almost 1,000 extracts of records for the same price. These Maryland records contain no assumptions, speculations, conjecture, rumor, innuendoes, myths or legends.

To order your copy(ies), send a check or money order in the amount of $25.00 (includes shipping and handling of $5.00) for each copy you are ordering to:

Billy F. Robey
5105 Thousand Palms Ln
Las Vegas, NV. 89130

You can call me at 702-658-3014.