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England North Carolina Schools
  Guilford County (Robbins) Bakers Corner School
Germany   (Haas, Klinger) Randolph County (Robbins) Boxley High School
    Chester Friends School
Indiana Ohio (Foulke, Haas) Eaton School
Blackford County (Snyder, Warthan/Worthen) Auglaize County Spicewood School
Delaware County (Haas, Robbins) Crawford County Stevenson School (Muncie)
Grant County (Snyder) Defiance County (Haas) Churches
Hamilton County (Baker, Foulke, Robbins, Tomlinson, Underwood)
      -- Bakers Corner
Harrison County Chester Friends Church
Henry County (Robbins) Montgomery County (Piles/Pyles) Friends Churches
Jay County Preble County Hain's Church
Randolph County (Robbins) Williams County (Haas, Whetstone) Spicewood MM
    Walnut St Baptist Church, Muncie
Iowa Pennsylvania Misc
Chickasaw County (Nicholas Warthan Family) Berks County (Hain) Chevrolet Muncie
  Bucks County (Foulke) Ball Brothers - Muncie
Ireland (Tomlinson) Chester County (Klinger) What Knot Shop
  Montgomery County (Foulke)  
  Wales (Foulke, Robbins)  


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