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Patterson,Drummond,Gentry and Simpson Genealogy



Drummond Gentry Patterson Simpson Stevenson This page is devoted to my Stevenson, Drummond, Gentry, Patterson and Simpson Ancestors. My research has taken me from Scotland to Boston, to Ohio, into Kentucky and finishes with California.

I hope you find the information you are looking for and please note that this is a work in progress. I will try to keep it updated as often as possible.

Margaret Stevenson Drummond was born on January 30, 1830 to William Drummond and Margaret Stevenson in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland. She had several siblings including: James Drummond, Robert Drummond and Andrew Drummond.

Family lore has it that James Drummond left Scotland for Boston in 1848 to start a publishing business. Around 1850 he sent for his siblings.

Margaret Drummond met James Patterson (also of Scotland), married him and settled in the Cincinnati, Ohio. Sometime between 1863 and 1864 they relocated to Covington, KY where Margaret Drummond passed away in 1886. James and Margaret had 6 children:

Edmond Drummond Patterson Born 12/25/1850 Died 7/12/1851 Annie Isabella Patterson Born 3/19/1855 Charles Alexander Patterson Born 11/5/1859 Died James Edmund Patterson Born 9/6/1861 Died 1/1/1863 Jessie Emma Patterson Born 9/13/1864 Died 4/29/1869 Robert Clarence Patterson Born 10/18/1870

James Patterson passed away on March 2, 1880 in Piqua, Ohio and Margaret Drummond Patterson passed away on November 29, 1886 in Covington, KY .

James, Margaret, Edmond, James Edmund and Jessie Emma are all buried at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Annie Isabella Patterson married a Mr. Peter Bertoli and they had 2 children: Walter Clark Bertoli (died 2/22/1879 Philadelphia) and Jessie Gertrude Bertoli. Peter Bertoli a year later died on 2/5/1880.

Annie next shows up in Covington, Kentucky where she gave birth to Vivian Costello Gentry in December 1886. Unproven to date is that Valentine White Gentry (b. 1827) and Annie (now known as Anna) were married sometime in this time frame.

Anna left Ohio with her 2 daughters, Jessie Bertoli and Vivian Gentry and headed for California and there Vivian met and married James Edwin Simpson, known to his family as Sez.

I have lots of information to share and will add it as soon as I figure out how! Until then please send me an email if are also researching the above.

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