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My Theories

  1. One or more sisters of Sarah Johnstone emmigrated from Ireland in the mid 1800s and moved to Canada.
  2. One or more sisters of Sarah Johnstone emmigrated from Ireland with her to Scotland circa 1854 and then emmigrated from Scotland in the last half of the 1800s and moved to Canada.
  3. Sarah Johnstone's parents and their other children emigrated from Ireland in the mid 1800s and moved to Canada.
  4. Sarah Johnstone is descended from the Bovairds and no sisters or other relatives were needed to connect her to the Bovaird family.
  5. Sarah Johnstone's son, William Dempsey, emmigrated from Scotland sometime between 1881 and 1891 and married a Bovaird.
  6. Some other relatives such as aunts, uncles or cousins moved to Grenville County, Ontaro, Canada and the Bovaird connection was either made then or re-established.
Lines of Research That I Have Followed Or That I Am Working On

  1. I did look for a group of Johnstone's but did not have much luck.
  2. Mary, spouse of Richard Bovaird, of Roebuck, Ontario was the first person  that I suspected might be Sarah Johnstone's sister.  I also thought that Isabella McKinley was their sister along with Jane Johnstone who married John Bovaird, who also lived in the Roebuck area as another possible sister.  I looked at the names of their children and found a pattern that helped lead me to those conclusions.  Sarah’s first child was Mary.  Mary’s first child was Sarah Jane (named after her sisters Sarah and Jane?) she also had a daughter Isabella (named after her sister Isabella McKinley?) and another daughter Mary.  Isabella McKinley, Mary Johnstone and Sarah Johnstone had sons named William.  Richard Bovaird and Mary Johnstone also had a daughter Prudence who was possibly named after Prudence Bovaird who was married to Hugh Kelso.  That Prudence Bovaird was born about 1811 and Richard Bovaird was born about 1825.  They are not siblings as far as I know although they lived very close to each other in the Roebuck, Ontario area.  My mother remembers her mother talking about an "Aunt Prudence" so that name fits into the jig-saw puzzle.

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