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Middletown/Fall Creek,

Henry County, Indiana

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Middletown Nazarene Church Upper Fall Creek Church of the Brethren Middletown United Methodist Church   Middletown Church of Christ      
Middletown First Baptist Church              


Middletown Nazarene Church - [Old Church - SE corner of 7th & Columbia] [Bld 078]   Map

Church as looked about 1933 S4,
  S8,   S8,

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Upper Fall Creek Church of the Brethren
"This photo of the Upper Fall Creek Church of the Brethren was reproduced from the Middletown/Fall Creek
Township Historical Society publication 'Memories, Dreams, and Reflections of Middletown.'  The article
with the picture said the church was originally known as the German Baptist or 'Dunkard' church.
   The church, which is located 2 1/2 miles east of Middletown, was organized in 1845 with twenty five members.
Jacob Miller donated the ground where the church was built, and in 1853 deeded the land where the old part
of Miller's Cemetery is located.
  Among the early families associated with the church were:  John F. Miller, Jacob P. Miller, Andrew Fattic,
Peter Keesling, Jacob Good, Jacob Brunk, George Hoover, Isaac Van Matre, David Crist, and George Hoover.
   The name was officially changed in 1918 to the Upper Fall Creek Church of the Brethren."  S5,

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Middletown United Methodist Church [Bld 079]
625 High Street - Middletown, Indiana 47356  ~~  765-354-2561
Photo, Ca. 1906 - "Methodist Episcopal Church" - Link,

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Middletown Church of Christ   [Bld 080]

Built in 1912 -[photo circa 1990]  S6,

As the building looks Dec 2008 - S7,
Now used as Good Shepherd Clothing Closet

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First Baptist Church  [Bld082]
310 N 8th St - Middletown, Indiana 47356 - 765-354-4256  

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